Oliver Mundell – The Man Who Would Be King – With More Than A Little help From His Dad – Make It On My Own – Not A Chance Mucker


Oliver Mundell – Dumfriesshire is the Mundell family dynasty

Oliver Mundell is to stand for re-election in next May’s Scottish Parliament Election.  He is confident that his strong stance in defence of the Union, in the South of Scotland will count in his favour with voters.

education & early employment

After leaving school in Moffat, he attended Edinburgh University, graduating in 2012. He worked for (7 months) for the multinational oil and gas firm Royal Dutch Shell and in the UK Parliament, (courtesy of Daddy) where he was employed, on a large salary, as a senior parliamentary aide to Geoffrey Cox QC MP. This was the launching pad for a political career as an MSP for Dumfriesshire

In his time at Edinburgh University he campaigned unsuccessfully for election to the post of Student Association President. His efforts were badly compromised by the revelation that he had harassed a disabled female NUS liberation officer to her distress. (


Dec 2014: Oliver works for his dad at the expense of the public

Mundell employed his son, out of university a few months. (salary £30,000+) as a Parliamentary Assistant from 1 March 2013. having previously employed him in the same position from May to 2012″. Then, in November 2014, Mundell transferred his SPAD duties taking up a position as a Senior Parliamentary Researcher (more money for the boy) working in the Westminster ,House of Commons office of a Conservative MP representing South West Region.

He departed Westminster for Scotland only a year later and in 2015 was subsequently elected to serve as the MSP for Dumfriesshire.

In announcing his intention to remain as the MSP for Dumfriesshire in the 2021 Scottish General Election it is expected his father will be elevated to the House of Lords very soon paving the way for Oliver to take up a seat in Westminster further entrenching the Mundell dynasty in Dumfriesshire. Nepotism gone mad.

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