Dismantling the Welfare State Was Introduced by Blair and Brown’s New Labour and Ruthlessly Implemented by the Tories – The Disgraceful Rape Clause is Just one Example




Welfare Reforms – Tory Policy – But who first thought it up?

In 1998/99, not long after taking up the reins of government Tony Blair decided the Welfare State needed to be reformed bringing down the increasing cost to the Nation of maintaining in a life of luxury workshy shirkers and teenage single mothers who got pregnant deliberately so that they would be given a free of rent house for life and financial support so they wouldn’t need to work.

The best brain in the labour Government was Frank Field. Tony Blair promoted him to ministerial level with the mission to reform the Welfare system. The phrase bandied about by the Labour party was that Frank had a free hand to “think the unthinkable.” which he duly did.

In the course of his investigations Frank travelled the World checking out the welfare provisions of many states. He finally pronounced “Chile” as his chosen blueprint. His proposal was to extract and modify aspects of Chile’s welfare systems which be palatable to the British public.


Martin Rowson 13/01/14


The suggestion that General Pinochet and his extreme right wing government had got it just about right appalled Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Poor Frank was “put out to pasture” and consigned to the back benches. The report was quietly consigned to the archives.

In the ensuing years New Labour muddled through. The ever increasing cost of the Welfare State was hidden from the public being funded by the private debt of the British public.

The banking crisis of 2008 and massive default on debt in the housing market brought to light the huge and increasing welfare bill a consequence of the recession that followed. Darling and Brown’s solution was to borrow around £500 billion to pay off the welfare bill. Brown, faced with a General Election decided to avoid dealing with the problem hoping it would all go away. What a pillock!!





The Tory/ConDem government came to power in 2010 having persuaded  the right wing media, (including the BBC) and the Bankers that they would be able to get the Nation back on course within the lifetime of a 5 year government.

The public needed to be brought on-side. A task embraced with relish by the media. The message released was that the welfare bill would need to be significantly reduced but cost cutting across all government departments and the public would fall equally upon all.






The binding commitment by the Con/Dem government was soon consigned to the rubbish basket as Cameron and his cronies set about feathering the nests of the rich and famous further enhancing their status and power.  99% of the Nation’s wealth ended up with this group, the other 1% being distributed between the other 70 million of the queen’s subject’s.

Problems soon surfaced with the Con/Dem government approach since the 1% financial allocation to the 99% of the Nation proved to be insufficient. George Osborne, the Chancellor took the Gordon Brown route and borrowed £900 Billion from the World Bank taking the overall debt to £1.4 Trillion.

Since the debt was incurred by 99% of the Nation’s subjects it followed that this group would need to meet interest and repayment costs and an ever resourceful Ian Duncan Smith remembered Frank’s report.

Following meetings/briefings by Frank Duncan Smith persuaded the Con/Dem cabinet that they should implement all applicable measures contained in the report, (including those considered by Blair and Brown to be “beyond the pale”.)






The debacle and brutal austerity measures forced upon the British public in the period 2010-2015 is witness to the incompetence of the Con/Dem government, driven by dogma and protection of the richest 1% of British society and the Labour Party who had the solutions presented to them by Frank Field in 1999 and 2008 but were feart to make the move preferring to protect the Party seeking to retain power at any cost.

The Westminster parliament will, in the period 2015-2020 implement further brutal programmes requiring much reduced spending bringing greater hardship on “Jock Tamson’s bairns.” 






But the harsh impact of the austerity measures forced upon the nation’s citizens has not been embraced by the richest 1% who control 99% of the wealth. Their fortunes have been unaffected by austerity. Indeed there are many more millionaires in place in the UK than there were in 2010, at the start of the Tory government’s tenure.

The  failure to bring about a permanent reduction in the riches of this elite group is shameful and yet again the Unionist politicians at Westminster  have failed Scotland.











