Glasgow City Council Corruption – Greens and Blues Exchange Views – Is There Consensus?

Glasgow’s Corrupt Council. The Green and the Blue

1. Expected to rubber stamp the move today to transform the east end of the city into a thriving hub of activity including bars, restaurants, improved transport links, leisure facilities and a museum for the manky mob, it also will install the infrastructure for links and walkways from the beggardome to all the other commonwealth games venues, even though it will only be used for the opening ceremony porkheid is in line to be revamped under the guise of the commonwealth games. GCC is expected to give full backing to the spend of millions of taxpayers money to completely transform the area surrounding the beggardome and hand over car parking facilities and the new veladrome to the manky mob once complete, nothing will stand in the way of this unprecedented transformation of a part of the city and money will be no object. Meanwhile over at Ibrox the residents who live around the magnificent Ibrox stadium look out their windows onto waste ground as GCC refused planning permission until the building game went t1ts up and refused to allow the Rangers to buy the land and transform it themselves, it now lies as a wasteland because the cooncil dont have the money to rededvelop the area, the Hinselwood project has been shelved again. Blue

2. Blast, if it wisnae for these pesky kafflicks. Blue

3. The East End of Glasgow is a complete sh**ehole, so this gets my backing. I also happen to own a flat in the East End. Cannae be a bad thing though. Development like this will bring jobs, lower crime, create a new buzz. That’s good for the city as a whole. Also, the improved links to Celtic Park are well over-due. Tens of thousands of people go there every other weekend. Why shouldn’t it be more well connected to the city centre? Will be great news for the value of my flat, too. Green

4. Apart from pure self interest, can anyone offer rational and accurate reasons for these cooncil’s planning decisions without resorting to bigotted name calling. I’m sure those recently made redundant by the self same cooncil will be more than happy that their “employer” will still be able to carry out this development. Neutral

5. Ok, let’s look at it the other way. Why would you oppose the council doing these 3 things:

i. Regenerating a very shabby part of the city. Regeneration has been shown the world over to reduce crime.
ii. Adding proper transport links to the biggest sports arena in the city.
iii. Providing jobs to a poverty-ridden part of the city.

What on earth is your problem with this? Other than that it is based near Celtic…Car parking for Parkhead? Fantastic! It’s a nightmare taking the car there. Tranposrt links? Great! Jobs, safer streets… What on earth is your problem with this? If it was on the other side of the city you’d be right behind it, I’d imagine. Green

6. No problem with investing in the East End it is good for the city and porkheid could do with a refurb it is an absolute shytehole. Glad to chip in to help the needy. Pity the council can’t buy sellik a few more league trophies to help them with their chase of scotland’s top club. Green

7. I think a lot of his problem with it is the sour taste left when the same cooncil dragged it’s feet over plans to regenerate the area around Ibrox, the same cooncil who refused to allow Rangers to build their training complex down the road claiming it was earmarked for retail…before allowing a massive new police station to be built there. As for your contention that regeneration has been proved the world over to reduce crime….by your rationale, given the amount of regeneration carried out in Glasgow over the last 25 years then surely the city must be almost crime free? Blue

8. It’s a fairly widely recognised technique in fighting crime son. Same principle as the Gorbals regeneration, lots of cities in Poland are using it too now. Make a place look nicer and crime falls. I fail to see how anybody could have a problem with this in the east end. Neutral

9. Any Rangers fan that still votes Labour and sadly there are far too many …..the excuse usually being, ” Cause ma Da always did”, should hang their heads in shame !! The corruption jobs for the bhoys scandal from the sectarian Monklands council a few years ago shaould have been the final nail in the coffin for the Scottish Labour party, sadly the whole matter was covered up in the usual manner. To think the same Labour mhob denied Rangers the right to upgrade the area where St Anthonys used to play and yet within a couple of years later they allowed Celtic to purchase part of Janefield st for the grand sum of ONE PENNY so they could build (with again the help of a grant from Scottish Labour) the Mechano ground that we the Tax payer will soon have to pay to re-upgrade …. and people ask why the Mhanks are often called the Beggars !!!!!!! Blue

