2015 General Election

Children In Poverty – Symptomatic Of A Dog Eat Dog Society Or A Sad Reflection of Westminster Governance



The widely supported “Child Poverty Act” of 2010 committed the Westminster political elite to completely eliminate poverty amongst children by 2020.

But slipping quietly through the general election campaign is the future lifestyle, for many millions of children destined to live in poverty due to the rapid growth of low paid work and continued high unemployment levels which, due to welfare cut backs will not be supplemented by the State. Not much to look forward to

“Save the Children”, has taken up the cause and having consulted interested parties throughout the UK produced a report, critical of politicians and their false promises “A Fair Start for Every Child” gives warning that child poverty levels are at 2014 the “highest ever recorded in the UK” due to the poor getting poorer, the imposition of harsh welfare cuts and the increasing cost of every day essentials needed in support of children (decent clothing, footwear, balanced diets, medicines, heating etc.)



The usual government blandishments have been issued in response to the report stating that every effort, forming part of a long term strategy, is being made with the purpose of identifying then resolving the root causes of the problems. Clarification of the foregoing is uncertain but unless poor wages, poor welfare and inflation form part of the response the future for children in poor families is bleak.

Now the split: As is the norm the Labour Party is on the hunt, making mischief, blaming the Tory government for all the ills that society is suffering, but legislation bringing forward measures dealng with the problems of the increasing numbers of the “underclass and their feral children” was placed on the statute in 2004 by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown annd New Labour. The Tory and Lib/Dems simply picked up the cudgel created for them by the Labour government and weilded it with great gusto.



Beyond the general election the Tory Party is committed to the implementation of an austerity programme ensuring elimination of a huge financial deficit, £1.6 trillion, part created by the Labour government £0.8 trillion, and added to by the Tory Party. The Labour Party are singing from the same song sheet as the Tories promising a similar programme of massive cuts “but with a human face” whatever that means.

So child poverty is set to increase further unless the “austerity measures” are binned in favour of an expansion of the economy, favoured by informed financial experts and the SNP. The exchequer has gathered billions to it’s coffers over the last 5 years and this should be released to families improving their lifestyles and the welfare of their children. The benefits are obvious. A fair minded society means healthy children and a contented electorate who will work hard increasing tax revenues affording a faster reduction of the deficit. Makes sense.



The SNP is the only party committed to a removal of child poverty and it is imperative news of this commitment is spread widely throughout Scotland over the next few weeks. The Tory’s, Labour and the Lib/Dem’s, with their brutal policies are not fit to govern without the moderating influence a large SNP group at Westminster will ensure.