Uncaring Craig Miller – Labour Party Parliamentary Assistant to Dr Simpson – Hung His Nurse – Model Girlfriend Out to Dry

  Nurse Suzanne Hunter     4 September 2014: – Better Together Team member Suzanne Hunter issued a statement through the, “No” campaign official blog “As a nurse I understand the health issues that affect families across Scotland. I also understand that the higher level of public spending in Scotland gives us an advantage in […]

Labour Party Property Rental Scam – Labour MP’s Recover Costs of Rental From The Taxpayer – Monies Received Are Transferred To the Labour Party. Millions To Labour Annually And They Pay No tax

  They way they were         Labour Party rents property To Labour MP’s who recover the cost of said rental from the taxpayer Expenses scandals just will not go away – Labour Party rents property To Labour MP’s who recover the cost of said rental from the taxpayer – monies received go […]

The 2015 General Election – A Must Read Before Voting – Scotland’s Voice Must Be Heard and Acted Upon By Westminster

  In a few short months the Scottish electorate will once more be asked to vote, this time electing individuals to serve as Members of Parliament at Westminster. The 2015 General Election presents Scots with an opportunity to ensure their voices are heard, listened to and acted upon at Westminster. This has not been the […]

Argyll & Bute – Alan Reid – Runs His Constituency Like A Chessmaster – It’s Checkmate And Your Out My Wee Friend

Alan Reid was born in Ayr and presently resides in Dunoon. He entered politics as a councillor on Renfrewshire District Council from 1988-96 then contested without success for Paisley South in 1992 and Dumbarton in 1997. Presently the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Argyll and Bute he was elected at his fourth attempt in […]

More Savage Austerity Cuts In The Pipeline – Child Poverty – Education – More Despair For The Easy Targets – More Money For the Rich. It Isn’t Fair

The Child Poverty Act received Royal Assent on 25th March 2010. The target is to eliminate child poverty by 2020 and legislation makes tackling child poverty a priority for all governments. The Child Poverty Act requires the Secretary of State, when setting the child poverty strategy, to consider which groups of children in the UK […]