The BBC – The Secret Service and the Westminster Government – A Corrupting and Controlling Influence – Nothing Will Change

    The BBC Is Totally Independent From the State – But Is It? By the 1960s political vetting was so well entrenched that BBC interviews were resembling Civil Service selection boards. At one time, (according to former senior BBC executive Stuart Hood,) “a Civil Service Commissioner even attended the interviews.” Hood recalls the selection […]

European Referendum – Cameron & the EU Are Intent on Signing the TTIP Agreement – If You Are Rich That’s Fine But the Poor Will Be Hammered

    EU Parliament backs TTIP resolution Despite vocal criticism, the EU Parliament has approved a non-binding resolution on the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, bridging a gap in protracted negotiations on the secretive trade pact between the EU and the US. The resolution was approved by the majority of the parliament with 436 […]

The Unashamed Unionist Civil Servant – Francesca Osowska A Master In the Art Of Obfuscation Denies Scots Their Freedom From the Tyranical Westminster Elite Fulfilling Its Political Agenda at Every Juncture

    Francesca Osowska     Scottish Affairs Committee Meeting – 2015 – Scottish Office – Financial matters – Francesca Osowska OBE, Director, Scotland Office, and Michael Chalmers, Director and Solicitor to the Advocate General in attendance Chair: Welcome to the Scottish Affairs Committee; we are very grateful for you both coming along today. If […]

Notorious Tartan Tammy Twitterer – BrianSpanner1 – Revealed as a Mullet Head

      Brian Spanner1     This little white dog (LWD) never understood why it was the one who had to go to the groomer. (submitted by Carl) April 27th, 2010 Brian says:   LWD does that stand for Little White Dog or Lonely White Dude? Is Brian this Person?  LairdBrian McSpanner   […]

Scotland Bill – Fiscal Matters – Sterling – Independence – Scots Need to Heed the Advice of one of the UK’s Greatest Chancellors – Have Courage

      Denis Winston Healey,  politician, born 30 August 1917; died 3 October 2015 Denis was the best Prime Minister the UK never had. The aptly titled “Iron Chancellor” (1974 to 1979) rescued the UK from financial disaster on a scale mirroring the recent Greek fiasco. As with Greece and the EU, the International […]

The National Headline Today – Scots ‘shafted’ as Tories break triple-lock pensions promise – Scottish Pensioners Ripped Off Yet Again but They Voted to Stay With the Union in the 2014 Independence Referendum Preferring to Believe the Guarantees of Unionist Political liars – They Should Read my 2016 warning and weep

21 February 2016: Budget 2016 – Former Pensions minister warns Tory’s will drop a £4Billion Tax bombshell with pensions overhaul A former pensions minister warned that the Tory chancellor is planning to drop a £4bn “extra tax bombshell” in next month’s Budget by getting rid of the so-called tax-free lump sum. The retired politician who […]

UK Treasury Boss Who Screwed Scotland in the Independence Referendum Now Strongly Advocates an Independent Scotland

  #NowScotland @NowScotlandNow Chair of LSE unit claiming independence would make Scotland “poorer” is none other than Sir Nick Macpherson, the Treasury boss in 2014 who broke civil service impartiality to publish papers attacking Yes side. — George Kerevan (@GeorgeKerevan) February 4, 2021   Treasury Mandarin, Sir Nick MacPherson Changes His Tune – Scotland […]