10. Dont think anyone has a problem with a part of Glasgow getting a facelift, the problem maybe that the cooncil denied the Rangers planning for the area surrounding Ibrox for years, they came up with one reason or another to stall and with hold the planning consent until eventually the market went t1ts up, the area around Ibrox now is wasteground and the council will have to find the money from somewhere to do it up in time for the commonwealth games, had they given the consent when it was asked the area would be developed and unrecognisable to what it is today, it would also have been done at very little expense to the taxpayer. Unsuprisingily they have found the money and had no problem in giving consent to another deprived area of the city and will use taxpayers cash to fund this pet project, the plans of which are being kept under wraps until its given the green light and cannot be overturned. In the current financial climate it is incredible that these crooks have the brass neck to carry on with these plans under the guise of the games, they will have the opening ceremony in a stadium which houses thousands each week that dispise the very existence of the commonwealth, these same people will benefit from this upgrade in the close vicinity to the stadium with leisure facilities and such like while the true needs of this area will go unchanged. Neutral
11. Perhaps the cooncil will sell it for a penny to seletic once it’s done

12. And of course, none of the decision makers are Celtic shareholders wwith an interest in the regeneration happening. Absolutely certain of that. Glesga Cellik Coonsil operate to the highest standards of proberty and ethics. Blue

13. Re. the Commonwealth Games. I wonder how many Union Jacks will be flying at the opening ceremony ? Neutral

14. As expected the plans were given the green light, the area surrounding the mankdome will be completely transformed costing tens of millions of pounds funded by the taxpayer, meanwhile the cooncil are making cuts in other areas..Scotland’ biggest local authority is considering a plan to cut more than £30 million from its budget. Proposal’s will;

i. axe 600 jobs, including 228 middle management posts.

ii Reduce opening times at city museums.

iii. increase charges for some pupils for school breakfast.

iii. closure of community halls, swimming pools and a library.

iv. Land and environment services, which looks after the city’s parks and roads, will have £1.6 million cut from its budget.

v. Cuts will also be made to the development and regeneration budget, corporate services, financial services, car parking and marketing for tourists and businesses.

council chiefshave said compulsory redundancies will not be be necessary next year. The cuts, aimed at saving £30.3 million, will take £3.1 million off the council’s education budget and £5.5 million off social services, as well as £1.7 million from the budget for Culture and Sport Glasgow, which runs the city’s museums, galleries and sports facilities. Baillie Gordon Matheson, the city treasurer, said the budget is “tight” but will be “the best for years to come”. Neutral

People loosing their jobs, services being cut, the regeneration budget being cut,(no the one concerning porkheid) and parents having now to pay for what used to be free breakfast and child care, all this to fund the redevelopment of the city fathers favourite past time. I wonder how many manky season ticket holders they have on this committee now, there was 12 out of 14 when our fab council sold a whole street to rasellic for the grand sum of 1 new pence to build the brendanbeau. They should be exposed for what they are. Green

15. It is excellent news for the East End but dont expect the Billy Bigots to be crash hot about it. BTW- I presume their is evidence of the corruption at GCC? Green

16. ‘Corruption’ – now that is a rather extravagant and libellous claim isn’t it? You can only hope there is ‘evidence’ or he’ll surely be banned. Blue

17. The east end does require a facelift, but to spend millions on a small area of the east end is criminal. As for the transport links, porkheid is a 10 minute walk from the city center, there are two train stations a few ***dred yards away from its front door, several buses run past the mankdome and the M74 extension is nearing completion, does it really require more transport links? The council is corrupt to the core, the city will loose millions on the commonwealth games and sellic will be the only beneficiary of this scandal. Neutral

18. Look yah coward, you can post throw away phrases like “The council is rotten to the core” all you want but unless you can back it up wae some evidence, we will all just continue to recognise you as being the same old cowardly lying hvn that you are. Green

