Blair McDougall – Better Together – Yes Vote Needs to be Less Than 40% in Order to Answer the Independence Question for a Generation – Well Blair It Wasn’t – And We’re Back Again

                    Westminster’s influence over the Scots In 1707 Scotland had more than 20% of the population of what is now the UK – In the 300 years since, Westminster’s love of the Scots included, the Highland clearances and banishment to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the […]

Trident Submarine Fleet – No Longer A Viable Deterrent – Drone Technology Can Detect and Destroy Submarines Hidden Undersea

                  No Cloak of Invisibility for the Successor Nuclear Submarines The credibility and justification of the British “Successor” Trident missile submarine fleet is entirely dependent upon the “submarine at sea” being able to avoid detection so that it cannot be taken out by the enemy before it […]

Turkey – Army & Air force in coup against President Erdogan – my December 2015 report gave early warning – Worth a read if you wish to know the background

        Doesn’t look good for Turkey     13 February 2013: Turkey and Membership of the European Union (EU) Turkey’s relations with the European Economic Community (EEC) date back to 1959. But it took forty years, until the Helsinki European Council of December 1999, for the country to obtain the status of […]

George (Zebedee) Foulkes to serve in Scotland’s upper chamber – If he gets his amendment through – persish the thought

  George and Jack McConnell attending Holyrood       A wee bit about George Foulkes George Foulkes, a career politician cut his political teeth while a student at Edinburgh University where he was President of the Students Representative Council. From there he went on to become full-time president of the Scottish Union of Students […]

BBC Presenter Kirsty Wark is Still around – BBC 2016 Election Coverage to be Impartial – Don’t count on it – Their Record is Appalling

  Impartial Kirsty Wark   12 February 2006: Wark kept on BBC probation over bias fears Leading TV presenter Kirsty Wark was placed on probation by worried BBC chiefs a year ago as a direct result of her controversial holiday with Jack McConnell and will continue to be closely monitored. Concerned corporation governors put Wark […]