Too sick to work Syrian migrant – now wants to bring 12 more children and 2 more wives to Europe – This is the future of the EU – But the UK can escape armageddon – Vote Brexit





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In another seemingly top EU priority, the meddling European lawmakers made it illegal for prunes to be sold as a superfood that fights bowel problems




The demography of Northern European nations, (including the UK) is changing with increasing speed due primarily to the uncontrolled inward acceptance of  massive numbers of  migrants and loosely termed refugee’s  from Southern, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan Pakistan and other Middle Eastern nations.

Demographic change is now firmly at the forefront of political discussion and is the subject of political debate in many EU developed countries.

There is the added future difficulty that migrant families are much larger than those of the bulk of  EU Northern European nations which have birth rates below the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman.

What is also frustrating for the electorates of the EU are the demands (supported by threats of financial punishment for transgressors) of faceless and unelected EU bureaucrats for larger and larger pots of money to be sent to Brussels to be used to bail out Southern and Eastern Europe and the very real prospect of  Turkey forcing their membership on the EU through blackmail using the migrant crisis as the weapon of successful intent.
An additional 80 million potential Turkish benefit claimants further stripping the Northern EU countries finances is not acceptable. The UK is best out of it.




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Syrian Migrant misses his children




Friday May 27 2016: Too sick to work migrant’ now wants to bring 12 MORE children and 2 more wives to Europe

A Syrian migrant who arrived in Europe with his wife and eight children has now been given approval to bring over twelve more kids and another two wives.

Politicians in Denmark have condemned the asylum seeker policy which will allow Daham Al Hasan to rake in thousands in benefits once his huge family is reunited. The 47-year-old fled war-torn Syria two years ago with a wife and eight children before arriving in Denmark. The unemployed migrant, who claims to be too sick to work, has now been granted family reunification for his remaining 12 children and two wives who are still in Syria.

Outraged officials have raised concerns about the policy and suggested the Syrian man is exploiting the country’s welfare system. Integration spokesperson for the Conservatives, Naser Khader, said: “It is highly problematic that a Syrian refugee can be allowed to call himself sick to avoid working and learning Danish, so he can support… 20 children.” The politician added it should not be possible for someone who does not intend to work to be given such vast sums and called for Denmark to implement an upper limit for the number of children a person can claim contributions for. He said: “We need to save and it can’t be right that a man, who has not contributed, is granted hundreds of thousands in child support.”

Following the criticism directed towards him, the Syrian migrant insisted he is still too sick to work. Al Hasan told local media: “I don’t only have psychological problems, but also physical [problems]. I have a pain in my back and legs.” The migrant also said the pain was so overwhelming that he could not learn Danish yet. The anger comes after it was revealed five Syrian migrants are suing the Danish Government and foreign minister over a strict new asylum policy. It stated that family reunification for asylum seekers would take up-to three years, prompting the Syrians to claim it was breaching their human rights. Full story here:




Where are all the female migrants?


Sunday May 29 2016: MPs demand Syrian migrant DNA tested to stop him bringing his 20 children to Europe

A Syrian migrant who claims he is too sick to work could be DNA tested in a bid to try and stop him bringing over his 20 children and three wives to Europe. Daham Al Hasan outraged the public by claiming denying his sprawling family access to Europe and its welfare system was breaching his human rights. This didn’t stop the 47-year-old making comments that he did not agree with Western culture.

Furious politicians have now demanded the Syrian migrant undergoes a DNA test to prove they are blood-related before they are able to settle in Denmark.

Liberal Eva Kjer Hansen said: “The way he talks about Danish society, and his perception of rights, is extremely provocative. “I think think DNA testing should be considered to be certain that they are his children.”

Danish People’s Party’s Marie Krarup also wants the family to be DNA tested. She said: “I want those children DNA tested. And I think that only children from one of the three mothers, the mother who is already in Denmark, should be reunited. The other children should not be here. “I basically think that the family reunification rules are wrong. It should not be have been possible for him to take the children here.”
Citizens commented:

Are you people serious! For the love of God! Polygamy is illegal in Europe…is it not?…then why allow foreigners to break the law, have 3 wives, then grant them legal entry and then add insult to injury by actually giving them a benefit to enable them to continue to break the law?! No westerners are allowed to marry more than one woman in their country (and they are forbidden to marry foreigners in their country too). Why are you granting immigrants far more leniency than your own citizens? Your government & immigration laws are ridiculously one-eyed, one sided and discriminative!

