European Referendum – Cameron & the EU Are Intent on Signing the TTIP Agreement – If You Are Rich That’s Fine But the Poor Will Be Hammered

    EU Parliament backs TTIP resolution Despite vocal criticism, the EU Parliament has approved a non-binding resolution on the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, bridging a gap in protracted negotiations on the secretive trade pact between the EU and the US. The resolution was approved by the majority of the parliament with 436 […]

The Unashamed Unionist Civil Servant – Francesca Osowska A Master In the Art Of Obfuscation Denies Scots Their Freedom From the Tyranical Westminster Elite Fulfilling Its Political Agenda at Every Juncture

    Francesca Osowska     Scottish Affairs Committee Meeting – 2015 – Scottish Office – Financial matters – Francesca Osowska OBE, Director, Scotland Office, and Michael Chalmers, Director and Solicitor to the Advocate General in attendance Chair: Welcome to the Scottish Affairs Committee; we are very grateful for you both coming along today. If […]