Blair – Brown – Balls – Miliband – Darling – The Real Story Of The New Labour Finance Team That Brought The UK To It’s Knee’s

      1986: The British American Project – The USA Groomed Gordon Brown and the Labour Party for office in the 1980s The US, International Visitor Program is a subtle exercise that trades heavily on America’s considerable cultural and social capital, in other words its soft power. But the altruistic aspect of providing the […]

Labour – LibDem Minority Government Proposal – Miliband Taking Bad Advice From Preacher Brown – Remember Browns Double Dealing and Petulant Behaviour At The Time The First SNP Government Was Formed In Scotland

      May 2007: Scottish General Election The SNP won the Scottish General Election with 47 MSP’s to Labour’s 46. Despite all the odds being stacked against them the SNP formed a minority Government and retained power for the full term of the parliament. But Brown, assisted by his network of spies, the Civil […]

Gordon Brown – The Great Clunking Fist Keeps Resurfacing -The Long Goodbye Right Enough – Here’s Some Video’s of His Best Bits – Not

      A video Selection of Gordon Brown’s best bits * Brown gets beaten up by David Cameron over the BA and Unite Union strike by.       * Brown gives a weak performance in Prime Ministers Questions.         * Brown tries to say that David Cameron is […]

Preacher Brown Savages The SNP at Another Closed Meeting – Labour Still Living In The Past While Scotland Has Moved On – Even Their Own Party Policy Guru Despairs At Murphy And Browns Negative Campaigning

      Labour Party Head Of Policy Review  Jon Cruddas – Persuades Labour That There Is A Better Way Jon Cruddas, Head of the Labour Party’s policy review, has been promoting a policy of “winning power to give it away”. In collaboration with Labour leaders of English cities, Cruddas has been pushing the devolutionary […]

Labour Needed To Learn Lessons From Past Failures And Change Their Approach – That They Didn’t Is Why They Are In Terminal Decline In Scotland

          March 2012: Breaking the grip of ‘fantasy island Britain’: Social justice, Scotland and the UK by Gerry Hassan Gerry Hassan, PhD, born in Scotland, is Research Fellow in cultural policy at the University of the West of Scotland who has recently been awarded his PhD on political and cultural contemporary […]