Pensioners Beware This Has Not Gone Away – The SNP Would Have No Part In Policies Such As This – Westminster Unionists Would


wp9779bbe7_05_06Lord BichardLord Bichard PensionsLord Bichard


2013: Retired people could do work for pensions

Lord Bichard, a former benefits chief, said “imaginative” ideas were needed to meet the cost of an ageing society. And although such a move might be controversial, it would stop older people being a “burden on the state”. The peer is a member of a committee investigating demographic changes and their impact on public services. The panel was told that the transfer of wealth from young to old in the UK was the highest in Europe.

A former head of the Benefits Agency and top civil servant at the Education Department he said the debate on rising healthcare and pension costs needed to be broadened out. “Are there ways in which we could use incentives to encourage older people, if not to be in full time work, to be making a contribution?,” he asked the rest of the committee.
It is quite possible, for example, to envisage a world where civil society is making a greater contribution to the care of the very old, and older people who are not very old could be making a useful contribution to civil society in that respect, if they were given some incentive or some recognition for doing so.”

The 65-year-old crossbench peer, suggested the government should use the pensions system to “incentivise” retired people. “We are now prepared to say to people who are not looking for work, if you don’t look for work you don’t get benefits, so if you are old and you are not contributing in some way or another maybe there is some penalty attached to that.”
He asked: “Are we using all of the incentives at our disposal to encourage older people not just to be a negative burden on the state but actually be a positive part of society?”
He acknowledged it would be difficult for politicians to sell to the public, but added: “So was tuition fees.”


Prof James Sefton, of Imperial College, London, a former adviser to the Treasury, told the committee young people were effectively subsidising the older generation – and he could not understand why they were not protesting about it. “I think they should be angry. I think the deal they are getting is poor,” he told the peers. “There are a lot of transfers going on within the system, from the young towards the old and I think awareness of it is very poor and I think eventually it will come out.”

He said research he was carrying out at Imperial College, with Dr David McCarthy, suggested “the current generation are very heavy contributors to the public purse, whereas previous generations have benefited from the public purse”. This was mostly down to high house prices, high youth unemployment, rising public debt and the cost of education, added Prof Sefton, who is also a quantitative analyst at UBS bank. The older generation benefits from public funds, in the form of healthcare and pensions, but younger people have to rely more on “private transfers” of wealth, such as family money, to a far greater extent than in other European countries, he added.


The General Secretary of the “National Pensioners Convention”, Director General’s of the charity “Age UK” and “Saga” reacted angrily to Lord Bichard’s idea claiming that:.

* “This amounts to little more than national service for the over 60s and is absolutely outrageous. “Those who have paid their national insurance contributions for 30 or more years are entitled to receive their state pension and there should be no attempt to put further barriers in their way.”

* “Older people are a hugely positive part of society – over a third of people aged between 65 and 74 volunteer, a percentage that only drops slightly for the over 75s. “In addition, nearly a million older people provide unpaid care to family or friends saving the state millions of pounds.”

* “Almost a third of working age parents rely on grandparents to provide childcare – and more than 900,000 people are working past the traditional retirement age “either because they want to or because they can’t afford to retire”.

* “We must not forget that retirement is a vastly different experience depending on your personal circumstances. For example, 40% of all people over 65 have a serious longstanding illness and 1.7m of our pensioners live in poverty. “For many of those, retirement can be an unrelenting struggle of trying to survive on a low income in poor health.”

* Those who have retired have already made huge contributions to our society and are already the largest group of charity and community volunteers.”


MP’s Expecting To Get Paid Loadsa More Money In The Next Westminster Parliament – For Less Hours Of Work. Nice One!

Inflation-busting increase is expected to be announced after the May General Election

A 2014 IPSA survey showed many MPs believe they should be paid £86,000 a year – with some backbenchers insisting they should get more than £100,000. Instead, Labour and Tory sources say Sir Ian Kennedy, head of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) will suggest raising MPs’ pay to £75,000 a year, in a series of upratings starting in 2015, coupled with much higher pension contributions.

