I Bet You Had Forgotten Pamela Nash – Labour Party Golden Child – Useless MP – Now Leader of Usury Financed Discredited Scotland in Union – I haven’t






Pamela Nash was born in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, and educated locally in St Margaret’s High School, Airdrie and Chapelhall.

She is a Labour Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Airdrie and Shotts since the 2010 general election.

She was the parliamentary officer for the Young Fabians and a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, where she served on the executive committee and was the convener of the External Affairs Committee.

She interned for John Reid for one year as his constituency assistant and subsequently was employed for a period of three years as his SpAd.

She was elected as the Member of Parliament for Airdrie and Shotts in 2010, replacing the retiring John Reid.

She has a majority of 12,408 over the SNP and, at the age of 30, is currently the youngest MP in the House of Commons.





March 29 2009; Labour rebels may defy all-woman list to succeed Reid

The first error was the decision of Labour headquarters to impose an all-woman shortlist on Airdrie and Shotts.

There had been a feeling within the local party that local Councillor Jim Logue might have been given the chance to replace Dr Reid.

But the imposition of an all-woman shortlist changed all that.

Then, when the short-listed women were picked to go before the local party for selection, there were further problems.

Three women were picked to go forward for the selection contest. Namely:

Joanne Milligan, (former researcher for MSP Elaine Smith), former local Councillor, Cathy Dick and Nash.





Many in the party and the media had expected Cathy Dick to win the nomination

Indeed, when it came to the hustings event Ms Dick showed up well as a passionate local candidate while Ms Milligan was reported to have come across as the most professional and competent candidate.

Yet it was Ms Nash who won through, despite a performance at the hustings event which was described yesterday as being the poorest of all three candidates.

It is understood that although she failed badly with Labour activists in the hall she did well in the postal vote.

About 160 local members were entitled to vote and about a third of that number – about 50 – turned up at the hustings event.

The local party  Chairman immediately resigned. In a statement to media he said:  “The constituency Labour Party selected their candidate for Airdrie and Shotts and following that I resigned my position as chair because the voting pattern showed that this had not represented the view of the majority of the CLP.  I had expected them to rally behind another local activist, but in the event the broader membership didn’t.”

An official Labour spokesperson said: “One member, one vote means that successful candidates enjoy the confidence of the local party who yesterday chose Pamela Nash by some considerable margin.”

Surprise Surprise London got it’s Blairite child selected.





December 29 2010 – Airdrie & Shotts get what they asked for

Private Eye reports that Pamela Nash, Britain’s youngest MP at 26, has only put forward one written question to parliament in the last six months, and spoken only six times for a total of 4 minutes.

But there was a saving grace. The Eye pointed out that she found plenty of time to Tweet about the X factor and Coronation Street.

So Airdrie & Shotts ended up with twitter-er instead of someone who maybe would have spent time being just a little more active in Parliament? But it is just possible she thought her inane twitters made her more accessible to the locals.





October 19 2011; Pamela and her Labour colleagues off to Israel

Seven  “Labour Friends of Israel” enjoyed a fully funded week long tour of Israel, including visits to Ramallah and area’s of Palestine illegally occupied by the Israeli Army.

The MP delegation comprised: Anne McGuire, Rachel Reeves, Jonathan Reynolds, Dan Jarvis, Michael McCann, Pamela Nash and John Woodcock.

Labour spokeswoman commented: “The visit reaffirmed how important it is for Labour MPs to visit Israel, to gain an understanding of its political and security concerns, and to support the Israeli people in their efforts for peace.”





May 23 2012; Nash a huge burden as her personal expense claims exceed £61k for first eight months of the year

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, revealed that Nash had claimed £39,155.34 in business costs and expenses from April to early January which is nearly double the £22,121.06, claimed by  Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Frank Roy.

Nash intimated that claims by herself confirmed her commitment to her constituents, stating: “I maintain a town centre constituency office so that it is easily accessible to my constituents and,  as I am in my first term in Parliament, the majority of set-up costs for this office have been incurred in the past financial year. I do not share the office with any other politicians and all costs, rent and regular bills are solely my responsibility, and therefore paid from the appropriate allowance from IPSA. All allowances I have claimed are within IPSA guidelines and are solely used to provide a good service to my constituents, both in the constituency and in Westminster.”





November 11 2012; Pamela Nash, MP – What her constituents are saying

Why is she boasting about laying a wreath at a service in Shotts in the morning then travelling to the main service in Coatbridge when she boasted about attending a Sinn Fein conference at Westminster the previous week?

25 years ago, on this day, these people bombed a memorial service in Eniskillen and killed 11 innocents. Who the h*** votes for this clown?

She’s a daft wee lassie, severely out of her depth. Voted in at 25, having never held a job, other than for the Labour party and people wonder why she is failing to represent her people – what does a 25 year old who has never worked know about life!

Well, at the very least she appears able to fill in her expense form correctly unlike her previous boss Dr Reid!

Her worst faux pas (6th Nov) she missed the Commons debate she had requested in the Commons, wasting the time of the M.P.’s that turned up!!

In justification for her absence she told the Speaker that her printer had broken down when she tried to print out her speech!

Colleagues and other MP’s offered she should have rehearsed the speech at the time the poor wee lamb had been in bed with a chill. But despite her being too ill to organize a few pieces of paper, she had still managed to attend a photo-op at the Govan shipyard the day before. Aww!! bless her wee soul!!

She’s is morphing into her predecessor – seen a recent photo of her? An MPs expense account must buy a lot of cakes!

Getting that job must have been like winning the lottery. good salary with blank cheque expenses, no stress, long holidays, no intelligence needed just follow the party line.

I tried to have a conversation with her before the last election about the folly of PFI but she hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. Utterly clueless.

I guess she needs someone from London Labour to tell her what opinion to have. But yet she’ll be voted in because the majority of political thought in Central Scotland is tribal.

She is a wee dolly but a bit of a bigot from what I hear.

A 17 year old “orphan???” f*** me, if there is an award for most dramatic use of language ever she must be in with a shout…

Exactly, what has the fact she’s an Orphan got to do with her political credentials?

tricky dicky is right, a career politician, full of theory, with no experience of “real life” and no understanding of her constituents.

If the Tories ruled Airdrie she’d have no doubt chosen to work under a Tory MP and pursue a career as a Tory MP.

I knew about her Mum and Step-Dad dying in the storms when she was 17 which is horrific, no arguing with that.

She attended Glasgow University, studying politics whilst holding down a fully salaried, political assistant post with the Labour Party.  Her (1992) salary was £15000 a year, vastly different from the £3.20 an hour I earned from a part-time job I needed to do so I could pay my way through university. And her University fees and job with the Labour Party were funded  by the taxpayer. Not exactly paying her way thrrough university.

I also think 25 is way too young to be appointed a MP,  having worked for local authorities for 8 years I think the competent MPs and MSPs are the ones who came through the Councillor route. It is common knowledge in the constituency that she was sponsored by John Reid and London Labour  who gerrymandered the selection process banning males from applying then fixing the local party vote in favour of Nash.





February 14 2013; Labour MP Nash fixes parliamentary access for ex- lobbyist friend

Matt Zarb-Cousin, a lefty up-and-comer once worked as a researcher for Labour MPs Pamela Nash and Andy Slaughter, but sadly things didn’t quite work out.  Now he seems to spend most of his time working as a lobbyist for the anti-bookies Campaign for Fairer Gambling.

Why, then, does he still hold a parliamentary pass?  Nash’s office was asked for an explanation, but they had never heard of Zarb-Cousin.  “He definitely, definitely doesn’t work in this office”,  an official stated,  he might be a friend of Pamela’s”.

No wonder, he’s a mystery. It transpired he hadn’t been in the employment of for over a year. Yet he retained his parliamentary pass, under her name, which he continued to use frequently in his job as an anti-gambling lobbyist. Naughty, naughty!!!


brown pocketmoney



More about Matt Zarb-Cousin

The former Parliamentary researcher left the employment of Nash and joined the Campaign for Fairer Gambling.

One of his principle tasks is to engage with politicians to toughen legislation.

He confirmed, when asked, that he has used the pass to access Parliament in his capacity at Fairer Gambling, and that he earns a wage from the organization.

He said:  “since it is not a commercially-motivated campaign I don’t consider myself a lobbyist, so I didn’t think I’d have to declare it. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have kept hold of the pass”.

Nash said  “I was not aware he was still using his parliamentary pass and have instructed the Pass Office to deactivate it immediately.”

Her statement is hardly credible since she and  Zarb-Cousin were in regular contact within and outwith Westminster. And he does exert influence over Pamela, (see her contribution to a finance committee meeting).

Discussions at committee included high street betting machines

Sajid Javid: The Government’s initial preferred option is to increase stake and prize limits for some gaming machine categories, which would benefit bingo halls.

Once the Government have made a decision, I will be sure to share it with hon. Members.

The issue of larger prizes was also raised. That could be a result of the change. I was asked whether the Government had assessed the new games that might come into existence due to the change.

Clearly, there will be new games, but HMRC has not directly assessed what and how many new games there will be. I think that that is unnecessary.

Pamela Nash: I seek clarity in the Minister’s comments. Recently there has been a high-profile campaign against fixed odds betting terminals, seeking to reduce the maximum stake available to players on such machines.

Is the Minister saying that the Government are looking to increase the stake?

Sajid Javid: Yes. We are reviewing stake and prize limits. We are looking at potentially increasing them for certain types of machines.

I emphasize that no decision has been made at this point. When we look at the matter further, we will look at its potential impact and provide the information to hon. Members.






