Crime, Sex Orgies, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster – Part1 – Fever Club Orgies





Crime, Sex, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster.

This is one of a number of articles expanding upon the participation, in one or more athletic, non athletic, extra curricular activities of  many of the individuals identified in this article. 

Many aspects of the varying reports highlight excesses and abuse of the electorate as an entity and suffering visited upon many individuals by the apparatus of a state with it’s focus firmly set on maintaining control over society, regardless of the human cost.





Fever Parties – The Sales Pitch

When Fever began in 1998 it was a revolutionary concept.

We were the first swingers organisation in the world to select by looks and apply an upper age limit.

We were the only swingers parties in Britain to use upmarket venues, real beds instead of mats on the floor and a decent bar instead of lager and wine boxes.

Our website was just as ground breaking when it launched in 2000 because it was aimed at intelligent young couples and written grammatically with no pornography.

Nobody had provided a swinging environment that appealed to graduate 20-somethings before and single-handedly we created the young swingers market.

We broke media cover seriously in 2003 in Arena magazine.

One week we made the cover of 3 sections of the Sunday Times and even the fusty Spectator. Cosmo, Marie Claire, Elle, New Woman and Radio 1 have all beaten a path to our door. (We turn down the many TV requests).

The fame we achieved re-introduced group sex and partner-swapping into popular culture and transformed the image of swingers from middle aged, suburban and ‘jaded’ to young, metropolitan and aspirational.

Following our example standards in the British swinging industry rose substantially to the benefit of all sexual adventurers.

Another sign of our success is that nowadays there are other promoters aiming events at younger swingers.

Fever remains distinct because our standards and production values are unrivalled and our long established reputation for excellence dating back to 1998 .

Over the years we have gathered an enthusiastic team of dedicated volunteers all of whom all have careers and do this for fun.

They donate their skills and experience to every party and put together the sumptuous venues, decadent decoration, lavish refreshment and acres of silky play space.

To this day Fever is the gold standard against which other swingers parties are measured.


ORGY: Revellers writhe on the huge orgy bed









20 March 2005 – VIP Orgy – The Biggest Ever Filthy Rich Orgy

Prince Andrew’s female bodyguard has been caught having sex on film at Britain’s biggest VIP orgy.

Firearms cop Sarah Cox was snapped romping at the sex party alongside 300 other depraved swingers.

After tearing off her clothes, WPC Cox – who also guards PM Tony Blair at Chequers – and her cop boyfriend plunged into the orgy on a 20ft by 14 ft steel-reinforced bed.

Fever Club orgy bosses put Cox, 26, and PC Bernard Bourdillon, 36, in charge of security at the £150-a- couple party in a £15million London mansion.

But the police couple are regular swingers too – and as the night wore on they threw off their clothes and joined the throng of writhing bodies.

Thames Valley Police chiefs will be horrified by their antics and the couple – who boasted about borrowing police metal detectors to search guests – could face disciplinary action.

Only Britain’s elite, including aristocrats, politicians, civil servants and lawyers, are allowed to join the secret society, which met for its first orgy of 2005 last Saturday night.

Rich brokers from City institutions Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutschebank and Commerzbank indulged in a free-for-all with scientists, lawyers, corporate directors, a TV presenter, fashion models and an Olympic athlete.

In an undercover operation,  investigators posing as security men looked on as a mass of naked men and women romped on a pink satin-covered bed in the main candle-lit “playroom”.

Another 11 couples were having sex on marble-topped gilt tables, and on the floor two women were fondling each other while performing sex acts on five men.

The night of debauchery began at 9pm. Guests arrived in a fleet of limousines and stepped on to a purple carpet across the pavement outside the 24-bedroom former ambassadorial residence opposite BBC Radio One’s offices in London’s Portland Place. One Italian heiress was dressed in a £4,000 Dolce & Gabbana gown.

