Shameless Graeme Pearson – Fronts the Recently Formed Unionist Party (Scotlandinunion) Webpage – But the Guy is a Joke – failure and Opportunist

        Graeme Pearson         A EU Report Claims Scotland’s Oil Capital is a Stronghold for the “Cammora” a Crime Organisation That Originated in Naples The “Trans-crime Centre”, based at the universities of Milan and Trento, has analysed how major gangs invested “dirty” money in selected countries between 2007 […]

The Corporates That Warped and Defeated the Will of Scots in 2014 are Supporting the Campaign Of Misinformation Against Trump and Will Surface Again at the Time of the Next Scottish Independence Referendum – Beware!!

        A pictorial view of a corporate elite network           First Minister McConnell accused of compromising the office of First Minister. Corporate elites penetrated political and cultural networks in Scotland benefiting from the patronage of institutions. In this environment lobbying is seen as worthwhile by business interests, evidenced […]