March 20 2013: Labour’s roll of shame on workfare – mass abstentions enable Con/Dem government victory – Nash abstained as instructed

The much vaunted Tory  “workfare bill” (condemned by the Commons Public Affairs Committee) permitted employers to pay workers, in the programme less than the minimum wage legislated by Westminster and was successfully challenged in the courts who instructed government to ensure that those impacted by the legislation should be paid the minimum wage, backdated to the date the case was submitted to the courts.

Having lost a case and fearing they would lose the appeal, the Government, instead of respecting the justice system, set about abusing the Commons emergency procedures with intent to apply a fix denying the courts.

In a virtually-empty House of Commons,   the Labour Party  Whip instructed Labour MPs to allow the “workfare bill” to pass, cheating thousands of the poorest people in the UK out of money the courts had ruled was rightfully their’s.

The SNP and 42 Labour MP’s (defied their whip) and opposed the cheap-skate conservatives. But all other Labour MP’s including Nash, abstained and the Tory Party won the day. Many of her constituents suffered the consequence.

It is beyond comprehension that the Labour Party could let a bill pass formally setting the government up as above the law, beyond justice. What a nasty Party Labour is.





29 September 2013; Pamela Nash escapes Labour selection battle

The youngest MP to be voted in at the last general election narrowly escaped a challenge that would have forced her into a potentially damaging contest to remain as the representative of one of Labour’s safest Westminster seats in Scotland.

A total of 37 local party members voted against her candidacy, attempting to force a new vote amid dissatisfaction with her performance as the area’s Westminster representative.

Some people felt that the current MP was interested only in the London bubble and that she needed to be far more visible in the constituency.

A Labour insider said it was “extremely rare” for MPs to face such a high level of opposition when they come up for ­re-election, “Normally it’s something that’s just nodded through, but there have been real concerns about Pamela’s performance. It appears that she is rarely in the constituency, which has huge areas of social deprivation, but is happy to take freebies at Glastonbury.”

Nash was also criticized in November 2010 for failing to represent her constituents after a study showed her to be one of the worst-performing parliamentarians at Westminster.

She came bottom of a list of Scotland’s newest MPs ­compiled by website TheyWorkForYou.com which looked at the number of questions asked and speeches made in the House of Commons.

At the time she had not submitted a single question since being elected and had spoken on just two occasions, one of which was her maiden speech.





November 2 2013; 40 MPs, including Nash, claim £200,000 on expenses for energy bills

Dave Prentis, General Secretary of Unison, told the newspaper: “It’s disgraceful that well-paid MPs should claim expenses for heating costs at the same time that thousands of families are struggling to pay to turn the oven on to cook dinner for their families.

“These are the same hypocritical MPs who have failed to get a grip on soaring fuel and energy costs, rising food bills and pay freezes.”

Labour MP John Mann, who did not claim for his energy bills, told the Sunday Mirror: “Perhaps the MPs who have submitted the claims should start wearing thicker jumpers.





November 21 2013; Nash faces criticism after missing Westminster ‘Bedroom Tax’ vote.

Nash failed to attend a Labour instigated vote condemning the Bedroom Tax in the House of Commons.

When challenged she offered that it had not been possible to attend the division as she had been speaking at a youth unemployment conference in Austria the previous day.

However it was later revealed that the one day conference occurred the day before the vote and ended in the late afternoon and opposition politicians to attacked Nash claiming that she could have easily returned to London in the evening and rubbished her explanation for not attending the evening vote the next day in Parliament.

Constituency counterpart Alex Neil MSP said that Miss Nash’s “excuse just doesn’t wash,” and added: “Her published reason for missing the vote has just made matters worse and left people with more questions than answers. Attending this conference is not necessarily what her constituents will be concerned about – they want to know why that stopped her voting at 7pm the next day when there are any number of flights available from Vienna to London. They will also want to know why she was willing to let the Tories off the hook by pairing in the first place. What she is saying is that she was willing to trade votes with the Tories on the bedroom tax, and that is a shocking admission.”





26 March 2014; SNP MPs vote against Welfare cap at Westminster

MPs overwhelmingly backed the UK government’s new cap on welfare in a historic vote which will mean benefit payments cannot exceed £119.5 billion next year.

The cap in welfare spending was set by Tory Chancellor George Osborne and was agreed to by Labour leader Ed Miliband, but condemned by some in his party as “short term political posturing”. The measure, in the Charter for Budget Responsibility, comfortably passed the Commons vote

13 Labour rebels joined the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and Green MP Caroline Lucas opposing it.

During the debate, SNP Banff and Buchan MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford warned that the “pernicious measure” would play in the independence referendum underlining the UK’s record for inequality. She said: “The cap once again puts the most disadvantaged people in our communities on the front line. It is blatant ring-wing politics, not aimed at solving any of the long term problems which are getting worse because of Westminster’s austerity agenda, an agenda now supported by all the anti-independence parties.”

These are the Scottish Labour Party members who voted in favour of the Tory welfare cap.

Margaret Curran – Glasgow East,

Tom Greatrex – Rutherglen and Hamilton West,

Ian Murray – Edinburgh South,

Willie Bain – Glasgow North East,

Gordon Banks – Ochil and South Perthshire,

Tom Clarke – Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill,

Dame Anne Begg – Aberdeen South,

Alistair Darling – Edinburgh South West,

Ian Davidson – Glasgow South West,

Thomas Docherty – Dunfermline and West Fife,

Frank Doran – Aberdeen North,

Gemma Doyle – West Dunbartonshire,

Sheila Gilmore – Edinburgh East,

David Hamilton – Midlothian,

Tom Harris – Glasgow South,

Jimmy Hood – Lanark and Hamilton East,

Cathy Jamieson – Kilmarnock and Loudon,

Mark Lazarowicz – Edinburgh North and Leith,

Gregg McClymont – Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East,

Anne McGuire – Stirling,

Anne McKechin – Glasgow North,

Iain McKenzie – Greeenock and Inverclyde,

Grahame Morris – Livingston,

Jim Murphy – East Renfrewshire,

Pamela Nash – Airdrie and Shotts,

Sandra Osborne – Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock,

John Robertson – Glasgow North West,

Frank Roy – Motherwell and Wishaw,

Lindsay Roy – Glenrothes,

Anas Sarwar – Glasgow Central






Trust the media to turn this into an excuse to bash the SNP… The main issue here is the hypocrisy laid bare by Labour, who at the weekend were being all “socialistic”, yet now appear to be back in bed with the Tories!

You are of course very correct when you point this out: “In August last year Mr Salmond said: “If you have the right cap deployed in the right way, then that is a reasonable thing to have.”

“However, note the wording he uses – “the right cap deployed in the right way”. This Bill does not deploy “the right cap” in “the right way”, which is exactly why the SNP, Plaid and Green voted against it.

Shoddy journalism as per, but Scots have come to expect nothing less from the Scotsman. Labour eh –dine with the millionaires and vote with the Tories

Just goes to show that when it comes to policy that you could not squeeze a cigarette paper between the 3 Unionist parties. The only real difference between them is the colour of their rosettes. Labour’s support of Tory welfare plans will mean more of this:

“A mental health watchdog has criticized the benefits assessment process after a woman whose allowance was cut committed suicide. The woman, referred to as Ms DE, had a 20-year history of depression and was on incapacity benefit but scored zero points in an assessment which found her to be capable of work.  The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decided she would not be eligible for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), which replaced incapacity benefit, and would have to move to Jobseeker’s Allowance.”

Scottish labour has collaborated again with the Tory’s to hammer the poor and weak with the welfare cap.

As usual while the poor get punished – UK millionaires get away with billions.

Labour want ATOS to cut benefits for the disabled , stop bus passes , charge for prescriptions, get rid of free personal care, and with their proposal to give the Scottish parliament the right to abolish the bedroom tax while making that impossible with Westminster’s “Universal Credits ” effectively keeping the bedroom tax.

So putting a cap on the poor who are already having to use food banks is fair? Quite right MPs should oppose this.

Another example of why Scotland should vote Yes and make real attempts to help those in need.

Bedroom Tax: 91% of Scottish MPs voted against it. Westminster imposed it.

Welfare Cuts: 81% of Scottish MPs voted against it. Westminster imposed it.

VAT increase: 82% of Scottish MPs voted against it. Westminster imposed it.

Royal Mail sell off: 79% of Scottish MPs voted against it. Westminster imposed it.

Labour in bed with the Tories to make sure the poor pay for the austerity policy. Well, Labour started the financial crisis and they are useless in trying to solve it.





May 10 2014; Labour MP admits Bedroom Tax vote absence was a mistake.

A Scottish Labour MP who was one of forty seven Labour MPs who failed to turn up for a crucial vote on the Bedroom Tax, has admitted the mass absence was a mistake.

Airdrie and Shotts MP Pamela Nash – one of ten Scottish Labour MPs criticized for the “No” show in November – made the admission during a debate held in Westminster on Thursday into the effects of the policy in Scotland. Speaking in the debate, Nash accepted a mistake had been made, and said of the mass no-show: “I do agree that that number of Labour MPs shouldn’t have been paired at that time,”




May 11 2014: MPs’ expense claims over two months total £3.5m.

Labour’s Pamela Nash received the largest amount, £24,187






June 5 2014; Magic mums: Airdrie MP Pamela Nash backs food project

Nash popped in to the food poverty relief Home Centre to find out more about the project and hear from the volunteers behind it.

Group volunteer Hayley MacNaught said: “As young mums we know how difficult it can be to make ends meet and we wanted to do something that helped people who are struggling. “It’s been a success so far and the numbers visiting us seem to grow every week.”