They were greeted by the party’s organisers – the men behind Fever Parties,  property tycoon Jonathan Friedman 41, and married right-wing anti-Europe politician David Russell Walters, 44.

The pair use professional events organiser Emma Sayles, 26, to front their organisation. Her father is a Cambridge-educated former Welsh Guards’ officer.

For security reasons members were ticked off a photographic guest list to make sure that there were no impostors.

Then they were searched by off-duty Thames Valley firearms cops Cox and Bourdillon using handheld metal detectors.

Their job was to take mobile phones and cameras from guests.

Dark-haired bisexual Cox wore a tight-fitting, short flower print dress and Bourdillon wore beige chinos and a blue shirt. “A couple of people got stroppy,” said Bourdillon, an armed police constable based at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. “But once we explained the need to do it they were like, ‘Oh, all right then’.”

Asked if he had found any illegal substances, Bourdillon said: “The only thing I’ve found is four Viagra. They were confiscated.”

Cox, a PC based in Windsor, Berkshire – near where Prince Andrew lives – added: “That’s our big worry. If we found anything we’d have to confiscate it because of our jobs.”

Later our investigators found evidence of drugs, smuggled in by guests, in the venue’s toilets.

The party’s floor manager was also offered a powdered cocktail called Magic by a guest – a combination of pure ecstasy and speed.

In the lobby the guests were greeted by a tanned semi-naked harpist wearing a white basque and lacy stockings who later joined the sex party during her break.

The immaculately-groomed guests were then led through to a cocktail reception where they chatted politely.

Celebrity DJ Dan Lywood, former boyfriend of Zoe Ball, played dance music.

Beautiful guests had flown in from New York, Paris, Italy, Germany and Holland especially for the party.

At about 10.30pm the first couple followed a trail of red rose petals up the sweeping stone staircase, through oak-panelled doors into the main playroom.

The woman, a marketing executive with blonde bobbed hair, stripped off to reveal a G-string and began having sex with her partner, a city banker.

A second couple played with a sex toy while being watched by a group of women.

After about half-an-hour there were 60 people having sex on the vast bed, reinforced with steel plates to bear the weight.

The room, decorated by film set designers for £7,000, was candlelit. Classical music played in the background. Around the bed three couples were having sex against radiators and two women fondled each other while performing sex acts on several men.

One fashion model having sex with a lawyer groaned in ecstasy. Another man fed her grapes from a cut-glass bowl, Belgian chocolates and Laurent Perrier champagne straight from the bottle while fondling her breasts.



The owner of the £15million mansion, toff Edward Davenport, was filmed kissing and fondling a woman on the bed.

Davenport, a property developer who is worth £133 million, also has residences in Monte Carlo, Mayfair and the West Country.

He made a fortune organising debauched Gatecrasher Balls for public school teenagers in the 1980s but was later jailed for VAT fraud on tickets.

After finishing their security duties Cox and Bourdillon came upstairs. Cox took off her dress to reveal a large, tribal-style tattoo across her back and an expensive black thong and bra.

Newspaper investigators saw Cox perform oral sex on Bourdillon in front of 100 naked guests while sitting on the edge of the bed.

They then jumped on top to have sex with each other. Cox later came out of the playroom wearing only a black choker and her underwear and danced provocatively with Bourdillon in the cocktail lounge.

She told our investigators: “I work as one of Prince Andrew’s protection officers. It’s a good laugh. I know he gets quite a bit of stick in the Press but he’s actually an alright bloke. He’s not so aloof with people once he gets to know them. He calls me by my first name. I work in firearms, I’m trained in that. I just have to accompany him with other protection officers whenever he’s being driven about.”

Talking about using police equipment to carry out searches at the orgy, she added: “We used the equipment from the station. There’s no problem with it because they’re not supposed to be in use. “Next time I’ll bring some evidence bags. I could have used them to put people’s belongings in.”

