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Jim Spud Murphy – Best Way to Let Him Hang Himself is to Watch Him In Action- A Selection of the Best of His U-Tube Videos

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April 5 2009; Dunfermline Building Society & Team GB – Interview Jim Murphy

TartanCheeks; Thanks for this. The UK Labour government has used & abused the situation for political reasons. It;s no surprise why The SNP have taken over Dundee Council!

Chic McGregor; Quoting the Sunday Herald: “CLAIMS BY Jim Murphy, the Scottish Secretary, about Dunfermline Building Society’s financial position have been contradicted by the government’s own appointed administrators KPMG, it emerged yesterday. Speaking last week, Murphy claimed that the society had invested in “reckless” sub-prime investments in the US,… …However, the Sunday Herald understands that the government-appointed administrators, KPMG, have now identified that there were no such investments

RobQos; Well his post was slightly venomous but the majority of people who want Scotland to look after its own affairs are generally well natured. There are as many aggressive comments from unionists. I have to disagree with your comment that the majority of Scots want to stay in the union. If people who want independence do occasionally get a bit angry its because the press and media in Scotland is so overly pro-union and anti SNP they don’t cover polls that show the SNP ahead in polls.

June 15 2009; Calman Commission – Interview Jim Murphy

RobQos; The unionist London parties at Holyrood are trying to kid us on that they are leading the way with the direction that Scotland is taking… but they’re not. Everything they are doing is being dictated by the popularity of the SNP. Issues are being seriously talked about now that unionists laughed at us about just a couple of years ago. A prime example is the the ‘Scottish Six’ and the fact that 8.6% of the licence fee is raised in Scotland but only 2.6% of it is spent here.

RobQos; The last 2 weeks worth of Scottish Media unionist propaganda has been on a scale I’ve never seen before! However isn’t it great that everyone is talking about Scotland’s future? – also on a scale never seen before!! If only we could get control over our own broadcasting we could maybe get balanced argument and not the one sided propaganda that we get shoved down our throats daily. For there to be an SNP government despite the one-sided media is nothing short of incredible.

rolandsausage; Jim Murphy sounds like a Northern Irish unionist of about 70 years ago – hilarious. It’s funny hearing Labour clones say how much they support Holyrood gaining more powers. Before and even just after they lost the last election, they didn’t want us gaining any more. In fact they spoke about the possibility of some powers going back to London. Pathetic, career driven liars.

tartantess; i’m optimistic rob, we win the argument more everyday, one person at a time. and i believe the mainstream media is stale and boring to the under 30’s. and it’s influence is slowly waning. independence is now there to be taken and is it not great to watch the unionists parties working towards giving Scotland even more power as their defense strategy? we have them worried, very worried, but because their all a bunch of self serving twats, watch them implode during a UK general election.

globaltraveller; Labour know the game is up. What a pity that “his” and Broon’s Calman proposals (Calman was just the front man for this whole charade, after all) were so comprehensively rubbished by a number of “independent” economists the following day for being economically illiterate. So by my reckoning the Unionist parties get a D minus in Economics, an F in Maths but a Grade A in sheer brass-neck.

October 23 2011; Jim Murphy, Labour’s promise on EU referendum vote.

bringbackmydemocracy; A “gold plated guarantee” from a Scottish labour mp, is about as solid as Cameron’s “Cast Iron Guarantee” on a referendum on Europe !

Mansion tax to fund nurses: Murphy

March 2 2012; Jim Murphy looks foolish on who leads for Labour on the Union.

Even by Murphys’ standards, this was a bummer. “The BBC will pick the Labour Leader for the referendum debate” Goad help us a’ ..His persona, one of slimy charm coupled uneasily with old-guard Scottish Labour bluster fails miserably, as it did in the lead-up to Scottish Labour’s 2011 disaster at the polls. I wish he would lead the anti-independence campaign. Some media commentators refer to Murphy as a Labour ‘big beast’. He reminds me of the sad, mangy lion in the old Oswald Street Zoo in Glasgow when I was a child.

March 7 2012; Portsmouth claims warships – Jim Murphy supports them against Scotland

Jim Murphy MP, UK shadow defense secretary sides with Portsmouth and UK against his fellow Scot, Stewart Maxwell, MSP.

July 12 2012; Iraq, two Milibands and Jim Murphy, Alistair Darling – skulking silently at the mention of Iraq

March 6 2013; Jim Murphy evading the questions on defense.

Jim Murphy – contender for the most boring voice in British politics – evades the questions on defense, blustering away.
Labour can’t face the fact that in opposition they have zero influence on UK policy and in 13 wasted years of government, they destroyed the economy, widened the gap between rich and poor and launched two war – one illegal – and both still running and killing.

Bruce Robertson; I don’t really hear any good arguments for staying in the Union. Scare mongering and lies is all.