Nash said: “It’s great to see these young women taking real action to address the problem of food poverty. They feel strongly about the need for access to affordable, fresh produce and they’re determined to do something positive about it.”

Comment: Bloody hell!!!  she voted with the Tory/Lib/Dem government to cap benefits increasing the levels of hardship and poverty suffered by 35% of her constituents children.





5 September  2014: Lanarkshire constituences – once the Centre of the industrial heartland of Scotland.

The Labour Party has represented these constituencies at Westminster from 1935 and at Holyrood since 1999.

But although still in Labour hands, change has been blowing for many years as voters are switching to the SNP in their droves.

The old Labour values of the constituents are far distant from the “New Labour” philosophy imposed them from 1994 and there is a disillusionment with their elected representatives.

Local residents comment:

Coatbridge? Have you been there, I live there, after decades of the Labour Party doing no more than plan the after election celebrations Coatbridge is in what only can be described in the local Scottish saying ” Did a bomb hit it”. Coatbridge used to be a town, Labour put paid to that. They knocked all the shops down and spent a fortune planting trees, these were then knocked down by the local neds so we ended up in a town with spaces, then someone built Asda and Coatbridge became known as Asda town.  Then, with the help of Maggie Thatcher the last of Coatbridge’s industries were demolished a retail park was built and given the name the Faraday park, but locally known as the FARAWAY park, it’s too far away from the Town Centre for those but the fittest or car owners to enjoy. We’ve also got a pedestrian area where the only risk is getting knocked down by a car or small truck. Coatbridge council who can’t believe that any party other than Labour have the right to join in the local elections, is known as the Monklands Mafia mainly because most officials were related to local Councillors and many are still. In the event of independence the Monklands Mafia would set up a committee to consider a referendum on creating the Socialist State of Coatbridge, so as to protect the careers of Labour Party members.

I’ve never heard any of these Labour MPs say anything about equal pay in recent years – I’ve certainly never heard any one of them speaking up on behalf of their local constituents.

Perhaps they don’t want to criticize the behavior of North Lanarkshire Councils because they are Labour-run, but how anyone can defend Labour over equal pay is beyond me.

Because equal pay is a bad joke to the Labour Party and the Unions and the Council’s senior officials have been shown to have actively presided over pay arrangements discriminating against their largely female workforce. If this happened in the private sector, I suspect the people responsible would all have been sacked by now.

The ‘top brass’ in North Lanarkshire constituencies all stay in post, no one answers for their actions, and in recent years they have even been receiving big bonus payments for good performance supposedly which is a terrible insult to the rest of the Council workforce, if you ask me.

They are all up for re-election in May 2015 and I would be very surprised if their mishandling of equal pay doesn’t result in a backlash on polling day.

If I were an equal pay claimant in North Lanarkshire I would consider dropping these MPs a note telling them, in no uncertain terms, what I think of the Labour Party’s performance.  (action4equalityscotland.)





1 Dec 2014; Westminster discussion on student fees – Scottish MP’s should discuss their own parliamentary business

An irate Englishman comments:

“Something other than Scottish fire-water gave me a headache last night – something no over-the-counter painkiller can ease. What was it?

Scottish Labour MPs. That’s who!!!

Why? Their insistent bleating about Government reforms to higher education that have nothing to do with them.

Education is a devolved matter and the Scottish Parliament voted to abolish tuition fees for all Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and European Union students – just about everyone apart from English students.

That was their choice to do so and residents of Scotland have to make do with budget restraints in other areas. The upcoming reforms to higher education in England and Wales do not, therefore, concern the constituents of the honourable Members from North Britain.

Why, then, did a series of them bob up and down in the House of Commons last night in search of a say in the Opposition debate on higher education?

Then Pamela Nash (Lab, Airdrie & Shotts) had the audacity to interrupt Iain Stewart (C, Milton Keynes South) with her claim that the Government is introducing its reforms based on ideology.

I don’t think that the baby of the house (Nash is 26) is so young that she cannot recall that the Government is acting on the advice of an independent report commissioned by the previous Labour Government.

Moreover, as a recent politics graduate of the University of Glasgow, she has (unlike me and my peers from English universities) never had to pay tuition fees, and was happy to work as Lord (John) Reid’s researcher when he was a long-serving member of the Labour Government that increased fees twice against manifesto promises. (nikdarlington.blogspot)





16 Dec 2014: Labour MP’s Fail to support their own colleague in Commons equal pay debate

The debate and vote had been brought forward by Labour MP, Sarah Champion to require any employer with more than 250 employees to be transparent with their workforce publishing any gender pay gap in their salary policy.  A major bill that would go a long way to ensure that employers had to acknowledge pay differentials by sex, together with a commitment to correct anomalies. (Pete Wishart blog)


In support of the cause of transparency these are the Scottish MP’s who couldn’t be bothered to turn up for their own debate and vote on equal pay for women.

Scottish Labour leader – Jim Murphy.

Shadow Scottish Secretary – Margaret Curran.

Former Labour PM – Gordon Brown.

Leader of ‘Better Together’ – Alistair Darling.

Shadow Foreign Secretary – Douglas Alexander.

Labour ‘socialist’ leadership candidate – Katy Clark.

Labour front bencher – Russell Brown.

Pamela Nash.,

Anne McGuire.

Michael Connarty.

Tom Harris



Jim “Spud” Murphy (1992 – 1997) – The Student Union Years and his Carefully Planned and “Jammy” Rise to Political Office

ed and jim

1. Jim “Spud” Murphy (1992 – 1997) The Student Union Years and his Carefully Planned and “Jammy” Rise to Political Office

a. President of the National Union of Students. (Full time member of the Union from 1992 until 1996). *Indications are that his studies did not progress as expected in the first 2 years of his attendance and becoming increasingly involved with student politics he gave up Studying in 1992 retaining this status until the end of his tenure as President of the Union late summer of 1996. When he gave up student politics and University membership taking up employment with the Labour party

*25 March 1996; Cash back. Jim Murphy, president of the National Union of Students and a former student at Strathclyde University, paid tribute to Strathclyde students association’s success in having resit fees abolished. “I’m hoping to get some sort of reimbursement for all the resits I did in first and second year,” he admitted.

b. During his time at University in Glasgow he suspended his studies when he was elected President of the Scottish National Union of Students, one of the “special region” organizations within the NUS, serving from 1992 until 1994.

c. Murphy further suspended his studies taking a further sabbatical from University in 1994 to serve as the President of the National Union of Students, an office which he held from 1994 to 1996, during which time he was a member of Labour Students. As NUS President, he also served concurrently as a Director of Endsleigh Insurance from 1994 to 1996.

2. President of the National Union of Students 1994-1996

a. October 31 1994; On the spot. Just as well the National Union of Students operates with a fair degree of openness, or journalists who spent last Tuesday morning seeking president Jim Murphy’s views on the Labour Party’s Learning Bank would have been completely stymied. Not that the press are completely lacking in resource when it comes to hunting out those in the public eye, but only hacks working on the principle of “look in the most unlikely place” would have otherwise thought of looking for a student leader ..

b. October 31 1994; Students to fight pay-later proposals. The Labour leadership of the National Union of Students will resist proposals outlined by the party-linked Institute for Public Policy Research Commission on Social Justice for charging students.

c. November 7 1994; Debt, doubt and diversity – Jim Murphy says the commission has identified the right problems but wants to talk about the answers.

d. November 14 1994; Carrying the banner. NUS president Jim Murphy at Battersea Park, London, for this week’s demonstration against the replacement of student grants by loans. NUS stewards traded hundreds of these red placards in exchange for those issued by the Socialist Workers’ Party saying: “30 per cent grant cut no way: make the Tories pay.” The police said that about 6,000 students were on the march: the NUS claimed a total nearer 25,000.

e. November 14 1994; Debt fears deterring sixth-formers, says NUS. More than a quarter of sixth-formers may be deterred from going on to higher education because of worries over rent debt, the National Union of Students claimed this week.

f. November 14 1994; Taxing questions for NUS leaders. Jim Murphy welcomes the publication of the Institute for Public Policy Research Commission on Social Justice on behalf of the National Union of Students. His organization has made some impressive strides in recent years towards engaging with reality, especially in stealing Tory thunder by instituting internal democratic reforms. However, if Mr Murphy is serious about facing the challenges ahead, the NUS needs to look seriously at the question of student finance.

g. November 14 1994; Taxing questions for NUS leaders. I was disappointed to see the democratically elected president of the National Union of Students Jim Murphy refusing to promote the Unions’ democratically decided policy on the funding of students in further and higher education

h. April 3 1995; Feel-real factor sweeps NUS. Student leaders have prepared the ground for a wholesale review of their policy on funding tuition and students in the further and higher education system.


i. April 10 1995; Murphy to fight fee contributions. Jim Murphy, president of the National Union of Students, will campaign against fee contributions in opposition of the review of student funding backed by four-fifths of delegates to conference last week.

j. April 10 1995; Levy the loaded. Last week Jim Murphy and other Labour leaders of the National Union of Students began to ditch the union’s commitment to free education.

k. May 8 1995; Follow my Labour. A discussion paper on the future funding of student support, launched this week by the National Union of Students, is heavily influenced by emerging Labour Party policy, student leaders claim.

l. May 29 1995; Derby day for student funding. Students give up fight for free education, is the headline some would have us believe of the National Union of Students education funding review. But a much more considered process is going on within the student movement.

m. June 5 1995; Clock stopped on reforms. Ambitious bids for reform by lecturers’ Jim Murphy and other students’ leaders have been thwarted by concerted opposition from the conference floor.

n. June 51995; Students are no doubt celebrating this weekend. As they see it they have won two famous victories, one in respect of strike ballots in further education, the other in respect of students’ grants and fees.

o. June 12 1995; By the book. There’s one book which Jim Murphy, president of the National Union of Students, has never got round to reading, although he says he has always meant to read it: the constitution of the NUS. “It’s meant to be the bible of the union but I’ve never got past the first page,” he said recently. Perhaps that explains the smooth running of last week’s NUS annual meeting, with none of the usual cascade of procedural objections interrupting its flow. This was the meeting Jim Murphy dominated breaking many of the rules of the Union forcing through major policy changes.