19. Oh dear, the permaraging h-un said it again. Green

20. Corruption’ – now that is a rather extravagant and libellous claim isn’t it? You can only hope he has the ‘evidence’ or he’ll surely be banned. This “corruption” word is used regularly Of course, it is never backed up with bombproof evidence. Green

21. How many years have we been hearing these stories from the Buns? They never come to fruition. Green

22. Put up or shut up yah coward. Green

23. Yea, come on bring forth the cast iron ‘evidence’, you know the sort that will interest the courts i.e. not the foamings at the mouth of Follow Fascist Green

24. I think the number of Celtic shareholders on the various coonsil committees that gave various planning permissions would be enough. Blue

25. GCC was exposed on private eye when they sold a whole street to allow rasellic to build the brendanbeau that they only charegd the rotten mob 1p. 13 of the 15 members voting on the committee were either season ticket holders at the ******* or shareholders, they voted overwhelmingly in favour of selling the land for a nominal fee, the land today would be worth millions to any developer or even to the council. This in an area crying out for social housing. Rasellic also had no problem with planning permission and even built over a graveyard with no opposition whatsoever.

5 years ago the Rangers asked for planning permission to redevelop the land around Ibrox, it was to be transformed into retail, social housing, business, hotel, leisure developments with the cost being made by the Rangers and investors, this would have cost the council zero but for their own reasons they refused planning permission and allowed the area to fall into a state of disrepair, they have now had to demolish almost all the housing and it will cost the taxpayer millions to redevelop the land which now lies as wasteground.

We can also throw in the lord provost using the taxpayers cash to ferry himself and fiends to and from the beggarbowl and using the shoitehole to entertain again at our expense.

The mankies oan this thread are doing what they always do when they are caught bang to rights, play the victim card and call all those who question them “bigots”, your fathers have taught you well bhoys but we can see right through you. Blue

26. Would it?

i. prove they are

ii. prove they made the decision exclusively or primarily to benefit Celtic

iii. provide the paperwork/tape recordings/hard data confirming the above

If you cant shut the F up or face a long ban, ya daft h-un Green

27. Same old FF excrement from the same old excremental Green

28. What is wrong with Glaswegians, an area of their city which is a f*cking eyesore is to be regenerated and you get complaints. Neutral

29. just an anti Irish/Catholic bigot……best ignored Green

30. what a rancid bigot you are. I have been on to my local councilor and asked him to look into this misuse of public funds, he assures me he is looking into it and will do all in his power to end this shameful behaviour, he is also one of the brotherhood and phukin hates the ratcatchers. Green

31. just an anti Irish/Catholic bigot……best ignored. I repeat for the hard of learning….The mankies oan this thread are doing what they always do when they are caught bang to rights, play the victim card and call all those who question them “bigots”, your fathers have taught you well bhoys but we can see right through you. Green

33. what a rancid bigot you are. Surely yer local councillor is part of GCC, so he must be corrupt as well. Green

34. He is not on the voting committee numbnuts, jesus some of you c*nts are hard work. Green

35. Picture this. He approaches his ‘councillor’ wih his devastating portfolio of ‘evidence’ culled from his collection of Follow Fascist posts. Perry mason it isn’t. The only counsellor he’ll be needing is the one who’ll have the misfortune to be listening to his inane ramblings in a secure mental institution, the daft h-un. Green

37. its simple, any self respecting Rangers fan should not vote for the political wing of Celtic in the city of Glasgow. Green

38. There’s a strong stench of the Follow Fascist party line about many of the h-uns on here. They’ll be quoting their messiah the gub shortly. Green

39. They can spend as much moolah as they like on Glashgowww, but it will make no difference to they kwality of life – – because it will still be inhabited by Glaswegians, who in their own fashion will pi&& it up against the nearest wall. Neutral

40. 100% spot on. Holding the ‘Commonwealth’ Games in Glasgow is about as ironc as it gets, every bit of common wealth seems to be appropriated by these people and promptly wasted. The place is just a black hole of subsidy without any progress ever being made because of the mentality of the population. The games should be in Edinburgh anyhow – Promoting Glasgow to the World will be an embarrassment to the nation. Neutral