Stephen Kerr – Mormon Church Leader and Tory MP for Stirling – Much Admired by His Former Lesbian Party Leader Ruth Davidson – His Church Teaches That – Identifying As Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual or Experiencing Same-Sex Attraction Is Not A Sin – But Sexual Purity Is An Essential Part of God’s Plan For Our Happiness and the Homosexual Act is a Sin

              18 Jun 2017: Scandals that Rocked the Churches -The Mormons, The Tory MP and Shock Revelations of Gay Men Outed Young gay men who were outed by leading figures in the Mormon Church in Scotland have attacked the religion as a “cult” which is openly hostile to LGBT […]

Rifkind – Fulton – Straw – Snookered the 2014 Independence Referendum and Are Waiting In the Wings to do it Again Next Time

          April 1998: Rifkind Calls for Pact to Block Nationalists Rifkind called for the formation of a cross- party movement to protect the Union and prevent the SNP taking power. The former foreign secretary’s comments were the first clear indication that the Tory party north of the Border believed that Labour, […]