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Scottish Labour Party – Bridging the gap – Jim i’ll Fix It

the bridge

1. Scottish Labour Implement their biggest shake-up in 100 years in a bid to take the fight to the SNP

a. Devolution of power to the Scottish party has been agreed. The changes will re-orient the Scottish Party to Holyrood, basing constituency parties on Holyrood boundaries rather than Westminster ones, uniting MPs and MSPs with a single leader focusing on Holyrood. An MP, if elected would be required to stand for election to the Scottish Parliament and when applicable take up the duties of First Minister. Details:

i. Establish and appoint an elected Leader, with powers to shape policy and plan strategy of the Scottish Labour Party.

ii. The leader to be selected from Labour parliamentarians elected in Scotland, with the provision that they commit to seek election as an MSP.

iii. Fully devolve, in all delegated Scottish matters, responsibility and authority to the Scottish Labour Party, including the rules for the Scottish Leadership election, local government processes and selections, and Scottish parliament selections.

iv. Restructure local parties in Scotland on the basis of Scottish Parliament seats, not Westminster seats removing, where applicable long-serving MPs and MSPs recruiting and training a new generation of “top notch” candidates.

v. Establish a political strategy board, meeting weekly, to develop and co-ordinate political strategy.

vi. Establish a new political base in Edinburgh.

vii. Forge close working links with the Scottish business community gaining their support raising vital funds for the party.

viii. Establish a communications team making full use of Party activists, IT systems, social media for campaigning and other media outlets.

b. Whilst the foregoing appears sound, a concern arises in that the new arrangements might concentrate over much power in the Leader. Addressing this a new executive team will be established, with powers over policy making, election strategy, hiring and firing key staff and setting policy in all devolved areas.