An Independent Scotland Faces a Dystopian Future if the DUP is to be believed – But Should Scots Heed Their Advice ? I think not

      Arlene Foster DUP Leader     Arlene Foster – Leader of the DUP in Ulster “Nationalism is narrow and exclusive whilst Unionism stands for pluralism and multi-culturalism, there is no place in Ulster for intolerance in 2018”. But in her follow up, she confirmed the “narrow and exclusive” policies of the DUP […]

446 – British soldiers died in Afghanistan – four times the rate of US troops, a statistical disparity which politicians at Westminster have not yet explained – answers demanded

        Poorly equipped Scottish soldiers deployed to hell on earth, Helmand Province Afghanistan In April 2006 the Labour government deployed over 3,000 military personnel to Helmand Province, Afghanistan tasked with supporting a US-led force already deployed throughout the country eliminating Taliban militants. Political and military leaders were briefed, by US intelligence of […]