3. Union Support of Fee Charges – The Aftermath

a. June 12 1995; Students split over finance. The split among student unions on reform of student financial support widened this week as a group of “moderate” unions spoke of setting up their own consortium to push for reform.

b. September 25 1995; Students press for reforms. More than 100 student union officers have formed a pressure group, “The Committee for Free Education” (CFE) to lobby the National Union of Students for a “more realistic” policy on education funding.

c. Speech in Support of CFE by Tony Benn; “In 1995, the leadership of the National Union of Students forced through their policy dropping support for free education and living student grants, in order to smooth the way for the next Labour government to introduce fees. The Committee for Free Education (CFE) was set up to combat this move, mobilizing thousands of student activists in the NUS structures, in colleges and universities and on the streets. I bring support from the Campaign Group of MPs and I congratulate the people who have set up the Campaign for Free Education. It is clear that the present leadership of the National Union of Students have a great reluctance to support the policy agreed at the Derby NUS conference, and something independent of them needed to be set up. I can’t believe that the NUS leadership can go on for much longer following a policy that has been rejected by their members. There is a broad democratic issue here to be raised. I do believe that the argument for free education is an enormously powerful one and it is one that we will need to redeploy because people haven’t heard it for a long time. We are starting to have this argument now. Next week, the Conservatives announce plans to impose a graduate tax. There are people in the Labour Party who support that proposal”! http://anticuts.com/2010/09/22/we-are-campaigning-for-the-enrichment-of-life-tony-benn-makes-the-case-for-free-education/

d. September 25 1995; Tied in. Education union leaders displayed a remarkable consensus at a higher education fringe meeting at this week’s Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow. Panellists David Triesman of the Association of University Teachers, John Akker of the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education, and Jim Murphy of the National Union of Students, all turned up with colour – coordinated ties in a fetching navy blue and pale yellow.

e. October 30 1995; NUS quizzes members on student funding; The National Union of Students is launching what it describes as its most widespread and in-depth research initiative, to sound student views on the funding of education in time for its annual conference in March of next year.

c. November 20 1995; HM loan arranger. The Government’s plans to privatise the student loans scheme were confirmed in the Queen’s Speech this week. Her Majesty said legislation would be introduced to enable students to choose between private and public suppliers of subsidised loans.

d. November 27 1995; Poverty protest. The National Union of Students organized a march to protest at increasing student hardship on Thursday. At a rally in Kennington Park, London, NUS president Jim Murphy said: “We are calling on the Government to conduct an urgent review of student hardship.”

vision murphy

e. January 1 1996; Loans boycott threatens banks. May 1995 the National Union of Students called an extraordinary conference to debate student funding. It promised to be a watershed event, marking a radical change in NUS policies. It turned out to be a bitter defeat for Jim Murphy and the leadership of the NUS.

f. January 1 1996; New year wishes… Jim Murphy.

i. “Student hardship is now at record levels, and for many it has reached crisis point. It has to be the priority of every organization involved in education to work towards finding a solution to student hardship. On campuses the crisis of hardship is alarmingly evident. Only Government ministers remain convinced that the problem does not really exist.

ii. The National Union of Students Values For Money survey conducted in February 1995 found one in three students missed meals because of hardship, one in four considered dropping out, one in three worked part-time during term and one in two thought their financial situation was having an adverse effect upon their academic work.

iii. A new report from the British Medical Association found that university medical centres were dealing with increases in stress-related illness and eating disorders brought on by financial problems.

iv. A Government policy which forces so many students into so much hardship is completely contradictory to pledges of increasing access to education. For mature students, student parents, students with disabilities, part-time students and students from low-income families, the Government’s boasts of increasing access are cruelly hollow, especially following the budget’s latest blow to students in need with the freezing of access funds.

v. The Government has scored an own goal. It had the opportunity to create education for all but then constructed so many financial barriers that many cannot now afford to participate properly.

vi. We have to work towards a solution to the crisis of student hardship, a solution which will give everyone of ability the opportunities of education without the obstacles of severe financial hardship. This must be our common aim for 1996, and one which we should approach with urgency.”

g. April 15 1996; Labour group deserts student interests. National Union of Students president Jim Murphy has done his utmost to undermine the NUS policy of free education policy over the past year. And at the annual conference in Blackpool last week, he added insult to injury by vilifying anybody who believes in free education as a Trotskyist, claiming they “wouldn’t be able to look a homeless person in the eye”.

h. March 11 1996; Bank thumbs down. The National Union of Students has welcomed the NatWest’s decision not to tender for private student loans. NUS president Jim Murphy said that the decision, which follows similar ones by the Midland and the Cooperative banks and the Woolwich Building Society, proved that the Education (Student Loans) Bill was now dead. He called on the Government to withdraw it immediately.

i. March 25 1996; Cash back. Jim Murphy, president of the National Union of Students and a former student at Strathclyde University, paid tribute to Strathclyde students association’s success in having resit fees abolished. “I’m hoping to get some sort of reimbursement for all the resits I did in first and second year,” he admitted.

j. June 17 1996; Loan voice. Student leader Jim Murphy breaches Union rules in suspending one of his own executive committee members for allegedly breaching union rules.

k. June 24 1996 Murphy rapped. Ten MPs have signed an early day motion condemning the improper suspension of National Union of Students vice president education Clive Lewis by president Jim Murphy. Ken Livingstone sponsored last week’s motion condemning the “intolerant and dictatorial behaviour” of Mr Murphy who, acting without official National Executive Committee approval, suspended Mr Lewis after he spoke against conference policy.


4. Who’s a Lucky Boy Then?

a. In 1996, upon ceasing to be NUS President, Murphy was offered a position as the Special Projects Manager of the Scottish Labour Party; he accepted the role, dropping out of university in order to do so. He was also selected at this time to stand as the Labour Party candidate in the seat of Eastwood at the forthcoming general election.

b. September 23 1996; Future face. Jim Murphy has gone from the presidency of the National Union of Students to Conservative-held Eastwood in Scotland, where he is a prospective parliamentary candidate for Labour.

c. 7 April 7 1997; Stumping Jim. How lucky can you get? Poor Jim Murphy, whose selection as Labour candidate for the safest of Scottish Tory seats, Eastwood, after his National Union of Students presidency appeared to offer a breathing space in a career of enthusiastic politicking. There he was, looking forward to a spot of gentle campaigning, gathering his strength in preparation for the gloriously winnable seat that would surely be his reward in the next election, when in stepped sleaze.

d. First stroke of luck. The sitting (and pickaxe-waving) MP Allan Stewart resigned amid claims he had been over-friendly with a woman he met in an alcoholism clinic. Next, bit of good fortune. Allegations of homosexuality stopped Sir Michael Hirst, chairman of the Scottish Tories, filling the shoes of Mr Stewart.

e. A young fresh faced Mr Murphy was plagued by phone calls from Walworth Road and massive support from local activists telling him to keep knocking on doors and kissing babies and he could be in with a chance. He won the seat. htttp://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/news/stumping-jim/159028.article All of the foregoing articles are contained in the archives of http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk

5. March 9 2001; Student Fees – The aftermath – Betrayal and Subterfuge

a. Should the National Union of Students have fought harder to keep the grant? Can it do anything to reverse the state of student support? Many student leaders believe the NUS took a wrong turn in the mid-1990s, moving too far towards pragmatism.

b. The leadership of the moderate Labour Students, typified by Jim Murphy, steered student action towards measured negotiation and behind-the-scenes contacts.

c. Mr Murphy was convinced that the union’s traditional support for the universal grant was a lost cause.

d. The leadership was certainly good at accumulating favours -former presidents Stephen Twigg, Lorna Fitzsimmons and Jim Murphy all became Labour MPs in 1997. But their influence proved to be limited, and the compromise solutions to the student funding issue promoted by the NUS were largely ignored by Dearing and the Labour government.

e. The favoured concept of the NUS in 1995 and 1996 was the maintenance income-contingent loan, or MICL, which Mr Murphy fought to get the movement to accept. The left leaning students put up a strong fight, and defeated Mr Murphy on the issue at an extraordinary conference in Derby in 1995, but 1996 saw NUS leadership finally win when conference voted to ditch its commitment to full grants.

f. Emily Baldock, a former president of Durham Students’ Union, believes that the NUS failed to find a sensible position between the ultra-pragmatists and the hard left.

g. Ms Baldock, now a doctoral student at Wolfson College, Oxford, and a part-time lecturer, doubts that the NUS could have affected the new government’s policy.

h. The vote coincided with the election of Douglas Trainer to the presidency. Mr Trainer had some tough times in office and was criticized for caving in to the government too easily on tuition fees.

i. Mr Trainer, who is now in public relations, believes the NUS did not grasp the financial constraints on the government. “The student movement failed to understand the power of the Treasury. When Labour… opened the books, they realised they couldn’t work on the funding models that had been talked about.”

j. And although he says the NUS’s access to government improved significantly once Labour got in, it was unable to convince the leadership to change tack.

murphy nuc

k. Many are convinced that the tide is turning. Owain James, the independent president, has provided a fresh direction. He believes he is well-placed to push for a return to maintenance support.

l. He does not believe that the events of the 1990s have weakened NUS’s position. “We’ve got a policy that unites the student movement and a campaign that we can win,” he said.

