The Tory Party – Possibly the Sleaziest Political Organisation in History – Drugs – Sex Orgies – Rape – Blackmail – Bullying – Suicide and Illegal Canvassing of Voters – And Yet Voters Return Them to Government – C’mon Scots Get Wise and Get Rid Of Them

                  A Tory Battlebus             26 Apr 2015: The Tories Plan to up their ground game in the final 10 days with the “Battlebus2015” Campaign Membership of the Conservative Party has halved under David Cameron, leaving him with fewer activists to help him […]

Scots Need To Exercise Caution – Ultra Right Wing – Scottish Tory Party Youth Take Leading Role Under Davidson

    Professor Adam Tomkins (new boy on the block)       The demise of the Tory Party The David Cameron Tory government is fast unravelling as the sleazy conduct of its volunteers, officers, members and government is exposed, mirroring the 1997 downfall of the John Major government. This article provides (for comparative purposes) […]