Cox revealed that she is bisexual. She said: “I’m in a committed relationship so these events are good for me because it allows me to explore my sexuality. “It can be a bit uncomfortable if I’m with Dillan (the name she uses for Bourdillon) and I see someone I fancy but who he doesn’t like because I can’t always go with them, so I just have to go, ‘Aww’.” Bourdillon said: “We’ve been doing it for a couple of years. “We weren’t going to work here tonight because we weren’t sure if one of us was going to be on a shift.

“It turned out all right though and Johnny (Friedman) phoned us begging to help out. We don’t mind doing it as a favour. We get in for free and have a few drinks. “It’s the first time we’ve done an event as big as this.”

Referring to the metal detectors, Bourdillon said: “We’ve brought them from the station. There’s no problem because there are lots of them up there so even if something happens tonight they won’t be missed.” Later he denied taking them from any police station, saying they were from “central stores”.

“No one else at the station knows that we go to parties like this. “I don’t really mind but I don’t want them to because all they will do is take the Mick. “I’m not really comfortable here. It’s too formal. There’s too many people.” After deciding that was enough, they dressed, had a couple more drinks, then left.

Last night Bourdillon confirmed he and Cox had been at the party, but denied they’d been moonlighting as they were not paid. “I certainly haven’t done anything illegal or against any codes of conduct,” he said. “We were there as a favour to friends.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “Police officers must inform their chief officer if they wish to pursue outside business interests for gain, be it financial or otherwise. “It is then down to the chief officer to give permission. “It would be inappropriate to use police equipment in non-police matters.”

Fever owner David Russell Walters told our investigator: “We asked them (Cox and Bourdillon) to frisk people down.

We didn’t pay them because they are clients of ours. “We took it that they would come and do that a for a few hours and they would be free to enjoy the rest of the party .

“They got free entry in exchange.” Edward Davenport said: “I was there a little bit. I am not a swinger. “I am used to quite wild parties. But I didn’t get involved. “I’m not embarrassed about it. They had a good-looking crowd there. Mostly models.”


Eddie Davenport & Girlfriend in 33 Portland Place



20 March 2005 – The Biggest Ever Filthy Rich Orgy

The beautiful blonde in high heels and skin-tight designer dress caught the eye of a successful young businessman. They walked towards each other across a packed dance floor, then she touched him on the arm – the signal swingers use to show they want to have sex.

After a brief exchange of words the couple joined 60 other swingers on a huge bed in the “party” room. As they took off their clothes and began intimately caressing each other, they were ogled by men standing around the orgy.

This was just one of the debauched scenes at the latest swingers’ party organised by Fever – one of the biggest and most exclusive sex clubs in the world.

One party-goer who witnessed the scenes said: “These are some of the most wealthy and powerful people in Britain – the capital city’s movers and shakers – and they were all writhing naked together on a bed as big as a suburban swimming pool.”

The event in London’s Portman Square last Saturday was Fever’s biggest in the capital so far.

More than 100 couples paid £150 in advance – or £200 on the door – to take part. One of the guests was Harlequins rugby star James Hayter who was hired as a bouncer, but liked what he saw so much he dived in too!

Many of the party goers – who have to be under 40, well-heeled and good looking – have since emailed the Fever website with “thank you for having us” messages, hailing the party as “mind- blowing” and the “best ever”. In a series of raunchy party recollections, they:

Praise  the 20x14ft bed as well as the “lashings of sex”

Joke about being an undercover reporter infiltrating the event

Ask “What would my mother say?” before describing how they experienced “sparks of sexual tension”

Describe how the experience left them “liberated and hungry for more”




Last night messages from 25 party goers were posted on the group’s website.

A 24-year-old woman, who was at her first Fever party, says: “What an amazing evening. Sex, sex and, er, more sex.

Ladies, if you are single or fancy sneaking away from your man, come to Fever. “I spent most of the night with the most gorgeous couple who were fabulous in the bedroom.”