Speaker John Bercow has already warned Party Leaders not to prevent a big pay rise for MPs. He said they resented party leaders blocking increases to ‘appease the public’ and urged them ‘not to feel the temptation to interfere’ with IPSA’s ruling. He said that in the past, ‘party leaders who either had a higher salary by virtue of their office or who have had access to other sources of finance have been very quick to tell ordinary MPs what they should and shouldn’t be paid’

Ed Miliband says MPs will have to accept a 1 per cent wage rise, like all other public sector workers, and not the 15 per cent award they are thought to be in line for
A pay rise of £10,000 a year for MPs will be scrapped if Ed Miliband wins the next Election, Labour signalled last night.

Other party leaders refused to comment on the matter but position of all Party’s needs to be clarified formally for the electorate before the General Election.




A Voters View:

How dare they even think of a rise in their inflated wages not to mention utterly obscene pensions while taking bread from our childrens mouths. Have they no concept of leading by example or is it a case of “pull up the drawbridge Sectomus i’m over the moat” If that bunch of thieving lying rats vote themselves another penny raise before the national debt is cleared then we should have the biggest show of civil disobedience ever.



No Mean City – An English Journalist Pronounces On The Savages North Of Hadrians Wall


gilliganDavid Cameron &  Andrew Gilligan



11 April 2015: The bullying behind the SNP’s smiles – An article written by Andrew Gilligan
Scots separatists’ leaders may present a respectable face to voters but at grassroots level some members are less genial  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/11529177/The-bullying-behind-the-SNPs-smiles.html





A response fom Calton Jock

Reading Andrew Gilligan’s article it was clear that he was reporting various incidents having first gleaned the information from the press. But that only serves to expose the weakness of his arguments since the media, with the exception of a recently intoduced daily the “National” is entirely owned and contolled by persons and organisations outwith Scotland. These entities are ever guilty of distorting the truth of any situation casting in a bad light individuals with a leaning towards support of Scotland as a nation distinct and different in every way from England.

You will have noted I am a native of, “the Calton” in Glasgow the place the electorate of which Margaret Curran is pledged to support. She has failed quite badly in that respect preferring to plough the furrow at Westminster in support of the London Based Labour Party. Gilligan’s glaring lack of understanding of Scottish wit is what persuades him and others of a similar ilk to their view that people who live to the North of Hadrians Wall are just a wee bit removed from cavemen which is total twaddle.

Addressing the confrontation involving Margaret Curran and the two Nationalist’s their actions may have been a wee bit, “over the top” but their natural exhuberance was enhanced by the euphoria of actually meeting the elusive Margaret, a rare occurence indeed in the Calton. Giligan’s moan about filming is without substance since the introduction of the “selfie” can be attributed to the London elite. Even the Queen, David Cameron and Miliband are at it. Instant celebs eh!!

I covered the grafitti incident in Aberdeen in my post. https://caltonjock.com/2015/04/14/scottish-and-uk-media-reporting-policies-double-standards-two-glaring-examples-of-news-distortion-in-favour-of-the-red-blue-unionist-parties/ Again the media manipulating evidence to suit their agenda of misinformation

The Labour canvasser in Renfrewshire was not threatened with a chainsaw by an SNP supporter. It was a used weedkiller burner incapable of scorching a fingernail let alone a decapitation. The canvasser was a Councillor with a superior attitude from the affluent Newton Mearns. Not the best use of labour supporters.

Gilligan’s asserted that “nationalism’s recent rise has also involved something more troubling; delegitimising and dehumanising opponents – not just disagreeing with their arguments, but also denying their very right to argue at all.” This well constructed attack on nationalism should be attributed to the “Nationalist Unionist Fear Campaign” launched by the Westminster establishment around 2 year’s ago. My series of articles “People of Influence Whom You Hardly Know” provides support to my view.

The James Cook “Twitterate” nonsense and the BBC plea for fair mindedness was rich coming from an organisation that has lost the respect of the vast bulk of Scots due to it’s on-going campaign of misinformation designed to provide unqualified support to the Westminster establishment regardless of the truth of any situation. I have written many articles exposing the weaknesses of an organisation totally under the control of the labour party, Westminster and the US. The BBC in Scotland should be regulated as it was before, by a body comprised of Scots elected by Scots. Getting back to James Cook his approach at the time he interviewed Nicola Sturgeon was over robust and questions put to her had been formed from an opinion that what he had been told by some other person was true which is unprofessional hence the increase in the volume of twittering.