6. April 4 2003; NUS left forces a U-turn on grants. The National Union of Students this week returned to its historic support for universal grants paid for through progressive taxation.

a. Delegates to the NUS annual conference in Blackpool forced the national executive to abandon its seven-year-old policy of supporting only means-tested grants targeted at the poorest students and loans.

b. Conference, radicalised not least by the prospect of top-up fees and war in Iraq, also came within three votes of inflicting a historic defeat on incumbent Labour Student president Mandy Telford in favour of socialist candidate Kat Fletcher. No NUS president has ever failed to win a second term. Ms Telford won by 429 votes to 426.

c. Delegates at the Blackpool conference passed a socialist-sponsored amendment to the executive’s funding policy motion. The amendment said that the NUS would “campaign for a universal, non-means-tested maintenance grant to be available to every student.

d. “Those who ask whether the children of the rich (for example, Prince Harry) should be entitled to a full grant are missing the point. The rich should pay for everyone’s education through a system of progressive taxation.”

e. The amendment was backed by Will Straw, president of the Oxford University student union and son of foreign secretary Jack Straw. He said that means-testing did not work, as one in five students whose parents should make a contribution to their living costs received nothing.

f. He said: “If you are worried about people like me or Prince Harry getting a grant when we don’t need one, tax our parents – make them pay.”

g. The national executive’s Steve Bloomfield argued that he was “middle class and didn’t need a grant” and said that the union’s policy should be about targeting support, to those who need it most.

h. This week’s conference has undone the NUS’s controversial funding policy agreed at the 1996 conference. At the time, a leadership of new Labour students, typified by Jim Murphy – now Labour MP for Eastwood – who was president from 1994 to 1996, argued that a call for universal full grants was a lost cause. Mr Murphy and Labour Students persuaded the 1996 conference that a more pragmatic approach would win them greater influence.

i. The successful amendment this week described this policy as “wrong, both tactically and strategically”. “The national union should be demanding as much as possible in order to win the maximum concessions from the government,” the amendment said.

j. The motion was forwarded by Ms Fletcher, NUS women’s officer, who stood against Ms Telford on the Campaign for Free Education slate backed by the Socialist Workers Party and the Student Broad Left.

k. Ms Fletcher, in her election address, said: “In 1997, the Labour government introduced fees and took away the grant, and NUS helped them to do it.

l. History is repeating itself – the day the white paper came out and introduced top-up fees, Charles Clarke praised our president.”

m. Ms Fletcher said that the newly agreed campaign for universal grants was something only she could fight for, as Ms Telford was “cowering behind the coat-tails of Tony Blair”.

n. But Ms Telford will now have to back the pro-grants policy. In her election address, she said: “I applaud the Labour government when it gets things right. But when the Labour government gets things wrong, as it has with the war against Iraq, its policy on asylum seekers, the disastrous education policy which will send us back to the 19th century, I will attack them and will set out to beat them.”

o. She called for unity: “The NUS is at its strongest when we are fighting together. If ever there was a time for unity, it is now. We have the government on the defensive.”

p. Ms Telford promised a massive campaign against top-up fees, involving schools, parents and trade unions.


Glasgow City Council Corruption – Greens and Blues Exchange Views – Is There Consensus?

Glasgow’s Corrupt Council. The Green and the Blue

1. Expected to rubber stamp the move today to transform the east end of the city into a thriving hub of activity including bars, restaurants, improved transport links, leisure facilities and a museum for the manky mob, it also will install the infrastructure for links and walkways from the beggardome to all the other commonwealth games venues, even though it will only be used for the opening ceremony porkheid is in line to be revamped under the guise of the commonwealth games. GCC is expected to give full backing to the spend of millions of taxpayers money to completely transform the area surrounding the beggardome and hand over car parking facilities and the new veladrome to the manky mob once complete, nothing will stand in the way of this unprecedented transformation of a part of the city and money will be no object. Meanwhile over at Ibrox the residents who live around the magnificent Ibrox stadium look out their windows onto waste ground as GCC refused planning permission until the building game went t1ts up and refused to allow the Rangers to buy the land and transform it themselves, it now lies as a wasteland because the cooncil dont have the money to rededvelop the area, the Hinselwood project has been shelved again. Blue

2. Blast, if it wisnae for these pesky kafflicks. Blue

3. The East End of Glasgow is a complete sh**ehole, so this gets my backing. I also happen to own a flat in the East End. Cannae be a bad thing though. Development like this will bring jobs, lower crime, create a new buzz. That’s good for the city as a whole. Also, the improved links to Celtic Park are well over-due. Tens of thousands of people go there every other weekend. Why shouldn’t it be more well connected to the city centre? Will be great news for the value of my flat, too. Green

4. Apart from pure self interest, can anyone offer rational and accurate reasons for these cooncil’s planning decisions without resorting to bigotted name calling. I’m sure those recently made redundant by the self same cooncil will be more than happy that their “employer” will still be able to carry out this development. Neutral

5. Ok, let’s look at it the other way. Why would you oppose the council doing these 3 things:

i. Regenerating a very shabby part of the city. Regeneration has been shown the world over to reduce crime.
ii. Adding proper transport links to the biggest sports arena in the city.
iii. Providing jobs to a poverty-ridden part of the city.

What on earth is your problem with this? Other than that it is based near Celtic…Car parking for Parkhead? Fantastic! It’s a nightmare taking the car there. Tranposrt links? Great! Jobs, safer streets… What on earth is your problem with this? If it was on the other side of the city you’d be right behind it, I’d imagine. Green

6. No problem with investing in the East End it is good for the city and porkheid could do with a refurb it is an absolute shytehole. Glad to chip in to help the needy. Pity the council can’t buy sellik a few more league trophies to help them with their chase of scotland’s top club. Green

7. I think a lot of his problem with it is the sour taste left when the same cooncil dragged it’s feet over plans to regenerate the area around Ibrox, the same cooncil who refused to allow Rangers to build their training complex down the road claiming it was earmarked for retail…before allowing a massive new police station to be built there. As for your contention that regeneration has been proved the world over to reduce crime….by your rationale, given the amount of regeneration carried out in Glasgow over the last 25 years then surely the city must be almost crime free? Blue

8. It’s a fairly widely recognised technique in fighting crime son. Same principle as the Gorbals regeneration, lots of cities in Poland are using it too now. Make a place look nicer and crime falls. I fail to see how anybody could have a problem with this in the east end. Neutral

9. Any Rangers fan that still votes Labour and sadly there are far too many …..the excuse usually being, ” Cause ma Da always did”, should hang their heads in shame !! The corruption jobs for the bhoys scandal from the sectarian Monklands council a few years ago shaould have been the final nail in the coffin for the Scottish Labour party, sadly the whole matter was covered up in the usual manner. To think the same Labour mhob denied Rangers the right to upgrade the area where St Anthonys used to play and yet within a couple of years later they allowed Celtic to purchase part of Janefield st for the grand sum of ONE PENNY so they could build (with again the help of a grant from Scottish Labour) the Mechano ground that we the Tax payer will soon have to pay to re-upgrade …. and people ask why the Mhanks are often called the Beggars !!!!!!! Blue

10. Dont think anyone has a problem with a part of Glasgow getting a facelift, the problem maybe that the cooncil denied the Rangers planning for the area surrounding Ibrox for years, they came up with one reason or another to stall and with hold the planning consent until eventually the market went t1ts up, the area around Ibrox now is wasteground and the council will have to find the money from somewhere to do it up in time for the commonwealth games, had they given the consent when it was asked the area would be developed and unrecognisable to what it is today, it would also have been done at very little expense to the taxpayer. Unsuprisingily they have found the money and had no problem in giving consent to another deprived area of the city and will use taxpayers cash to fund this pet project, the plans of which are being kept under wraps until its given the green light and cannot be overturned. In the current financial climate it is incredible that these crooks have the brass neck to carry on with these plans under the guise of the games, they will have the opening ceremony in a stadium which houses thousands each week that dispise the very existence of the commonwealth, these same people will benefit from this upgrade in the close vicinity to the stadium with leisure facilities and such like while the true needs of this area will go unchanged. Neutral
11. Perhaps the cooncil will sell it for a penny to seletic once it’s done

12. And of course, none of the decision makers are Celtic shareholders wwith an interest in the regeneration happening. Absolutely certain of that. Glesga Cellik Coonsil operate to the highest standards of proberty and ethics. Blue

13. Re. the Commonwealth Games. I wonder how many Union Jacks will be flying at the opening ceremony ? Neutral

14. As expected the plans were given the green light, the area surrounding the mankdome will be completely transformed costing tens of millions of pounds funded by the taxpayer, meanwhile the cooncil are making cuts in other areas..Scotland’ biggest local authority is considering a plan to cut more than £30 million from its budget. Proposal’s will;

i. axe 600 jobs, including 228 middle management posts.

ii Reduce opening times at city museums.

iii. increase charges for some pupils for school breakfast.

iii. closure of community halls, swimming pools and a library.

iv. Land and environment services, which looks after the city’s parks and roads, will have £1.6 million cut from its budget.