Another message from a 21-year-old woman says: “I had a great time and will definitely praise Fever in my London student article. “Only joking. Sorry to have disappointed you by not being an undercover investigative journalist!”

A couple, aged 35 and 29, say: “It was absolutely mind-blowing. We met and partied with several other sexy couples – had an absolutely amazing time.

The night was a perfect combination of all our best past adventures and encounters, both sexual and social, all wrapped into one great, glamorous, friendly and fun party.”

Another couple, both 31, write: “It feels mildly amusing to be sitting down and politely writing a thank-you note after last night’s party. Whatever would my mother say?

“The venue was superb, the atmosphere electric, with sparks of sexual tension searing between the guests almost from the first moments. “It was impossible not to be raised to new sexual highs and not to just close your eyes and let the eager hands, mouths and bodies of everyone else there caress and stimulate you into sexual oblivion, over and over. Fabulous.”

A couple, aged 35 and 29, who were at their first Fever party, say: “We had an absolutely excellent time and were amazed at both the expert organisation and high level of talent among the party goers.”

Yet another pair, aged 31 and 30, say: “We would definitely like to attend future parties and we are still talking about that bed and how we had so much fun on it.”

A 34-year-old and his 23-year-old partner say: “It was really wonderful to meet so many cool, beautiful, open-minded and respectful people.”

But there is some criticism, too. Two Fever regulars, aged 33 and 27, moan: “We felt that the venue was a little cold in places.

The toilets also lacked a little in cleanliness and decor. There was also quite a bit of broken glass around the bar and stair area which wasn’t good for the bare-footed.”

Fever organisers have also posted their own message, hailing the night a success. They boast: “Over 250 party goers sipped champagne and cocktails and mingled for several hours between the open log fires, the vast, gilt-edged mirrors and the glittering chandeliers.

“Around 11.15pm the keenest swingers graduated up the towering, rose-strewn stairway towards the playrooms on the first floor.

At the same time the first of the DJs took to the tables and upped the atmosphere.

The main playroom centred on a huge specially -constructed bed covered in pink satin that was in continuous use by sometimes more than 60 people for over six hours.”




Upper Crust Organisers and Staff

Edward Davenport, 38 – Made first million in his teens organising the infamous Gatecrasher balls – now a property tycoon worth £133m.

Spends six months a year in Monaco as a tax exile sharing £200-a-night hotel suite with two women.

Shares £15million London pad with three more.

He was seen kissing and fondling a girl on the orgy bed last Saturday night.

He bought the venue, a former ambassador’s residence, from the Sierra Leone government in 2002 for the knock-down price of just £50,000.

David Russell Walters, 44 – By day ex-Tory candidate and boss of The Tory party anti-Europe Democracy Movement.

By night, orgy master tending to guests. Looked on as four girls, one a Dutch rowing champ, pleasured each other.

Jonathon Friedman, 42 – Brains behind Fever’s image. Spends hours “dressing” rooms with pink satin, chocolates, fruit, and jelly babies for energy. Seen canoodling on the bed with beautiful American blonde.

Emma Sayle, 26 – Diplomat’s daughter. Dad was colonel with the Welsh Guards and has an OBE.

She is regarded as one of Britain’s best and most upmarket party organisers – didn’t join in the orgy.

James Hayter, 26 – Professional rugby player. Hayter, who is over 6ft tall and weighs 220 lb, was hired as a bouncer but became overwhelmed with lust. Stripped off and joined in the night’s action.


Room at the top 33 Portland Place



Wealthy, Good-Looking Punters

Charity Boss – International charity director had sex with female TV production company boss.

Crime Boss – Heir to a multi-million crime empire bonked French, Russian, Italian models and a designer.

Wild  Child – Raunchy daughter of a legendary rock star had public sex with a top media lawyer.

Film Director – Movie bigwig and his catwalk model lover had sex with at least seven other couples.


Hot tub 33 Portland Place









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