Top Army General Warns Minister of Defence Sir Michael Fallon That the UK Armed Forces are Incapable of Defending the British Isles – Yet He Insists on Strutting the World Stage Talking About Military Action Against Russia Reality Check Required

              19 May 2016: Defence Minister, Philip Hammond ‘tried to court-martial senior general General Sir Richard Shirreff, who served as Nato’s deputy supreme allied commander for Europe until 2014, said before standing down from the post the Government was taking “one hell of a risk” by cutting the regular […]

UK Armed Forces Fail to Achieve Recruiting Targets – The Answer – Introduce compulsory Military Training Into the Educational Curriculum and fund Army Cadet Units In State Schools

          6 Mar 2015: Children in State Schools to complete “readiness for war” education projects A government-issued teaching resource which includes a task asking pupils to devise a plan for going to war, is presenting a “sanitised” and “positive” view of life in the armed forces, claims a prominent educationalist and […]