People of Influence Whom You hardly Know – The Julia Hobsbawn – Sarah Macaulay (Brown) Partnership And Other Events of Interest

  Julia Hobsbawm: is the daughter of the Russian Jewish Marxist historian Professor Eric Hobsbawm.   Eric Hobsbawm enjoyed a close friendship with  fellow Marxist Ralph Miliband, father of Ed and David Miliband but they never agreed over the Hobcbawn’s  refusal to condemn Stalinism’s 30 million dead, or the brutal Soviet invasion of Hungary […]

Media Coverage Of Politics In Scotland – Unionist Party Agenda’s Promoted Positively By The BBC – Any Contrary Opinion Ridiculed and Attacked By BBC Editors/Presenters

  A survey completed after the referendum projected approximately 25% of those who voted , “No” did so in consequence of the extensive psychological brainwashing by heavily biased anti-independence media propaganda. The mainstream media outlet in Scotland, the BBC was singled out as being the most influential broadcaster. It follows therefore that a balanced media […]

Douglas Alexander – Superior Intellect But No Soul – Senior Office Holder In A Labour Party Devoid Of Any Worthwhile Policies

  Douglas Garven Alexander was born in Glasgow in 1967 and grew up in Bishopton, where his father was the local Minister. He attended Bishopton Primary and Park Mains High in Erskine. Aged fourteen he joined the Labour Party. In 1984, at the age of 17, he won a Scottish Scholarship to attend an international […]

War Breaks Out in Ukraine – Scottish Soldiers In Harms Way Yet Again – But Prime Minister May Promised There Would be No More Foreign Forays – Some Promise Lsted Four Days

        27 Jan 2017: Prime Minister Theresa May pledged an end to ‘failed’ military intervention aimed to make countries more like UK as she addresses US law makers In a later meeting with President Trump she told him that the UK will no longer answer calls from other Countries to intervene militarily […]

Russia And China Introduce A New World Financial Order Challenging The Power of The USA – Britain, France and Italy Sign Up To It – So Much For The Grand Alliance

    March 2015: Major Realignment of the World’s Banks The US dollar has been the worlds controlling currency for a very long time. In times of financial constraint, eg the 2007-8 crisis the US Federal Bank simply printed more dollars and this has resulted in a glut of paper money which cannot be supported […]