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media-andrew-marr-3Andrew William Stevenson Marr


Andrew William Stevenson Marr: Is a British broadcaster, journalist and confirmed long time Labour Party supporter.

Beginning his career as a political commentator, he subsequently edited The Independent (1996–98), and was political editor of BBC News (2000–05).

He began hosting a political programme called The Andrew Marr Show, Sunday mornings on BBC One from September 2005.

He was once a member of the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory (an off-shoot of the International-Communist League, now known as the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty).

At Cambridge, Marr says he was a “raving leftie”, and he acquired the nickname ‘Red Andy’.


media-alex-salmondAlex Salmond




Interviewing Alex Salmond he inadvertently revealed his Labour Party and Unionist allegiances.

Addressing the matter of Scotland joining the EU and EU President Mr Barroso’s recent remarks Marr said,  “I think it would be quite hard to get back in,  I have to say,  but let’s move on to the other big question we’ve had this week.”

Alex Salmond said, “Sorry, can I just examine that for a second, Andrew? Is this your analysis or that of the BBC”.

Marr responded saying he was offering a view based on the opinion of Mr Barraso.

Responding Alex said, “As opposed, Andrew, to the weight of evidence that’s being presented to the Scottish Parliament’s committees at the present moment.

But, I don’t know, is that an individual expression or is that the expression of the BBC?”

Marr replied,  “No, it’s not, I’ve got no views on this, nor does the BBC. I was simply reflecting on what Mr Barroso told us.”

Alex replied, “Well you just said what your opinion was.

I thought you were asking questions but anyway I mistook you there, I thought you were giving your opinion, as opposed to President Barroso’s opinion.”


Jose-Manuel-Barroso-President-of-the-European-CommissionPresident Barroso



A Scottish government spokesman said later, “the Andrew Marr programme distinctly favoured the opinion from the president of the Commission which had been roundly rejected by EU experts.

There are questions for the BBC to answer over their coverage of this issue.

Firstly, they failed to press President Barroso about his comparison of Scotland – (which has been part of the EU for over 40 years) – with Kosovo and Mr Marr offered what appeared to be a personal view on an independent Scotland’s EU membership.

The comments from Andrew Marr appear to be outside the BBC’s editorial guidelines, and no amount of backtracking can change that.”

He went on to say, “Though the specific comment made was surprising, the first minister responded at the time and we do not intend to complain about a programme we were represented on.

But the BBC face a more generic issue in relation to referendum coverage that has been highlighted by independent academic research and it is for the BBC to explain their overall approach.”





Andrew Marr, hardly one of the BBC’s token Right-wingers, declared that the BBC “is not impartial or neutral.

It’s a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people”.

It has, he added, “a liberal bias, not so much a party-political bias.

It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias.”

The meeting also heard that the BBC was patronising its audiences and constrained by an intolerant version of politically correct liberalism.





BBC presenter Andrew Marr has revealed he took out a super-injunction to protect his family’s privacy – but says he will not pursue it any further.

Marr said he was, “embarrassed” about the gagging order he took out in 2008 to suppress reports of an affair with a fellow journalist.

“I did not come into journalism to go around gagging journalists,” he said.

Private Eye editor, Ian Hislop, said Marr, as a journalist himself, had been a “touch hypocritical”.

Marr’s comments follow a number of recent injunctions banning the identification of celebrities.

Andrew Marr: Face Of An Incestuous Establishment Media Who Fellate The Elite




The TV presenter admitted to a relationship with Alice Miles who has been a columnist at The Times since 1999.

After graduating from Southampton University she joined the Mail on Sunday as a trainee

Since then she has qualified as a barrister, been a political reporter for the Evening Standard and chief leader writer for the Express.

Alice lives in London and has a young daughter.

Marr won a High Court injunction in January 2008 to suppress reports of a relationship with a fellow journalist five years earlier.

At the time, he believed he had fathered a child with the woman.

He also made maintenance payments – until he discovered through a DNA test that he was not the girl’s father.

It was also revealed that Marr had obtained a super-injunction to hush up his extra-marital affair.

He is no stranger to controversy in his personal life.


troikaJackie Ashley (Wide) Andrew Marr, Alice Miles



Andrew Marr had a newsflash for his wife yesterday after he was caught smooching with another woman.

Boozy BBC politics veteran Marr, 53 — who last year tried to gag papers over an affair — was snapped with a brunette producer as he put his hand down the back of her jeans.…-but-I-was-suffering-from-exhaustion.html




Andrew Marr, 53, has hit headlines again after a newspaper published pictures that claim to show the married TV presenter kissing another woman.

In the pictures, a man resembling Marr is seen in a passionate embrace with a brunette and at one point his hand slips down the back of her trousers.

The paper claims that the TV presenter was seen outside The Bar Soho in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A source told the paper: ‘I spotted them hugging and kissing up against the fence.

They were there for a few minutes. Eventually they went back to the bar and stayed until closing time before leaving together.’

I couldn’t believe the way he was carrying on. You’d have thought he was old enough to know better.’

Marr has been married to wife Jackie Ashley for 25 years and the couple have three children together.





Andrew Marr, caught playing away from home.

The BBC’s leading presenter, who gets paid £600,000 a year by the long suffering licence payers for boring the life out of them.

Great journalist he ain’t.