Nick Robinson is no stranger to violence. I well remember his attack on an old man and his violent destruction of a banner he had been displaying http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1322547/BBCs-Nick-Robinson-loses-cool-sign-waving-anti-war-protesters.html I witnessed the incident involving Mr Salmond. And the heavily doctored BBC report broadcast later. It seemed to me Mr Robinson was not at his best since despite a display of endless patience by Mr Salmond Nick persisted in his clearly biased questioning. The final put-down by Alex Salmond brought to an end any respect might have had for Nick which is sad.

The four SNP councillors suspended in December for burning a copy of the Smith Commission report on extra powers for Scotland did not burn a copy of the report they burned only the front cover, which in their view was the minimum response within their grasp. They were suspended from the party for a time, which was a fit punishment for exposing the SNP to critisism . That they have been reinstated proper in the circumstances..

Muriel Gray, the Scottish writer’s comment “Politics is now like a religion in Scotland, it used to be debateable and enthralling Now it is tribal, identity politics, for us or against us. Tragic.”

Noting the turnout in the referendum exceeded 90% in the vast bulk of Scottish cities and regions I prefer the reverse statement “Politics in Scotland is now debateable and enthralling. It used to be like a religion in Scotland, tribal, identity politics, for us or against us. Great.”

To conclude. Gilligan’s article is in my view vulgar dribble designed to inflame not inform. He has done better work.

Jim Murphy’s Ding A Ling – Attacking Silly Billy Parking Restrictions – Responding to His Constituents Petition Clear Cut? Not A Bit of It



A typical Murphy ding-a-ling. Organise a photoshoot. Highlight and embarass the target. Propose remedial measures so Jim looks good.




August 2013: Harsh Parking Enforcement Measures Condemned and the Case of the Missing 800 Signature Petition

Barrhead’s MP Jim Murphy released the findings of a local survey he conducted with businesses in Barrhead about the current parking situation. Stats he released last week reveal that 85 per cent of business owners asked think the current parking regulations aren’t working, and 57 per cent of business had reported a drop in revenue since they were introduced.

Jim said: “The results of this survey prove what we already know – that the current enforcement measures is the wrong approach and is damaging business in Barrhead. Businesses are already facing the pressure of a sluggish economy and we need to do everything we can to help them stay in Barrhead. These parking measures are clearly not working and it is time for the Council to work with local businesses and residents to carry out a full review of the regulations so that shoppers are encouraged to come back to the Main Street”


152_5265 (Custom)


Comment from Locals:
See, a politician that actually does something, talks to his constituents and listens to what they are saying. It’s a pity his party isn’t in charge in East Renfrew, and that he doesn’t control the people running the council. Oh wait, it is, and he does….



Mr Murphy is very good …… at talking. But when it comes to DOING something to help constituents, he is consistently found wanting. And since Mr Murphy is majoring on this subject of parking, can we examine just exactly all he has done.

As the Freedom of Information (FOI) request proved, his office is a statutory consultee so he and his party can’t say they didn’t know anything about it.

Although I started to seek clarity for Clarkston restrictions in January 2013, it wasn’t until the end of April 2013 that he and his pal, Mr Macintosh issued a questionaire to Clarkston businesses of which, I’m told, only FOUR business owners replied. (More talk)

I’m told they then issued “Dear Business Owners” letters in May 2013 to ask if anyone who had a problem with the restrictions to come and speak to them as they would be in Clarkston the following week. (More talk)

Then we hear of “Jim’s Blog” with a video of Mr Murphy standing in Barrhead complaining about parking enforcement in Clarkston. Yet it is his Party who have introduced the aggressive enforcement. (More talk)

We then had a photo of the MP and MSP being presented with a petition which included, I’m told, a list of over 800 names. This is over 800 local people who have taken the time, and are very concerned, to add their names to this petition. And I had to ask what had happened to this petition.