Roger Gillies; If this does not make you sprint to the polling booth to vote yes i don’t know what will , hes boring afraid to answer simple questions and scare tactics frankly make me laugh at how desperate the no lot are, Jim sorry but you have been rumbled.. good bye.. we are voting YES

Peter Curran; I hear the best ones for me – no more WMDs and no more Jim Murphy.

April 13 2013; Angus Robertson v Jim Murphy over NATO and Trident.

April 14 2013; NATO and Scotland – Jim Murphy and Angus Robertson

cjmastablasta; I`d really like to hear at every opportunity that these weapons are too close to Scotland`s major population centre and that having them makes us a target. They truly are obscene weapons and the world would be a much safer place without them. The Cuban missile crisis and rocks falling from the sky over Russia have brought us to the brink of total annihilation in the past. Removing the target on Scotland might upset some in London or elsewhere. I say tuff sh*t

June 21 2013; Jim Murphy MP gets it wrong… again

berty basset; Murphy claiming 2010 Scottish government election success for Labour, just a bit too soon. We need to get independence for Scotland and get rid of Murphy

October 16 2013; East Renfrewshire food-bank opened by MP Jim Murphy.

There are now 55 volunteers helping to run the food-bank which has helped feed dozens of families since it began operating earlier this month. The food-bank is currently based in the St Andrew’s Church in Barrhead.

vessel1973; Jim Murphy pretends to give his support to food banks and yet chooses not to vote against the Bedroom Tax. But surely the point is that if the government and parliament was doing its job (instead of sticking their noses in the trough), we would not have a need for food banks. I have nothing against food banks, it is good and decent people who are running them but they are a symptom of a disease that blights our nation !

January 12 2014; Jim Murphy and Alex Salmond on independence, Coalition, Tories, WMD and Iraq.


March 17 2014; BBC Radio Scotland’s Hayley Millar interviews Labour MP Jim Murphy on a speech he is about to make on Scottish Independence. Reaction is from SNP MSP Bob Doris.

The Moon; How dare the man who supported two wars and the bedroom tax talk about the poor, deceitful charlatan, acting as if he gives a damn. His nonsense statistics are based on fanciful credit ratings for Scotland. As for Thatcher and independent Scotland wouldn’t have had her, would it? Foreign country, is foreign bad? Aren’t England and Wales foreign countries already? Is that a bad thing? Why don’t you just repeat SNP over and over again Jim that’s about all you’ve got. Labour made dramatic changes in 97, indeed, the rich kept getting richer, just vote Labour and everything will be alright, once bitten. This guy is a lying machine.

Ray Smith; Fantastic Hayley! You show your commitment to your profession by not running scared of politicians who bully presenters. I’m proud of you. Let’s see if others have the courage to follow your example. As for Jim Murphy, my plea is to his constituents, do not vote this man back in. He brings nothing of benefit to the people of Scotland. This referendum is showing us the politicians who care about the people and those simply looking to draw a salary, unfortunately Jim Murphy is the latter. 

March 23 2014; frae liebour conference 2014 – ma questions tae fudboy Jim Murphy unanswered.

July 9 2014; The Orange Order and Better Together – Jim Murphy’s not happy.

August 30 2014; Jim Murphy suspends pro UK tour claiming orchestrated intimidation.

Pretty pathetic response to what was a minor incident involving an individual clearly a wee bit short of functioning grey matter. No evidence of any coordination but time will no doubt tell.

August 31 2014; Jim Murphy the East Renfrew Mp Excellent, love the chorus, thanks for posting.

September 2 2014; Jim Murphy refuses to rule out tuition fees.

marconatrix; It’s been said before but still needs repeating. If they were willing to give more real powers to Scotland then they would have spelled them out and put a DevoMax option on the ballot paper. The SNP were not opposed to this. Had such an option been offered, there is no doubt that it would have won hands down. Now just think a moment and draw you own conclusions. No means No! No change, No progress, No democracy, NO FUTURE!

September 3 2014; Jim Murphy does his whining thing on Daily Politics – but Monbiot puts his crap in context

fear murphy

September 3 2014 Nicola Sturgeon tears Jim Murphy a new one –

Jock Haggis – What an accurate and beautifully understated turn of phrase from Nicola:-“The “No” campaign are serial misleaders!”.?

Foreverdub – What you have here is one person with a top education against someone who failed to get one after 9 years of trying. Writings on the wall from the start!?

September 4 2014; The Egg-thrower in Court

A local man admitted throwing eggs at MP Jim Murphy in Kirkcaldy, Fife. He explained that he lived in a flat overlooking the street meeting at which Mr Murphy was addressing a small but acrimonious gathering. He went down to the meeting and addressed a question at Mr Murphy who ignored him. Upset at Mr Murphy’s attitude he went off to a local market, purchased eggs and returned to the fringes of the meeting from where he threw an egg or two that failed to hit anyone. He ventured closer to the rowdy crowd and sidling up to the back of Mr Murphy broke an egg against his shirt then left the area soon after. He confirmed no other person was involved with him. He was sentenced to 80 hours unpaid work on a community payback order.