In fact, Marr is to journalism what a genital wart is to a loving relationship.

Marr’s wife is obviously standing by him, in the hope that the storm blows over and he gets to keep his £600,000 salary at the BBC.

And the BBC is pretending that it’s no big deal really and Mr Marr’s private life is of no interest to anyone.

If it were a case of him expressing right-wing views, for example, and getting caught shagging some bird outside wedlock, then, of course, it would have been a totally different story altogether and he’d have been sacked in no time.

In an ideal world Marr would be sacked for lying and abusing his wholesome family image.

But in the world where the British media is run by the commissars of the Left, he will keep his job.



images auster



It’s Time to Consign the BBC to the Dustbin of History.

Political bias?

The BBC has already investigated that unlikely claim, at a special seminar back in 2006, when Andrew Marr disarmingly observed that the Corporation “is not impartial or neutral.

It’s a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias, not so much a party political bias.”

So, when James Naughtie famously asked on the Today programme “If we [sic] win the election, does Gordon Brown remain chancellor?”

No party political bias was implied.





John Pilger – a very credible candidate for the title “our generation’s Orwell” – wrote in 2011: “The truth is, Britain’s system of elite monopoly control of the media rests not on News International alone, but on the Mail and the Guardian and the BBC, perhaps the most influential of all.

All share a corporate monoculture that sets the agenda of the “news”, defines acceptable politics by maintaining the fiction of distinctive parties, normalises unpopular wars and guards the limits of “free speech”.


images56John Pilger



When people ask for evidence of an institutional Left-wing bias at the BBC, this is the place to go for evidence.

Out of the mouths of Beeboids…. The BBC is “a publicly-funded urban organisation with an abnormally large proportion of younger people, of people in ethnic minorities and almost certainly of gay people, compared with the population at large”.

All this, he said, “creates an innate liberal bias inside the BBC”.

Andrew Marr, “it’s a bit like walking into a Sunday meeting of the Flat Earth Society.

As they discuss great issues of the day, they discuss them from the point of view that the earth is flat.

“If someone says, ‘No, no, no, the earth is round!’, they think this person is an extremist.

That’s what it’s like for someone with my right-of-centre views working inside the BBC.”

In Their Own Words





Jacqueline Ashley, (married to Andrew Marr) is the daughter of the late Labour politician, Baron Ashley of Stoke.

She is a journalist, and broadcaster, which takes her into the BBC quite a lot.

She has been a television news reporter and newspaper journalist, writing for the New Statesman and The Guardian.

She specializes in the Labour Party, the media, politics, public services, trade unions and women’s issues.

She was broadly a supporter of Gordon Brown’s government. A number of her published articles can be found here;





Andre Marr -Career path:

News trainee: BBC 1978-80.

Producer: Newsnight 1980-82.

Political Producer: C4 News 1982-86.

Presenter:  “Their Lordships House” and “The Parliament Programme 1986-88.

Political Correspondent: ITN 1988-98.

Political Editor: New Statesman 2000-02.

Presently, Columnist: The Guardian – Presenter: The Week in Westminster (BBC Radio 4)





Marr, the author was allowed to launch his new book gaining full access to Downing Street together with a glowing introduction by David Cameron and many of the great and good of a number of political parties.

One wonders just how favoured Marr must be to receive such gracious treatment from the unlovely Tory grandees he is supposed to be holding to account.

Remarkably, an awkward question managed to breach the bonhomie.

Liz Thomson, co-editor of the website ‘Book-Brunch’, asked Marr if having Cameron host the book launch ‘mightn’t compromise his position as impartial political interviewer for the BBC’.

(Private Eye, Books & Bookmen column, Issue 1376, 19 September – 2 October, 2014)






According to Private Eye magazine, Marr became ‘very defensive indeed’.

Marr’s wife, Jackie Ashley – Guardian columnist and daughter of Lord Ashley of Stoke, buttonholed Thomson, declaring, ‘you’ve ruined my evening’.

Ashley subsequently ‘resumed the harangue, calling [Thomson] ‘despicable’ and ‘a B-I-T-C-H’.

It says plenty about the state of modern journalism that Ashley was appalled that one of the BBC’s most senior political journalists should be asked the one question that cried out to be raised.

Or perhaps she would think nothing of her husband having his book launch party hosted by Putin, or Assad, or Maduro.

Or, more to the point, of a leading Russian journalist teaming up with Putin in the same way.




Of rival departments, or of dodgy past initiatives, it is hard to avoid seeing things their way.

The same perspective that gives you insight, also blunts your hostility… then you drift closer to them emotionally and may very well flinch from putting the boot in when they have failed in some way.”

(Andrew Marr, ‘My Trade – A Short History of British Journalism,’ Macmillan, London, 2004, p.184)







9 thoughts on “All About People-Of-Influence -The Good Egg – Andrew Marr The Studiously Impartial BBC Presenter – But Hang On Isn’t He the Leftie – Red Andy

    1. One Andrew Marr doesn’t make up for the many rabid Tory supporting presenters and interviewers on TV and the media. Also beware Rupert Murdoch is trying to get his foot in Britain’s TV again his fox news would be the official Tory mouth piece if he’s allowed. The British media is dominated by Tory supporters Andrew Marr is a lone voice in the true blue majority media..


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