v. Cuts will also be made to the development and regeneration budget, corporate services, financial services, car parking and marketing for tourists and businesses.

council chiefshave said compulsory redundancies will not be be necessary next year. The cuts, aimed at saving £30.3 million, will take £3.1 million off the council’s education budget and £5.5 million off social services, as well as £1.7 million from the budget for Culture and Sport Glasgow, which runs the city’s museums, galleries and sports facilities. Baillie Gordon Matheson, the city treasurer, said the budget is “tight” but will be “the best for years to come”. Neutral

People loosing their jobs, services being cut, the regeneration budget being cut,(no the one concerning porkheid) and parents having now to pay for what used to be free breakfast and child care, all this to fund the redevelopment of the city fathers favourite past time. I wonder how many manky season ticket holders they have on this committee now, there was 12 out of 14 when our fab council sold a whole street to rasellic for the grand sum of 1 new pence to build the brendanbeau. They should be exposed for what they are. Green

15. It is excellent news for the East End but dont expect the Billy Bigots to be crash hot about it. BTW- I presume their is evidence of the corruption at GCC? Green

16. ‘Corruption’ – now that is a rather extravagant and libellous claim isn’t it? You can only hope there is ‘evidence’ or he’ll surely be banned. Blue

17. The east end does require a facelift, but to spend millions on a small area of the east end is criminal. As for the transport links, porkheid is a 10 minute walk from the city center, there are two train stations a few ***dred yards away from its front door, several buses run past the mankdome and the M74 extension is nearing completion, does it really require more transport links? The council is corrupt to the core, the city will loose millions on the commonwealth games and sellic will be the only beneficiary of this scandal. Neutral

18. Look yah coward, you can post throw away phrases like “The council is rotten to the core” all you want but unless you can back it up wae some evidence, we will all just continue to recognise you as being the same old cowardly lying hvn that you are. Green

19. Oh dear, the permaraging h-un said it again. Green

20. Corruption’ – now that is a rather extravagant and libellous claim isn’t it? You can only hope he has the ‘evidence’ or he’ll surely be banned. This “corruption” word is used regularly Of course, it is never backed up with bombproof evidence. Green

21. How many years have we been hearing these stories from the Buns? They never come to fruition. Green

22. Put up or shut up yah coward. Green

23. Yea, come on bring forth the cast iron ‘evidence’, you know the sort that will interest the courts i.e. not the foamings at the mouth of Follow Fascist Green

24. I think the number of Celtic shareholders on the various coonsil committees that gave various planning permissions would be enough. Blue

25. GCC was exposed on private eye when they sold a whole street to allow rasellic to build the brendanbeau that they only charegd the rotten mob 1p. 13 of the 15 members voting on the committee were either season ticket holders at the ******* or shareholders, they voted overwhelmingly in favour of selling the land for a nominal fee, the land today would be worth millions to any developer or even to the council. This in an area crying out for social housing. Rasellic also had no problem with planning permission and even built over a graveyard with no opposition whatsoever.

5 years ago the Rangers asked for planning permission to redevelop the land around Ibrox, it was to be transformed into retail, social housing, business, hotel, leisure developments with the cost being made by the Rangers and investors, this would have cost the council zero but for their own reasons they refused planning permission and allowed the area to fall into a state of disrepair, they have now had to demolish almost all the housing and it will cost the taxpayer millions to redevelop the land which now lies as wasteground.

We can also throw in the lord provost using the taxpayers cash to ferry himself and fiends to and from the beggarbowl and using the shoitehole to entertain again at our expense.

The mankies oan this thread are doing what they always do when they are caught bang to rights, play the victim card and call all those who question them “bigots”, your fathers have taught you well bhoys but we can see right through you. Blue

26. Would it?

i. prove they are

ii. prove they made the decision exclusively or primarily to benefit Celtic

iii. provide the paperwork/tape recordings/hard data confirming the above

If you cant shut the F up or face a long ban, ya daft h-un Green

27. Same old FF excrement from the same old excremental Green

28. What is wrong with Glaswegians, an area of their city which is a f*cking eyesore is to be regenerated and you get complaints. Neutral

29. just an anti Irish/Catholic bigot……best ignored Green

30. what a rancid bigot you are. I have been on to my local councilor and asked him to look into this misuse of public funds, he assures me he is looking into it and will do all in his power to end this shameful behaviour, he is also one of the brotherhood and phukin hates the ratcatchers. Green

31. just an anti Irish/Catholic bigot……best ignored. I repeat for the hard of learning….The mankies oan this thread are doing what they always do when they are caught bang to rights, play the victim card and call all those who question them “bigots”, your fathers have taught you well bhoys but we can see right through you. Green

33. what a rancid bigot you are. Surely yer local councillor is part of GCC, so he must be corrupt as well. Green

34. He is not on the voting committee numbnuts, jesus some of you c*nts are hard work. Green

35. Picture this. He approaches his ‘councillor’ wih his devastating portfolio of ‘evidence’ culled from his collection of Follow Fascist posts. Perry mason it isn’t. The only counsellor he’ll be needing is the one who’ll have the misfortune to be listening to his inane ramblings in a secure mental institution, the daft h-un. Green

37. its simple, any self respecting Rangers fan should not vote for the political wing of Celtic in the city of Glasgow. Green

38. There’s a strong stench of the Follow Fascist party line about many of the h-uns on here. They’ll be quoting their messiah the gub shortly. Green

39. They can spend as much moolah as they like on Glashgowww, but it will make no difference to they kwality of life – – because it will still be inhabited by Glaswegians, who in their own fashion will pi&& it up against the nearest wall. Neutral

40. 100% spot on. Holding the ‘Commonwealth’ Games in Glasgow is about as ironc as it gets, every bit of common wealth seems to be appropriated by these people and promptly wasted. The place is just a black hole of subsidy without any progress ever being made because of the mentality of the population. The games should be in Edinburgh anyhow – Promoting Glasgow to the World will be an embarrassment to the nation. Neutral

Isabel Fraser- A shining Light in the Murky World That is the BBC Unbiased, (Not) Presentation of Scottish Political Events. With Her Presenting We Might Have Won the Day


August 7 2012; Labour MP Ian Davidson attempts to bully BBC Scotland’s Isabel Fraser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ6CO-dnttU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnUuwIgqWO4

Scottish Labour MP Ian Davidson, being interviewed by BBC Scotland’s Isabel Fraser, repeatedly harangues the female presenter and accuses her of political bias.


hoochy229; The very notion that the British Broadcasting Corporation, the organization which Greg Dyke described as “the glue that binds the nation”, is biased TOWARD the SNP could only come from the paranoid, incoherent and downright stupid mind of of Ian Davidson. Mind you he is not alone, that other pillar of British unionism, Michael Kelly, wrote in the Scotsman defending Davidson over this nonsense. Now there’s a pair who really deserve each other.

chancergordy; Here is the man, the Labour MP for Govan, supposedly elected by the People of his constituency to fight their case. The man who told the Defense minister Philip Hammond to make sure that if Scotland votes for independence then he must withdraw all MOD jobs to England. What kind of person would adopt this stance? What kind of people would vote for him? A little rat who puts himself, Labour and Westminster before Scotland.?

MsBooboo26; What an ignorant, charmless, political pygmy. Ms Fraser dealt with him beautifully.?

February 19 2012; Alistair Darling — naive, disingenuous, or just woefully unprepared for Isabel Fraser? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fg9STsV4zc

Alistair Darling has been an MP for 25 years. He served in the Labour Cabinet continuously from 19997 to 2010, and was Chancellor of the Exchequer for three years. Among the other post he has held are Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Sec. of State for Work and Pensions, Sec. of State for Transport, Sec. of State for Scotland and Sec. of State for Trade and Industry.

March 5 2012; Nick Clegg and Isabel Fraser – Sunday Politics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJI9msHb7y8

This is an edit from a 12m clip to 9m or so. The essence of Clegg is maintained, but since he is guilty of the ‘torrent of words’ approach that many politicians adopt to bury the message – combined in his case with a soporific, monotonous delivery – I have cut some of the gooey filling.


Neep Whisperer; As a Highlander and an ex Lib-Dem voter I don’t appreciate their “humour” or their turncoat antics. They are neither liberal nor democratic just a lighter shade of Tory blue another set of over-privileged con artists!

KillTheStranger; Isabel Fraser is a shining light in this sh**storm

Cybopath; Nick Clegg, I think if you cut him he’d bleed beige. The man is the essence of vague

May 13 2012; Local elections and coalitions – Isabel Fraser, Anas Sarwar, Kenneth Gibson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-yClwx6Ivs

tyrthedisipliner; But Labour fought most of their campaign on the basis of keeping the Tories out, I think only in places like Glasgow did that kind of campaigning go on with the SNP. Labour are allowed to go into coalitions just as much as any other parties but they need to drop their “Vote Labour to keep out the Tories” Campaigning because it’s just plain lies.

MrZambology; Westminster have saddled the UK with over a trillion pounds of debt and are still borrowing, we can do better without them, they’re “austerity” measures aren’t working, they’re enslaving the working man/women at the expense of private business.

tyrthedisipliner; Labour may be allowed to form coalitions with the Tories but they need to be honest with voters and admit their happy to put the Tories into power whenever they can get power. Dishonest politics by a party hoping people will suffer some kind of mass amnesia.Also calling Glasgow “a ditch” is insulting.


