Stirling – The Three Headed Council – Time to Throw Off the Shackles of the Unionist’s – Give The SNP a Clear Majority

        29 May 1998: Stirling Council staff take to streets over jobs Council services in the Stirling area were badly affected yesterday by the first all-out strike to hit a Scottish authority since local government reorganisation three years ago. More than 1,000 members of the public service union, Unison, took part in […]

West Dunbartonshire – Under Labour officially the Worst Run Council in Scotland – 50 Years of Unfettered Abuse of the Electorate

  The Labour Party in Dunbartonshire – A lifetime of unfettered power – A local governance of corruption and abuse of the trust of the electorate. What follows provides a brief record of local political events, primarily in West Dunbartonshire from 1996. It is not comfortable reading but a “Yes” vote in the referendum and […]

Jackie Baillie – and the Unionist Labour Party Are So Consumed With Hatred of Alex Salmond That They Cannot Even Let Him Mourn In Peace – Disgraceful Conduct Unbecoming

Alex and his Dad   Former SNP leader Alex Salmond’s father Robert dies aged 95 The father-of-four passed away at the Erskine Home for ex-servicemen on Monday 5 June. His funeral is expected to be held in West Lothian next week. Former first minister Mr Salmond said it was a “very sad week” for all […]

Scot’s Earn the Least – Yet Donate the Most to British Charities – Control of the Charity Sector is Transferring to London – Scotland Stuffed Yet Again

        Charity Donations across the UK           14 March 2013: Scots charitable donations exceed £100 more per year than wealthy Londoners It is a cruel stereotype: that Scotsmen have a tendency towards thrift that sometimes borders on the downright tight-fisted. According to a survey released today, it is […]

Scottish Tories – A Party of Political Eunuchs Managed By Mundell and Davidson – Left in Place By Cameron to Watch Over Rebellious Scots (part 4)

                5 October 2015 ; How do SNP vet their candidates?’: Scots Tory leader Ruth Davidson demands explanation over suspended MP Michelle Thomson Tory leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson last night called for an explanation over the SNP’s ­candidate selection and vetting procedures in light of the Michelle […]

Time To Dispel The Myth – There Is No Anti-Independence Consensus Within the Tory Party in Scotland – Rooth The Mooth Davidson And Her Acolytes Are Pushing Her Agenda

      Andy Maciver     Federalism or Independence – Andy Maciver is a former Scottish Conservative Head of Communications. The 2015 General Election campaign propelled David Cameron back into Downing Street pulling England towards the Tories and pushing even more of Scotland into the welcoming arms of the SNP, both at the expense […]

Smoke and Mirrors – Westminster Draws a Constitutional Line in the Sand – Retribution Visited Upon Scotland For Having the Nerve to Try to Break Up What Is Laughably Called the Most Successful Union of Nations in History.

      Smoke and Mirrors – Westminster Draws a Constitutional Line in the Sand – Retribution Visited Upon Scotland For Having the Nerve to Try to Break Up What Is Laughably Called the Most Successful Union of Nations in History. Westminster Unionist partys’ offer of devolution of limited fiscal powers to Scotland is driven […]

Tory Prime Minister Heath – It’s Scotland’s Oil – So The Money Is Theirs – Westminster – We Can’t Allow That They Will Seek Independence

      1972. The discovery of oil in the North Sea revealed Prime Minister, Edward Heath concerns about Nationalist opinion and the poor state of the Scottish economy. Alert to opportunities for change he initiated a policy review. The Senior, Downing Street civil servant, Robert Armstrong wrote to members of the Cabinet; “As you […]

Tax Havens And The Tory’s – Will they Honour Their manifesto? – Give Up Their Secret Nest Eggs To The Taxman – Pigs Will Fly First

    The overall amount of finance held in tax havens, Panama, Caymans, Jersey etc. attributable to members of the Tory Party employed as MP’s, Baron’s etc in the House of Lords, Venture Capitalists, Hedge Funds, Charitable Funds, Corporations, other Organisations, other Financial supporters in or around the City of London, their wives, other family […]