Aberdeen Labour Party Council Selling Off Property to Influential Buyers For a Pittance – Is There a mafia Connection?




Jenny Laing replacing Barney Crockett as Aberdeen City Council leader. Picture of Barney Crockett. Picture by KENNY ELRICK 13/05/2014 .      Aberdeen Councillor Barney Crockett



Aberdeen (Its all true there is a mafia in Aberdeen , its called the labour party)

The city has returned the labour party to power in all but one election and is very much a Unionist party stronghold.

In every circumstance domination of the electorate for an extended period of time by parties of a particular leaning, (unionism) leads to an abuse of power.

This is very much the case in Aberdeen where the Unionist party’s reign supreme.

The Aberdeen electorate was asked to elect a new council in May 2017 and it was hoped that consideration would be given to the appalling record of financial and administrative mis-management, abuse of power and rejection of the wishes of the majority of city residents expressed in the Union Gardens proposal referendum and many other insults visited upon voters.

There was genuine hope from many council tax payers that the SNP would be given a chance at local government but, once again  the Aberdeen electorate decided to ignore events of the past and returned the Unionist partys to power.



2f4374af00000578-3355472-concept_building_work_on_the_marischal_square_sute_is_now_well_u-a-93_1449805580470  Proposed development accepted by Aberdeen voters


marischal-square-aerial-862   Actual development rejected by Aberdeen voters



2005 The Italian Mob (but there is a real Mafia Presence)

Antonio La Torre and Michele Siciliano, influential members of the Camorra Mafia, came to Aberdeen in 1984.

They are brothers of Augusto La Torre, the former head of the powerful crime clan from Mondragone.

They opened restaurants Pavarotti’s and Sorrento, expanding into health and fitness centres, import-export food firms and pubs and betting shops in Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.

They and their lieutenants were also involved in dealing in luxury cars.

His property deals included (but were not limited to) buying council land in the centre of Aberdeen for a car park. (College Street).

A second involved buying a city centre building and renovating it into flats for a six-figure profit.

After setting up phantom companies in Scotland and Italy, he was able to obtain loans from banks to buy foodstuffs from his native Campania to export to the UK.

Huge amounts of wine, pasta and olive oil for use in restaurants were involved.

Other goods included building equipment and computers.

But as soon as the phantom firms got the cash, they were bankrupted by La Torre and the money was diverted into other accounts.

They were both extradited to Italy in 2005 where they are serving prison sentences.

Disposal details of their massive property and business portfolios has not been released but much of it was sold off before extradition procedures were complete.

http://www.heraldscotland.comnews/12476538.He_insists_he_apos_s_just_a_normal_businessman_living_quietly_with_his_wife_and_children_in_Aberdeen__so_why_are_Italian_   police_so_    convinced_Antonio_la_Torre_is_really_a_ruthless_mafia_don_/



304484-alleged-camorra-boss-and-aberdeen-restaurant-owner-antonio-la-torre-was-extradited-to-italty-and-j  Antonio La Torre Mafia Boss Aberdeen



2006: Audit Scotland investigated council property sales and identified major deficiencies bordering on fraud.

The report was passed to the Police Fraud Squad for further investigation.

“The most serious comment by independent valuers relates to the College Street car park where they concluded that the proceeds may have been double the £1.8 million achieved.

Based on the information available and their opinion on open market value, they concluded that the deal struck by the Council was ‘extremely poor and almost bordering on negligent’.




2007 Newly Elected SNP and Liberal Democrat City Council Ask Police to Investigate Potential Fraudulent Sale of Council Property

A police investigation has been ordered into potential fraud surrounding transactions in which Aberdeen city council sold some of its assets for up to £5.5 million below their market value.

Grampian Police confirmed it was called in by the new Liberal Democrat and SNP administration after senior officers requested details of transactions up to 2006.

And a damning report, published by the accounts watchdog, Audit Scotland, has also revealed “serious deficiencies” in a series of deals in which six council-owned assets were sold for £3.7 million when their maximum potential value was £9.2 million.

The transactions included the sale of land at the Seafield Club and allotments for £685,000 when the maximum potential value was £2,930,000, and the sale of the College Street multi-storey car park for £1.8 million when its potential value was £3,630,000.

The council faces a special hearing by the Accounts Commission into its finances. Read the full blog:



1186503019_4_marischal-college-statue-wyy8562jhpAberdeen City Chambers



2008 Final Audit Scotland Report Findings:
We endorse the view of the Council’s external auditor that the Council is in a precarious financial position.

Over the past three years the Council expenditure has been significantly in excess of its budget, giving rise to concern over diminishing reserves and leading to the need for a substantial package of savings in the current financial year.

This finding forced the council to implement a 4 year programme of austerity measures designed to ensure a balanced income and expenditure.