September 9 2014; Scottish Independence: Adam Boulton & Jim Murphy ambush Kenny MacAskill

scotchprofessor; Firstly, the interviewer seemed intent, with initial questions for both men, to introduce an anti-English element in to this entire conversation. Jim Murphy was given much more speaking time, and even had his microphone audibly turned up to enable him to speak over Kenny MacAskill’s speaking time. The same was then denied the Yes Scotland representative, as his mic remained turned down. A breakdown:

i. Jim Murphy spoke for over 4 minutes.

ii. Kenny MacAskill was given just over 2 1/2 minutes, within that period he was interrupted and spoken over 7 times. The headline of the piece is one from Jim Murphy against independence.

Fight the British media with facts. The media has run a campaign against Scottish independence right from the start. The people of Scotland are voting as much against this bias, this unfairness, this imbalance of representation as much as for anything else. We want to leave Westminster behind. We want to leave the British media lies behind.

lewis1936; Which Scots patriots is he referring to,who prefer sticking together. The patriots I think of certainly did not believe that Socialist Multimillionaires like Blair and Eton educated Cameron are hardly representative/Jim Murphy who has suddenly sprung from his mogadon position when defending the working class must surely be cannon fodder

Ctrl-Z; BBC are heading the independence vote run-up as “Scotland decides” however, now that various large commercial institutions are suddenly making noises about withdrawing from Scotland, it appears that it should be changed to “Westminster decides.”

The oilyman; Gordon sold the gold ,Tony went to war with bush ,the country is in debt forever ,the labour party and the other two are now reduced to scare tactics .Perhaps it is time for a new currency for all the British Isles with a new independent central bank whether yes or no win .

BobMonkfish; Unionists can only see this in economic terms, but there’s a lot lot more about this than just that

Rubin Schmidt; The Isle of Man and the Channel Isles (the places where the bankers live) not part of the U.K., independent “Sovereign States” with the right to mint their own, debt free, currency. The mark of a “Sovereign State”. America NEVER made it, I’m afraid.!!!

murphy nuc

September 9 2014; Jim Murphy on Scottish independence referendum worries

Labour’s Jim Murphy defending position that Scotland should be part of the United Kingdom in Scottish independence referendum.

Jim Murphy is the prime example of what is wrong with UK politics — they lie and lie until they believe their own sh***. Only a fool would believe anything that he just said — end of the day, all it would take is for Westminster to lower the amount of money, given to the Scottish Parliament. This would have a knock on effect in regards to services provided, which could indirectly force privatization of the NHS. Furthermore, Alex Salmond has already answered all these questions Murphy is trying use, to play on Scottish peoples

September 11 2014; Jim Murphy and Brian Donohoe admit the empire is over

Thomas Drowry; Racist warmongering Blair & Brown killed 1 million Iraqis in the illegal war. Little Scotlanders are evil bigots who got rich building the British Empire

September 22 2014; Jim Murphy reiterates the Labour ‘vow’ on more powers with usual clarity

This man is an MP and was a Shadow Labour minister. Try to hide your astonishment.

September 25 2014; Jim Murphy Skeletor Labour Quisling

Don’t give him or his mob your vote, they have betrayed Scotland, Labour party the parcel of rogues, bought and sold for English gold, quisling.

October 7 2014; Jim Murphy MP’s speech to Labour Conference 2014.

October 29 2014; Jim Murphy calls for In/Out EU Referendum

Gordon Bradley; So what happened to ” better together ” ? ” narrow nationalism ” ? ” shared risk ” ? ” the stability, security, and prosperity of belonging to a larger union ” ? ” better opportunities for the next generation “? A couple of weeks ago he was full of it ! I can’t understand how he’s changed his mind so drastically ? Can it be that his job will not be at stake in a EU referendum ? This we’ve learned of Murphy, That any little creep’ll, Please his paymasters, And betray his people !

October 30 2014; Jim Murphy arrives at Glasgow Central for tax funded dinner.

James Bond; The Scottish Labour Red Rose is currently submerged in a big vat of bubbling liquid nitrogen. Time to wip it out and watch it SHATTER. The old guard have been murdered in their beds and no one even noticed.. It’s time to cut the apron strings and start a new Scottish Labour Party for Scot’s, free of Westminster. We reap what we sow. And they have chosen to sow the biggest jobby in their long history by getting into bed (and loving it) with the Conservatives during the Referendum. The red Tory’s are finished in Scotland. Total meltdown full stop.

