The BBC – Scottish Press and Other Media – Exist to Further the Policies of the Westminster Elite

        The BBC, Other Media Outlets and the Scottish Press Black propaganda, authorised by the Westminster government,  is routinely used by the BBC, other media outlets and the Scottish Press to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent those in Scotland who support Scottish independence.           Media Bias against Scottish Independence […]

Faslane – The Legacy Scottish Unionists are Content to Hand Over to Their Children – P3 – The Holy Loch After 30 Years Occupation By The Yanks – To Be Continued

The US nuclear submarine re-fitting base at the Holy Loch The Holy Loch based US submarine refit facility In autumn 1959, the US Government decided to provide forward servicing facilities for a submarine squadron to be based in the UK. Studies were carried out to determine the most suitable location for such a refit facility, […]

The Legacy Scottish Unionists are Content to Hand Over to Their Children – P2 – To Be Continued

more powers to remove Trident nuclear weapons from Scottish waters         Faslane – A Clean bill of health? – A look back in time From the date of their introduction nuclear submarines berthed at Faslane have been plagued by problems with their nuclear propulsion systems and accidents. In 1995, HMS […]

Faslane – The Legacy Scottish Unionists are Content to Hand Over to Their Children – P1 – To Be Continued

  Faslane on the Gare Loch. Faslane is home to Britain’s strategic nuclear submarine fleet and is the headquarters of the Royal Navy in Scotland. All four of Britain’s Trident operational strategic intercontinental missile submarines are based at Faslane. More than 7,000 navy and civilian staff work at Faslane – the largest number employed on […]

Tritium is Routinely Dumped in the Gareloch at Faslane – Never Heard of it? – Tritium Can Cause Cancer, Genetic Mutations, or Developmental Defects in Unborn Children – No Threshold or “Safe Dose” of Tritium Has Been Scientifically Established For Any of These Effects.

Fukushima considers ‘controlled discharge’ of toxic water into ocean Currently, 400 metric tons of highly contaminated water is being produced at the site on a daily basis. In response, TEPCO has been running a test operation of a high-tech water processing machine called ALPS, which can remove all radioactive materials from the tainted water except […]

Westminster Unionists Retaining Trident – Scotland To Store Nuclear Weaponry -But There Is a Solution

          “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad!!!!” – Westminster Makes it’s move on the SNP The Unionist parties at Westminster are agreed on a pact establishing, maintaining and strengthening formal and informal contact with the Scottish Government in Edinburgh effectively sidelining Scottish MP’s at Westminster. It […]