The cuts were forced on the SNP- Liberal Democrat Council through the gross inefficiency of the previous Labour administration.

This was not widely advised to the electorate and the council suffered defeat at the next election in 2012 which introduced a Labour coalition council.

The wastrel Labour administration gets another bite at the cherry. Crazy system of local governance.

The challenges facing the Council are collectively extremely serious.

While the Council accepted the accuracy of both reports by the Controller of Audit, we found that there was a lack of a full appreciation of the seriousness of its current circumstances.

With regard to the report by the Controller of Audit on the property sales investigation, the Council accepted the many and significant shortcomings in procedures detailed in that report it being outside the remit of the auditor there was no reference to a sale of property to either Antonio La Torre or Michele Siciliano. Full report:



croppedimage650570-marischal-college-hero-shot  Redeveloped Aberdeen City Chambers (projected cost £20m Actual cost £140m Congratulations Barney Crockett and his labour Council)



2009: Subsequent disposal of the College Street Car Park

The car park was sold, (selling price not disclosed) forming part of the £250 million Union Square regeneration project in the heart of Aberdeen.

A Hammerson PLC backed development it was built by Miller Construction and includes multiple shopping units, a civic square, multi storey car parks and a hotel with conference facilities.

It will transform the centre of Aberdeen when it opens in autumn 2009.



screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-175255College Street car park    union-square-extensionUnion Square £250m private funded Development



2012: Barney Crockett Rules KO? In May 2012 Labour formed a coalition Council Administration. Crockett was elected Council Leader.

True to previous form the newly elected council conducted a referendum seeking the electorate’s views on a city centre development.

The outcome (because it didn’t meet the required no vote demanded by Barney Crockett) was set aside.

Crockett acted on his belief and self guidance that he was not bound by the results. In any event, he said “Aberdeen Council business is restricted to local policy issues and these are not subject to referenda.

I think, and always have believed, that referendums should be kept for constitutional issues.” So why conduct a referendum??

Also noteworthy is the narrow minded view of Barney Crockett who, (in an illegal 2014 letter to all Aberdeen householders promoting the “Better Together” case rejecting independence) said, “Aberdeen is stronger now and will be stronger in the future – as a partner within the United Kingdom.”

He failed to note that Aberdeen’s safety, (from the impact of the policies of Westminster politicians) is guaranteed by oil and energy.

The rest of Scotland however is getting weaker and will continue to suffer the ravages of increasingly right wing governments, based in the city/state of London who have no interest in the affairs of Scotland, except taxation income.

Barney Crockett epitomizes everything that is wrong with both the Labour and Tory Party’s in Aberdeen.

The public votes but the Con/Lab council decides. It is their way or the highway. What a sad city led by a bunch of self serving opportunists. Read the full report:



city-gardens   Aberdeen City Gardens Site Rejected by Barney



2014: Mafia Tightens Its Grip on Aberdeen

The Naples-based Camorra crime organisation, which has been linked with a number of killings, maintains a stronghold in Aberdeen, the third most populous city in Scotland It is involved in the city’s catering, retail and property sectors, the research by the European Union-funded Transcrime centre found.

Barney Crockett said the mobsters’ presence in Aberdeen came as no surprise.

He said: “I think the attraction of Aberdeen is the fact that they can swap over a lot of money, because it is such a business environment.

However, I am totally confident that there is no involvement in public works of any description.”

But Barney what about the sale of city property at knock-down prices to Antonio La Torre and Michele Siciliano.



caan426-129611417346630100Mafia Aberdeen


One reply on “Aberdeen Labour Party Council Selling Off Property to Influential Buyers For a Pittance – Is There a mafia Connection?”

Sweet fuck all would surprise me if Crockett and the rest of the labour party in Aberdeen were involved in Mafia shite. We have another one in Glenrothes in Fife another Labour arsehole Ross. no happy till he gets council tax hikes to cover up his fuck ups.Always complaining there is no enough money coming in. doesn’t stop the cunt giving themselves big pay rises. We need to get Labour and the conservatives to fuck out of Scotland. And they can take that Trident with them.Bunch of no use Bastards. Get rid of the MOD out of Faslane we don’t need it. we can be a neutral country and spend our money on something beneficial like training our kids when they leave school and give them the apprenticeships they so badly need in this country. And turn the Firth of Forth and Rosyth base into an oil terminal they could drill in the Forth there is plenty oil there. and create enough work for the people in Faslane at the same time. Why the fuck should we live like poppers when the Westminster government suck up Trumps arse.Fuck Westminster and America we don’t need them. Just because England fucked themselves in the single market. and have now got to cow down to America for trade partners. Scotland does not need to be part of that . May is clearing out all the Barracks and moving the troops south. well fuck her we could fill those same Barracks with Japanese Troops.


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