With parking being a council responsibility, any right minded person would assume that this petition would have been handed over to the council prior to the Motion on parking being debated in Council.

I asked the CEO a week AFTER the debate as to why the petition wasn’t mentioned in the debate and I was told she was unaware of such a petition.

I can only assume the petition is now lying in the Labour Party office gathering dust or, alternatively, these two gentlemen have binned it. The one time they were asked to DO something and they failed, miserably.




Maybe the petition is like the WMDs a figment of his imagination. He could offer a free kitchen( at taxpayers expence of course) for anyone finding it.


british-army-medic-simon-harmer-with-his-wife-marisa-and-daughter-sophie-image-2-935785425British Army Medic Simon Harmer Casualty of War with his wife and daughter

Falkirk-Grangemouth-East Renfrewshire – Lamont Was Neutered By Miliband – Murphy Will Be Next






The Falkirk vote fixing fiasco and industrial Action At Grangemouth that followed was never concluded in a satisfactory fashion. The humiliation of Johann Lamont by Ed Miliband and the London labour crowd brought about her resignation and it is entirely possible the same fate is awaiting Jim Murphy whom Miliband thinks is a rough bit of legacy handed over like a poisoned chalice by Gordon Brown and Tony Blair who were glad of Murphy’s bully boy tactics maintaining control of anyone that dared step out of line. Miliband operates in a different way and Murphy is of no further use to Labour. But it is important to review just what went on in Falkirk and to pick up on a comment from Murphy’s “Done like a Kipper” East Renfrewshire:




November 2013: Break your silence: Falkirk Labour members tell Scottish leader Johann Lamont

Labour members have demanded Scottish leader Johann Lamont answer their questions on the Falkirk vote-fixing row that nearly closed Grangemouth and explain why her party ignored the scandal.

In an email to Lamont, local branch members said they felt “utterly disillusioned” that their complaints about the trade union Unite were not addressed by the Scottish party and have urged her to speak at a summit today on the fiasco.

The branch also claimed the “inaction” nearly led to “economic catastrophe” through the possible closure of the vital Grangemouth oil refinery.

As revealed by the Sunday Herald, Unite signed up around 100 new members to the local party in a bid to help its favoured candidate, Karie Murphy, secure the candidacy for the Falkirk seat. Many of the new members had their subscription paid by Unite and were recruited from the Ineos-owned refinery by Stevie Deans, a Unite shop steward at the site and chair of the local Labour party. However, Unite faced allegations of irregularities during the recruitment drive, including claims that some new members had been signed up without their knowledge.

An investigation by UK Labour led to the constituency party being put into “special measures”, while Deans and Murphy were suspended. The pair were cleared after key evidence was withdrawn, although Labour leader Ed Miliband pointedly refused to offer support to the duo and pushed ahead with reforms to his party’s links with the unions.




Emails have since surfaced which appear to show that Unite drafted a “retraction” letter for some of the original witnesses. The political drama also turned into an economic crisis as Ineos investigated whether Deans worked on the Labour contest with company resources. The row spiralled into a dispute over the pay and pensions of workers at the plant, which led to Ineos threatening to close the entire plant. Deans eventually quit his Ineos job 24 hours ahead of the firm announcing the result of its probe.

Lamont has taken second billing to the UK party in dealing with the row, but she has now been thrust into the spotlight. Ahead of an all-member meeting of the local party today, the Camelon and Falkirk North branch has urged Lamont to attend the summit in person. The email, sent on Wednesday by a lay official on behalf of the branch, stated: “Many of our local branch members feel that it would be beneficial if you are also in attendance, as a representative of the Scottish Labour Party, to answer our questions.”

On the vote-fixing allegations, the official wrote: “Many of our party members feel utterly disillusioned and disappointed that the Scottish party appeared to take no action, despite complaints being made that rules were being broken several months ago.” The official added: “Furthermore, we are aware that complaints were raised that data protection rules were abused, when Labour Party members were contacted by Unite the union, although they were not union members. How did Unite obtain their contacts?”

