The Tory Party at Play – Massive Expense Claims – Recovering the Cost of Overnight lovenest Accommodation – Blackmail – Illicit sex – suicides and Other Unsavoury Events





Illicit sex and the Tory Party are no strangers.

The recent furore, (without foundation) created by the right wing press in Scotland, (namely “The Herald” and “The Scottish Daily Mail”) over two SNP MP’s (both legally separated from their wives), their dalliances with an attractive actress/model and alleged inappropriate submission of overnight accommodation expense claims pales into insignificance when compared with very recent, sparsely reported scandals within the Tory Party.

In the process of the scandal, to which I refer and give notice of below, the office of David Cameron is brought into disrepute through the activities of a key Tory activist. We have: Massive expense claims, recovering the cost of overnight, “lovenest” accommodation, Blackmail, illicit sex, orgies, suicide and other unsavoury happenings






16 November 2015: Pressure mounts on Tory cabinet minister as sex and blackmail scandal deepens

The Conservative Party’s 46-year-old deputy chairman, Robert Halfon has admitted to a 6 month affair with the chair of the party’s youth wing, Conservative Future chair Alexandra Paterson, 16 years his junior. And in an astonishing twist, he claimed the affair only came to light after one of the Prime Minister’s election aides tried to blackmail them.

Halfon, who has a long-term partner, began the affair with the 29-year-old activist and member of Conservative Future in November 2014. When questioned he said “What I did was wrong, and I feel ashamed. I am not proud of myself. The most important thing to me is to repair my relationship with my partner”



Robert Halfon 46yo and  29yo Conservative Future chair Alexandra Paterson had an affair and were blackmailed by ???




22 November 2015: The scandal surrounding a Conservative aide expelled from the party deepened last night with claims he blackmailed a colleague over a sex tape.

Mark Clarke was ejected from the party earlier this week amid accusations of bullying and blackmail. The bullying allegations against him emerged following the suicide of 21-year-old Tory activist Elliott Johnson.

According to the “Mail on Sunday” Clarke made a copy of a sex film one of his Tory rivals was tricked into performing on the internet. The video was then posted to Facebook, which the rival claims was done by Mr Clarke after demanding – but being refused – a blackmail sum of £2,500. Clarke denied the allegation, along with all previous allegations. But he had previously admitted he tried to expose the film in the media to prevent such scams happening in future. Meanwhile, the Sunday Times claimed two other young Tory activists have attempted suicide since the death of Mr Johnson as a result of bullying in the party.

The paper also reported that party vice-chairman Robert Halfon claimed more than £30,000 in expenses for stays at the prestigious East India Club, where it has emerged he was conducting his affair with 29 year old, Conservative Future chair Alexandra Paterson .

Halfon confessed to the affair, with a much younger member of his staff after also accusing Mr Clarke of blackmail. It was claimed that Mr Clarke had planned to photograph Halfon and his lover leaving the East India Club, where they met.


Sex, suicide and chilling threats… the scandal engulfing the PM’s chum.