June 24 2012; YES or NO? – Isabel Fraser, Michael Moore MP, Stewart Hosie MP – Sunday Politics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVD3jGl326I

‘Nuff said on Michael Moore. Stewart Hosie was his usual competent self. At the end, Martin Sime of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organizations (SCVO) expresses his now familiar distrust of the political process

March 25 2012; Isabel Fraser and Theresa May – security, borders and immigration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-Gs68TOu04

Old scare story – Independent Scotland will put up borders, checkpoints, police on trains, etc. New scare story – England after independence will put up borders, checkpoints, police on trains, etc.


bommmmmmmm; So T May warns that Scottish independence would cause mass immigration. For once I agree with her. I’m sure I and many of my fellow Englishmen will see it as a chance to escape her vile government by heading for the Scottish border.

Peter Curran; As an SNP supporter, I’ve made that point repeatedly on my blog. But the unionist parties can’t consider the possibility because of an irrational fear that even considering it might bring it about.

Daniel O’Brien; There’s only one party in Scotland that is trustworthy, level headed, forward thinking, and knows what they’re doing – that party being the SNP. You unionists want the referendum now when you don’t even know what it would imply!? It’s worrying to think these people are running 3 of the 4 countries in the UK… Oh, and just to inform you Theresa: I heard a lot of words, yet nothing was actually said! TAofMoridura is right, you should think about a new career choice!

wee jimmy kranky; rUK will be fully entitled to do as they see fit, it’s kinda the point of independence. Given that one of the biggest arguments against independence is that we’ll be abandoning the English to an eternity of Tories I’d suggest that we’ll need border controls to limit the flow of refugees fleeing Tory rule in England.

ian; Just another Tory scare story if it was up the Tories we would have independence when the oil and gas runs out, and just shows what the Tories think about Scotland and the Scottish people roll on independence when we can run our own affairs without listening to all these negative points about our own country.

akoustixx; There’s no need for NATO if you have no enemies in the World! or maybe the hostility is nearer than we bargain…

frasersg; Someone must make the point that an independent Scotland may not be under an SNP Govt. What is the immigration policy in an independent Scotland from Lamont, Davidson et al? They need to be prepared. Or do they have so little faith in their political prospects that they feel that the SNP will be perpetually in power? And as far as this new scare story is concerned, once again, I doth my hat to the creativity of the unionists…


May 28 2012; The Big Debate 1 and 2 Isabel Fraser BBC1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj-Z1nkC8Xc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFBa_1d5PP0


John F; every time Nicola speaks she is talked over by anus Sarwar and Davidson.. not a fair debate.. getting used to this now.. Mr Harvey is very good?

MrZambology; This wasn’t a debate it was a rammy, these people need to stop talking over each other, the Green representative came across very well the other three were like a bunch of school kids. Anas Sarwar should hand his head in shame, a Muslim that backs Labour, the same Labour party that started illegal wars in Muslim countries, the guy’s sick.

James McL; What a terrible debate with a terrible facilitator and terrible questions. We need better quality debate, not another Parliament mud throwing session.

Leegreen3y; At least this presenter treats all the representatives fairly; most others just instantly hostile to SNP *BBC cough – cough – cough* … For half the price of Trident, we could buy a massive air superiority fighter jet fleet (Buy Russian-T50 Stealth jets for half the price of a Eurojet or f-22 raptor).

PatchesRips; I hate to admit it, but Ruth’s got a point. The EU made it clear a long time ago that they were drawing the line and no one was acceding to the EU in the future without committing to adopt the euro. For Nicola to say Scotland’s not in the exchange mechanism isn’t an argument; of course it isn’t. It’s in the UK and it’s not a separate country yet. But once it is, to join the EU, Scotland will have to join that exchange mechanism. Scotland doesn’t set the rules for EU admission. The EU does.

MrZambology; I can remember when the EU was called “the common market” that’s what it should be, what’s happening in Greece just now’s heartbreaking, no country shouldn’t have the option of printing it’s own money, Iceland had the right idea regarding bank failures, they’re private businesses that should never have been bailed out from the public purse.. As for the Euro, if members of the EU don’t get their acts together we’ll be trading in Chinese currency before too long

Peter Curran; When Scotland become independent, it becomes a separate country. So does the UK, which becomes rUK. There is no doubt whatsoever that both will be accepted as EU members. However the UK at moment has doubts about membership and has not endeared itself to the EU. rUK make take the opportunity to leave. The EU could be forgiven for taking the opportunity to kick them out – but it won’t. An EU without England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in inconceivable.

Daniel O’Brien; Scotland is already in the EU. If Scotland were to leave the UK and become Independent, it wouldn’t really make much sense for a country which is already part of the EU to re-apply for an already existing membership? Surely if that were the case wouldn’t the rest of the UK also have to re-enter the exchange mechanism when it’s already part of it?? Doesn’t make any sense if you ask me.

mgardiner2725; Scotland is part of the EU as part of the UK. So the UK is an EU country. If Scotland separates from the UK, they also separate from the EU.

PatchesRips; .And the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson. And speaking of mythical creatures, here’s a unicorn!

July 1 2012; Isabel Fraser with Blair Jenkins and Richard Baker – YES and NO to Scotland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc6c5PiSmkI

The open, positive message of the new Scotland – and the other one …

BLAIR JENKINS: “The very important thing to realize here is that the day after the referendum in 2014 – and I believe people in Scotland will vote for an independent Scotland – all the people who’ve been involved in the NO campaign immediately become citizens of the new Scotland, and will be as determined as the rest of us to make Scotland the country it could be, and it should be.”

And that is perhaps the most vital thing that every YES campaigner – and every NO campaigner – must bear in mind for the next two years or so.

March 4 2012; Johann Lamont and Isabel Fraser Sunday Politics 4 Mar 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r8XX6j1uvw

Over-promoted, economically and fiscally inadequate, and way out of her depth. Scottish Labour should not have put a decent, hard-working politician in this unenviable position. I like her, I believe she cares – but she should not have put herself forward for this job. And, since she does care about Scotland and Scots, she’s in the wrong party …

July 2 2012; Isabel Fraser with Richard Baker – NO to Scotland’s independence; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu7NQCmJda8

I thought Richard Baker should be heard alone (the full interview incl. Blair Jenkins is up separately) in all his double talking, defensive glory – just the man to say NO to his country’s independence on behalf of Labour.

April 18 2011; Richard Baker falls to bits on News- night Scotland 18/04/11; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJunZe5l7M

Labour’s cynical dog-whistle knife crime policy is exposed for the fantasy land pish it is. Isobel Fraser reduces The Boy Baker to a simpering wreck as she expertly fisks his la-la numbers.


mortoag; This why Labour had Isobel Fraser removed from her interviewing position.?

Sam Leo; This is a good example of how Labour wasted 13 years in Scotland , Scottish Labour could not even have an opinion unless London gave it the nod , and here lies the problem , Why cant the Labour party in Scotland not see the sense of Scotland being independent and then they can concentrate on getting elected in Scotland and only being accountable to the people living in Scotland .?

independenceshop; What have the BBC done with Isobel Fraser and why? Was she too good at her job??

spinozacelt; exactly.Where is she??

redstrat1234; Baker, yur a lying bawbag?.

clachanyill; english hauf wit, what kind of lunatics voted for this clown. Get a grip.?

bneon; I can’t believe this guy is trying to defend this amount even when he has been told over and over again his figures can’t,won’t,will never add up it’s probably the same ones they used on the Edinburgh tram f/up . The Glasgow rail link f/up .the Scottish parliament building f/up ?

Richard Hunter; How on earth would a bunch of medics know about what the economic cost of knife crime was?

Wallace1297; Baker what a smug prick.

Kane Almsivi; What a little snake Baker is – weasley little knob-head.

supernumery; She let the little creep off lightly.

mattob11; Why do people vote for these cynical, snidy snakes?

mark76944; How can people vote for Labour in Scotland after seeing this?

rolandsausage; What did north British Labour do in the near decade it ran Holyrood? I honestly can’t remember very much at all. This guy gives politicians a bad name and that’s saying something. Sounds like he would have been the school clipe.

clachanyill; This clown has just got to be English enough said.

Mike Nelson; What a nasty odious bare faced lying piece of pond life. Why didn’t he make it to the leadership of Liebour in Scotland?

kargwain187; what n a***hole baker is. well done Isobel Fraser for sticking to your guns.

Rocco Silverstar; just like Liebour in Westminster the numbers don’t add up.

September 7 2013; The Falkirk Fallout and Labour: GMS – Tom Walker, Peter Murray, Gerry Hassan, Isobel Fraser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3uEsb3bJI4

May 7 2012; Johann Lamont and Isabel Fraser 6 May 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51M7D79N21c

c4hsr; The new Maggie Thatcher within Liebour the new Tory party in Scotland .why can’t she listen to the people that support independence within the liebour party ? check out Liebour for independence

March 902013; Oil and Scotland’s Independence – BBC Good Morning Scotland – Isabel Fraser and Derek Bateman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpIDGUxxDlw


Peter Curran; I have a long perspective of Scotland’s history and its relationship to the UK, Europe and the world. I was a Labour supporter most of my life, despite being increasingly aware of the depth of their betrayal of their supporters, especially in the east end of Glasgow. Iraq was the last straw for me – that and the fact that I am totally opposed to nuclear weapons and nuclear power. The only way for Scotland is out. If you haven’t yet seen ‘Diomhair’ you can view it on YouTube – a must. Vote YES!

Chrysalis M; It would be interesting to know your opinion on this subject, in looking at your videos I think you might have a more informed perspective on it. I am from the West coast of Scotland myself and am not entirely convinced either way though I would say my instinct is for independence due to the inefficacy of our votes in the last election and the subsequent farce of a Tory government that we now have. After working in London for some years I have to say we seem to have a lot going for us comparatively.

e ritchie; I was referring to John Kay. Unashamedly pretending the oil reserves arent that important… 1.5 trillion and more in oil is massive..