The email also claimed that the failure to address the allegations led to the Grangemouth crisis: “We believe that the inaction at that time almost caused an unprecedented country wide economic catastrophe and we would be grateful for an opportunity to speak directly to you, as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party.”




Branch members are also unhappy that Deans remains as Falkirk West chair: “Finally, a large number of members have indicated disquiet that the meeting may be chaired by Mr Steven Deans, and believe that, if so, it would not be conducive to a completely open and frank meeting where members could express their opinions freely.” The official concluded by informing Lamont that local members were “worthy of your presence”. The Sunday Herald understands Deans will not attend today’s meeting. However, Unite said Deans would continue as chair of Unite in Scotland.

Prime Minister David Cameron waded into the row last week, after he described Deans as a “rogue trade unionist” who nearly brought the Grangemouth plant “to its knees”.

Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite, described Cameron’s remarks as “disgraceful”.

Scottish Conservative energy spokesman Murdo Fraser said: “The fact Labour chiefs were warned of this months ago and did nothing is quite incredible. “Instead of intervening and showing some backbone towards Unite, they cowered away, risking one of Scotland’s biggest industries in the process. “The more details that come out about this shameful saga, the more astonishing Labour’s inaction appears.”

A SNP spokesperson said: “When her party was in chaos over the Falkirk selection scandal, Johann Lamont was silent and let her London party bosses take charge. If Ms Lamont fails to step up, the question mark over her leadership will continue to grow. “The focus of SNP ministers has been on saving jobs at Grangemouth. However, there is no question that the inter-relationship between the industrial dispute and Labour’s internal politics has been unfortunate and extremely damaging to the workforce.”

Sitting Falkirk MP Eric Joyce, whose exit from Labour created the vacancy, said: “Decent Falkirk Labour members want a bit of actual leadership from Johann Lamont. They feel abandoned to Unite. I hope Ms Lamont will attend and insist the fixing inquiry is re-continued.”

A Scottish Labour spokesperson said: “The complaints about the Falkirk selection have been fully investigated and acted upon. We are now focussed on ensuring we have a fair and transparent selection and that the local party has a new candidate they can get behind for the 2015 General Election.” http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/break-your-silence-falkirk-labour-part-y-members-tell-scottish-leader-johann-lamont.22592711


First Bus 1_5806a00d8341d417153ef01156e38f15e970cindexdfg

Hello!! Eastwood & Renfrewshire Here!! How’s About Helping Us – We are subject to Similar Outrages

I think Ms Lamont’s silence on this has been shocking. It’s as if she’s been on holiday since April. What’s even more shocking is our own local Labour Party’s use of similar techniques, in a Machiavellian plot hatched in the middle of this.

We have misuse of Data Protection – in Falkirk/Grangemouth, Unite seemed to be able to use the mailing list of the local Labour Party. Here, we had council officials using Data Protection as a reason not to reveal the names of Community Council candidates.

We know now why they would not release them, as we would have seen that at Newron Mearns County Council, some of them were Labour plants – who ordered the council officials to take this path? It seems to have clear party political implications.

We have flooding of an organisation (Newton Mearns Community Council) with members of a group (Eastwood Labour Party), with the aim of taking it over, to further their own aims (presumably supporting Labour objectives and nullifying local opposition). In secret of course, with no declarations of interests.



busDams to Darnley Country ParkIncinerator location


Barrhead -Methadone Capital of East Renfrewshire – Nice Legacy Jim Murphy – Assuming you are kicked out on 7 May – Others will need to Clean Up Your Party’s mess

This is Murphy’s legacy to East Renfrewshire. The huge red cross hovers over Barrhead










The crosses are pharmacies, the bigger and redder the cross, the more methadone is dispensed. It could be that the junkies in the rest of the region are defiantly sticking to their heroin – maybe they have enough money and a reliable source so can be high-functioning junkies. Or…