The wee boy from East Kilbride who embraced Thatcherism Liam Fox is a Tory MP. He was elected to Westminster in 1992 and was Secretary of State for Defence from 2010 to 2011. In the 2009 expenses scandal, he was found to have the largest over-claim on expenses and was […]

Scottish Independence Referendum – The Unsettled Will Of The Scot’s – The Inside Story Of The Unionist’s Campaign Of Fear

    Andrew Dunlop (R)Four comrades     18 March 2012: Cameron’s recruits Andrew Dunlop (SPAD) to his referendum team Scotsman, Dunlop 52, was quietly recruited by Downing Street as the Prime Minister’s personal adviser on Scottish affairs, with a special remit to help defeat independence. He is a genuine greybeard in his 50’s, several […]