All of the reasons given for not wanting the refugees are exactly the same as anywhere else except that some of us are not given the choice.

Increased crime, Language difficulties, No jobs, special classes needed for their children, encouraging others to make the journey, sexual molestation.

500 refugees, were deposited in Middlesbrough, last week with no warning – Just turned up at a school, where mums were picking up their children. Middlesbrough is a deprived area of the UK, where unemployment is high. Teesside has been repeatedly let down by various governments over the years; the coal mining industry (Destroyed by Thatcher), the ship-building industry (Swan Hunter), the steel industry, (Tata and the Redcar blast furnaces) and now, even if the newly arrived freeloaders wanted to work, there is no work. It would be so nice if the people of Middlesbrough were asked what they wanted. I can see civil unrest on the horizon.



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President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said countries that fail to show “solidarity” by taking in their fair share of migrants who have arrived on European shores will also be hit with fines of €250,000 (£191,000) per refugee.





Monday 14 March 2016: New Bombshell for EU: Danish politicians demand referendum after voter shift on union

More EU turmoil is looming with more than 33% of Danes signalling they would vote to leave Brussels if a referendum was held tomorrow.

The figure of 33 per cent represents a major shift towards joining growing animosity towards the union when compared to only 25 per cent wanting to leave in 2013.The calls for independence from the red-tape loving bureaucrats comes as The People’s Movement Against the EU has demanded the government holds a referendum in the country.

The cross-party campaign platform argues after 40 years as members of the 28-strong block, it was time to give the next generation of Danes a vote. It has now launched a petition to force the government’s hand on the issue.



Muslim protestors in London



June 2016: Germany to scrap ‘cultural immunity’ and will no longer allow migrants to have multiple marriages or child brides

  • Some migrants arrive in Germany with more than one wife, it is reported
  • Officials have been urged to stop ‘turning a blind eye’ to the practice
  • They must also clamp down on underage marriages, justice minister said

Germany will no longer allow migrants to have multiple wives or child brides, the justice minister has said. Heiko Maas told the press that no one has the ‘right to place their cultural values or religious beliefs above our laws’.

There has been increased concern over polygamous marriages in the wake of a rise in the number of migrants arriving in Germany, many from Muslim countries. While polygamy is already banned in Germany, many officials ‘turn a blind eye’ to migrants who arrive in the country with more than one wife, the newspaper reports. This is also true of forced and underage marriages.

Mr Maas told the tabloid: ‘We need to look very carefully. Forced marriages, we can not tolerate, and certainly not when underage girls are involved. He added: ‘Everyone must abide by rules and laws, whether they grew up here or are new. The law is equal for all.’ Referring to migrants arriving with underage brides, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees told local media: ‘If the wife is underage, the youth authorities are alerted and they decide if the family stays together or not.’

It comes as a new academic study by researchers at the University of Leipzig found that nearly 34 per cent of people quizzed thought Germany is ‘dangerously overpopulated by foreigners.’  Overall 12 per cent think Germans are by nature ‘superior’ to other people – a central plank of the ideology of Adolf Hitler and the original Nazis.

Other findings included four out of every ten people thinking Muslims should be prohibited from immigrating to the country and half of respondents in a survey of 2,240 people saying they feel like ‘foreigners in their own country.’

Thirty per cent claimed Germany had been ‘infiltrated by too many foreigners in a dangerous way.’ And three out of every five Germans believe migrants who have arrived in the country seeking sanctuary from war and terror are bogus. ‘There has been no increase in extreme right attitudes, but in comparison with a study from two years ago people who have far-right attitudes are more prepared to use violence to achieve their aims,’ said Dr Oliver Decker, one of the report’s authors.

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Growing resentment: Protesters carry signs saying 'refugees not welcome' during a march earlier this year

Growing resentment: Protesters carry signs saying ‘refugees not welcome’ during a march.