October 30 2014; Giles Brandreth on Labour leadership candidates – and Jim Murphy

Downton Abbey pronounces on Scottish Labour leadership contest – and someone called Jim Murphy tries to air-brush out his right-wing, Blairite past. Oeuf!

October 30 2014; Jim Murphy MP announces bid for Scottish Labour’s leadership.

blackaffronted; Labour are finished in Scotland. I used to vote for them, never again. Shallow, pathetic and anaemic. They deserve their fate on the scrapheap.


October 31, 2014; Jim Murphy interview in full

Jim Murphy has said the era of decisions about Scottish Labour being made outside of Scotland is “gone for good.”

Andrew MacLean – Jim studied at university for 9 years, failed to get a degree and voted for tuition fees as an MP. He mentions the tax-raising powers Holyrood has had since its inception, (unused by Labour when they were in office) but failed to mention how they were unworkable, given their use would have led to a corresponding cut to Scotland’s block grant. Jim’s voting record indicates that the only cause Jim Murphy is interested in is Jim Murphy, and his near 200k a year expenses claim on top of his basic MP salary backs that up.?

November 2 2014; Jim Murphy on Marr – and they call this dynamism, policy and vision?

Is this what Murphy’s right-wing supporters across the UK media and Unionist politics see as his much-vaunted dynamism, vision, etc.? God help Labour if they choose this …

November 5 2014; No Jim Murphy MP. Anonymous Glasgow 2014.

All the protesters sung “No Jim Murphy MP” to express their disgust at the Scottish Labour Party and Jim Murphy MP. The song was led by Citizen Smith. Labour has turned into Red Tory’s as their policies are simply the same.

November 5 2014; A Message From Jim Murphy MP.

A short campaign message on behalf of Scottish Labour leadership contender, Jim Murphy MP.

Tom leglover; Why anyone would vote for this traitor is beyond me. Especially after the way He slags us Scots off ‘Whilst Scottish Secretary’ in the run up to the referendum. Spends too much time on his knees pleasing the Westminster mob!!

November 19 2014; Labour Leadership: The essence of Jim Murphy.

Unlike Maggie Thatcher, I think politicians one is opposed to should be given full exposure, not denied the “oxygen of publicity” – so that voters can judge.

November 21 2014; Sean Clerkin chases Jim Murphy MP

Sean Clerkin shows up at Jim Murphy MP surgery to confront him about his expenses and for supporting Tory policies. Clerkin claims that Jim Murphy Labour MP has claimed £1 million of expenses over the past decade. He also claims he is failing to address poverty and is nothing short of a RED TORY.

November 27 2014; Jim Murphy says that David Cameron should see his rushed plans for English devolution aren’t up to the job.


November 27 2014; YEW CHOOB presents – Jimmy Red White and Blue

Green Phil; They can rig all the votes they want but it wont stop us, our day will come and when it does the collaborators like him can f*** off
See you all at Faslane on November 30th (

vessel1973; This one gives absolute satisfaction Jock, canny wait to get rid of my local Masters Puppet(Muppet Murphy)!

December 13 2014; Citizen Smart on his brother, Labour in Scotland and Jim Murphy

Speaking on Referendum night in George Square, Glasgow, before he had a sniff of the disappointment to come, Citizen Smart gave an entertaining interview to our roaming reporter Delboy. This is a short extract, in which he gives his analysis on the current state of the Labour Party in Scotland.

December 14 2014; Jim Murphy says he will run for FM

Scottish Labour’s new leader Jim Murphy says he will be an MSP and Labour’s candidate for first minister by 2016. Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Scotland programme, Mr Murphy also said he was “determined” to hang on to every Scottish Labour seat at Westminster.

December 14 2014; Jim Murphy on winning Scottish Labour leadership.

Jim Murphy talks about winning the Scottish Labour Party leadership contest, hopes to claw back voters.
scotchprofessor; Is that the latest fear tactic? Labour were in bed with the Tories for two years over the referendum. Previously, your wee man above was instrumental in bringing Conservatives and Liberal Democrats together in an attempt to deny Scots the right to vote in a referendum. Putting Labour first, Westminster second, and Scotland last.

December 15 2014; Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale on his speech about Clause 4.

December 20 2014; Jim Murphy denies being at uni for nine years.

Mistress Cordelia; Yes, we often wondered when he was supposed to be at Uni what his ultimate aim was. As a member of Socialist Workers Party, he was known as Megaphone Murphy. He sounded off on the steps of the Union about how the Labour Party was soooo bad for the country. Got a motion of censure passed in Westminster for his behavior while prez of the NUS…by no less than Alex Salmond. He is as self serving as any Tory but lacks the honesty to join his natural chums in the Conservative and Unionist Party. I do so wish upon him all he so justly deserves

December 22 2014; Jim Murphy says no to winter payment increase.

December 24 2014; Jim Murphy blames mums for kids poor schooling What is Jim Murphy’s source for this illiteracy view?