The Unaccountable Dirty Money Finding Its Way To The Deep Coffers of Jackson Carlaw’s Tory Party in Scotland Needs to Be Properly Investigated and Exposed – This might Help Start the Process

      The Source of the dark money funding the Tories in Scotland needs to be uncovered for the sake of democracy The last Scottish Parliament election saw the Scottish Tory party more than double its number of seats.┬áBut recent revelations cast a shadow over that success. While the Scottish Tory surge was attributed […]

Stirling Candidate For Westminster – Stephen Kerr – First Counsellor – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What Takes Priority When the Head of Spiritual Organisation Decides to Take On A Political Role As An MP?

              Politics or Church What Takes Priority When the head of Spiritual Organisation decides to Take on a political Role Westminster 2017 GE Tory Party candidate for Stirling Stephen Kerr, is passionate about the need for a more honest approach to politics. He believes that principle-centred leadership would do […]