Murphy And His Pal Ken Have Eastwood Tied Up Like A Kipper – Time To Hear From A Few Locals Who Think Otherwise




Ken Macintosh Concerned about Cuts In Funding

March 2015: Like many local people, I was deeply concerned to hear last week that Age Concern Eastwood’s Dementia Project is having to reduce the number of day care places it offers following cuts by the Labour Run District Council to their funding grant.





Local reaction to Ken’s outburst

1. I see Ken McIntosh is blaming the reduction in funding to Age Concern Eastwood’s Dementia Project entirely on the Scottish Government. When you add up the millions that Labour-led Eastwood Regional Council is wasting, it’s a bit rich for Ken to use dementia suffers to attack the SNP weeks before the election. He must be worried he’ll be losing the election.

2. Millions wasted with the Barrhead High School planning cock-up, a million for a tunnel connecting two schools, of differing denominations (so that pupils can be protected from wet weather when moving from one school to the other (a 50 metre walk) all the vanity projects in Barrhead, millions on a new school for a handful of Jewish children. A well-run council would be prioritising services like this, instead of spending all their income buying votes.


ed and jim
3. Funny you should mention the millions of £’s wasted on the new Barrhead as my wife has just received an election leaflet from Jim Murphy (mine must have got lost in the post). Unbelieveably, Jim is taking credit for securing the new school and I can’t find a mention of the extra £4m wasted because they didn’t consult properly with the local community

4. Then he takes credit for a work experience scheme and is photographed with Ken and “local employers and young people involved”. This must be a success because of all these “employers” in the picture, so much of a success that he couldn’t find enough employers to fill the picture and he had to get Jim Fletcher and Ian McAlpine to make up the numbers.


spud murphy


5. And he also takes credit for the Eastwood Health & Care Centre, a project we all were agreed was needed. But I don’t see him mentioning the fact that it is being built in the wrong place as you need a car to get there as there is no bus route close at hand. And when you are ill and/or have a GP’s appointment, the last thing you need is a half mile walk there and back.

6. So if you take away all the council services in Jim’s leaflet, there’s nothing left. So what has he done for East Renfrerwshire in his 18 years as an MP?   I’ll wait with bated breath for the post today to see if my leaflet arrives!




7. You are not being very fair to Mr Murphy,  as I can think of several things to which our MP actually excels:

a. Flipping houses to get a new bathroon in his Clarkston house
b. He might get over £100k as Defence Minister but that didn’t stop him claiming massive expenses
c. Running marathons in that well known suburb of East Ren called Dublin
d. Organising and running the House of Commons football team.




8. I got the leaflet too, I think Jim may have penned it himself, it’s a great work of fiction, with a great cast of genuine local people – just normal everyday people. People with absolutely no connections to the Labour Party.

a. Like Irene Yona from Newton Mearns. She never stood as a Labour councillor and is definitely not one of the Eastwood Labour ringers who tried to take over Newton Mearns CC.

b. Like Elspeth Wright from Giffnock – definitely not the same Elspeth Wright giving interviews outside the polling station in Giffnock on Referendum Day, wearing a red rosette.

c. Like Vincent O’Kane from Barrhead…I am almost positive he isn’t Cllr Paul O’Kane’s brother.

d. And let’s not forget Marie Claire Friel fae Thorliebank, star of election leaflets all over the country. Do you think she knows, or does Mary just fire the picture out to anyone who’s looking for a “real person” for a leaflet?


murphy nuc


9.  Apparently Jim is going to guarantee a job for every young person. I love the Future Fund of £1600 for 18 yr olds who haven’t got a job or education….supposedly they will be starting businesses or buying training. Not blowing it on a fortnight in Kavos.

a. He’s going to freeze energy bills.

b. He’s going to recruit 1000 extra nurses – so are Labour planning to remove the NHS from Scottish Parliament control?

c. The SNP apparently have a plan to scrap the UK pension, which he will fight against. I’ve never heard them mention this, it must be a secret plan.

d. He’s committed to protecting services for pensioners – he could start by letting Jim Fletcher know, along with the sick and young, they are bearing the brunt of ERC’s cuts.



10. It’s great! Instead of walking a mile or getting a bus from practically door to door, I can now walk a mile, then get a train, then walk a bit more. And before when my GPs was in the heart of the community, I would nip into the local shops while I was there, wasting my money on local businesses, but now I don’t have to, I can just wait till I go to Sainsburys.

And when the chemist attached to the local surgery closes, we’ll have a great spot for another charity shop.

Everyone’s a winner. Well it’s good for election leaflets and PR oppportunities – even the SG ministers are getting some of this action, they seem to have announced it 3 times.



Aye, and the second and third flush telling everyone it’s a new lavvy. But you’re right, they even had photo ops at the sod cutting for the new Health Centre, even although they’ve been working on it for a year. And I did see a few wet sods in some of the photo’s. Even Kirsten’s getting the hang of this idea of a photo op at the opening of a packet of crisps.




You did forget one thing on Jim’s leaflet where he says that foodbanks are a national disgrace. He explained that there was only one foodbank in the whole of Scotland when he was in power and now there’s over 40. I didn’t think Jim would admit that it was his Govt that drove Scotland so close to the poverty line and it was his govt that started foodbanks

But to carry on your positive attitude, foodbanks could be seen as being positive because it allows the neds free food and then they can spend their giro’s down the pub and that will help the licensed trade to overcome the negative effects of the new drink drive limit


Puppet on a string


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