October 2011: Alex Salmond and Isabel Fraser – Independence and Question(s) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3SdYZj5hrc

One of the many classic Isabel Fraser interviews with Alex Salmond. The Nationalist BBC bashers tend to ignore the vital contribution of the BBC to democracy by giving regular exposure to the FM and the nationalist viewpoint.

Alex Salmond-Isabel Fraser – Fiscal Policy and Murdoch Mar 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sduHeINTsJk

weegit99; Wrong, he is not anti English, Scottish independence would be better for the Britain as a whole

Alex Salmond and Isabel Fraser – Sunday Politics Scotland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nchvxcSACxs

Chanley Muir; The irony of people complaining that Alex Salmond got an easy interview here, when the BBC (which is meant to be unbiased and fair) has for the past 2 years done all they can to derail pro-independence arguments. Looking at further interviews, the Indy reps are bombarded with questions, and demands for answers, yet the unionists declare that they don’t need to give answers until after the vote!!! Yeah, the bias is owned by the unionist media!

March 2 2014; Isabel Fraser, Kate Devlin, Kevin McKenna on Radio Scotland: more powers, dam busters and more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP9zvX5_8MY#t=11

December 2 2012; Alex Salmond on Leveson with Isabel Fraser 2nd Dec 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPkUVcFk7VU

March 29 2014; Guardian: Currency Union – Isabel Fraser and Nicolas Watt on GMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS774LSewgk

January 5 2013 Peter Curran on negotiation and politics – BBC Radio Scotland Isabel Fraser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQkyteimSgM

January 29 2014; Isabel Fraser’s questions NATO the SNP, Angus Robertson, Isabel Fraser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SYmT2x1dAw

February 19 2012; Kenny MacAskill on Cameron’s offer – to Isabel Fraser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGSUxJMQNKo

Peter Curran; Isabel Fraser is one of the finest media interviewers on television.

September 25 2012; SNP care for Scots – can Scotland afford it? YES – but Johann and Labour can’t! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH1cDb1R0qo

June 19 2012; Independence polls – Isabel Fraser and John Curtice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pbOWYuQViQ

Welcoming the publication of a poll from IPSOS/MORI in the Times and Sun putting support for independence at 35 per cent — up two points since the last poll published at the end of May — Scottish National Party Campaign Director Angus Robertson said:

“Compared to the poll commissioned by Alistair Darling on the eve of the Yes campaign launch, support for independence is up by two points to 35 per cent and opposition is down two points — and a MORI poll last December had independence at 29 per cent, or six points less than in this poll. Things are moving in the right direction, and we are very confident of achieving a Yes vote for an independent Scotland in the autumn 2014 referendum.

“When people are asked if they want Scotland’s Parliament to have job-creating economic powers and control of welfare policy — so that we can build prosperity and social justice in place of Tory cuts and recession — or whether they believe that Holyrood should have the powers to get rid of Trident from Scottish waters, the answer is a resounding Yes. And we believe that the positive case for an independent Scotland will overcome the negativity of the Tory-led anti-independence campaign.

“As the campaign moves forward, we will reach out to every community in Scotland with the message that it is fundamentally better for all of us if decisions affecting Scotland are taken by the people who care about Scotland most — that is, the people of Scotland.”

On the leadership rating figures, Mr Robertson said:

“These are fantastic leadership ratings for Alex Salmond — any political leader in the western world would give their eye teeth to have such strongly positive ratings after more than five years in office — and they confirm that he is far and away the most popular political leader in Scotland and the UK. The First Minister’s net approval ratings are double now what they were two years ago.”


MrZambology; I have to agree with you the BBC do whoever’s in Westminster’s bidding. They’re anti-independence and their coverage of world events is skewed, if this report is “balanced” it’s one of the very few. We should all stop paying our licence fees, the BBC is sadly a media manipulation and propaganda tool.

Peter Curran; I’m an SNP supporter, and SNP party member, and I spend a lot of time blogging, tweeting and clipping relevant media. You are just plain wrong, and so are all the Nat’s who look for bias in every BBC broadcast. This was a poll by a reputable polling organization, IpsosMORI. The comment on it was objective by Prof. Curtice as was the questioning by Isabel Fraser. You may not like the analysis, but it was an entirely reasonable one. I have shown the SNP response in the text. Focus on facts!

kargwain187; The BBC article focused only on the negatives of Scottish independence, and did not attempt to give unbiased reporting at all. There was a single man present who analyzed only a single poll for its relevance. Scottish independence means nothing to me, I’m Irish , I have no stake in it. I simply do not like the BBC for its practice of intellectual bias on some news stories. How you can be a SNP supporter and think the BBC is non biased is beyond me to be honest, but best of luck with everything

new2aspergers; Remember the BBC is an official government broadcaster. It’s run by a trust formed of political appointees. Such organizations are by their nature biased. All other broadcasters are “licensed” by the broadcasting authority and so are effectively also under government control. They are all allowed to run freely and are only interfered with over important issues. It gives the appearance of a free press making distortions and lies easier to swallow. The poison in the jam strategy.

Peter Curran; The BBC is a public service broadcaster. As such, it must be regulated. But the idea that it is institutionally biased or government-controlled is untenable, and contradicted by the facts that successive governments, of all political colours, have become excited over the years at what they perceived as anti-government bias. It has been accused by bias by just about every group in British society. It is regarded as a paradigm of public service broadcasting across the globe.

June 27 2012; Brian Taylor talks to one YES and two NO’s on independence and Isabel Fraser to John Curtice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLahZatXRgw


cjmastablasta; I`ve read your blog before but reserve the right of course to not agree with everything you say. The more views out there the better though and I hope to god the SG can pull it together in time for 2014 and achieve our independence. I`ll be putting in a few man hours myself. Have a nice day.

jimmy2k4o; if you’re so sure why does the ‘no’ side always try and rush it so the SNP don’t get the chance to make their case, to debate Cameron. you guys tried the vote back in the last term, why? b/c u know what an informed Scotland will vote, and you want them to vote before they can be informed.

cjmastablasta; The topic is about a yes or no decision and there are many who see the over representation of the no camp quite regularly and feel uneasy about it. Like I said before, there should have been someone else from the yes camp given the chance to put their views across and correct me if i`m wrong but this would fall in with your own argument? I`ve heard a lot from all the different unionist parties but very little from the range of groups from the yes side. I don`t see the balance at all

cjmastablasta; This is not about party politics it`s about the referendum and Scotland’s constitutional decision to be made where there are two sides. YES and NO. I think in this instance there should have been someone speaking from both sides and not two no`s against one yes where the no`s had twice the say to the yes. You put the video up so why do you point this out if you see no problem with it? Do you disagree that the BBC is bias?

cjmastablasta; So the majority government of Scotland is out numbered by two to one? Or should I say three to one judging by Brian Taylor’s past antics and strange interpretation of Labour’s supposed successes in the debating chamber for FM`s questions. I`m really sick of the BBC`s blatant bias in favour of the union. This is supposedly a democratic nation but I do wonder sometimes.

June 19 2012; Isabel Fraser explores the nuclear issue – Faslane, subs and jobs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCBjOUXOtpo

October 21 2012; Alex Salmond and Isabel Fraser on the wider economic arguments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF3Ed_kas-U


Peter Curran; Interviewers are there to ask penetrating questions, to act as Devil’s Advocate – that their job, not to act as passive feeds for your favourite politicians. If Isabel Fraser hadn’t asked such questions on earlier part of the interview, on the SNP’s shameful decision to let WMD – carrying subs of another nations into Scottish waters without inspection, we certainly would not have had it volunteered by Alex Salmond. I support the SNP in general terms, I support independence, but not on NATO.

Noel Masson; Ah, that explains it! lol

Steve McKay; Alex’s sigh at 4min and 30seconds says it all. Please please please stop asking silly questions and make a blooming effort to understand what is being said….report the facts pre-interview for example… I like Isabel Fraser but the tone of voice is all wrong – relax and discuss – don’t stress to pretend your impartial. An intelligent discussion proves your impartial!

markieboy1983; The best interview I’ve seen for a while. Isabel asked all the right questions and Alex knew exactly what he was talking about. Too many interviewers these days just try to provoke the interviewee (a la Paxman), but Isabel knows the main purpose is to inform the viewer. It helped Alex get his message across too so everybody wins. I hope Ian Davidson was watching.

July 27 2013; Scotland’s Oil: David Bell, Robin McAlpine and Brian Wilson on GMS with Isabel Fraser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UhYIkxlHYw

Prof. David Bell – the cool, dispassionate Scottish academic. Robin McAlpine, the young, passionate new voice of Scotland’s independence. And Brian Wilson, yesterday’s man: a tired, negative mix of the worst of the UK arguments, old Labour and the awful thing that supplanted it – Blair/Brown/Mandelson Labour. The great Scottish independence debate in an oddly representative trio …

Comment; Robin McAlpine is very correct in stating that renewable energy should be in collective ownership. After seeing oil cash squandered for years it’s about time it was put to a long term use.

Jim Spud Murphy – Best Way to Let Him Hang Himself is to Watch Him In Action- A Selection of the Best of His U-Tube Videos

ed and jim

April 5 2009; Dunfermline Building Society & Team GB – Interview Jim Murphy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GktJWbstod8

TartanCheeks; Thanks for this. The UK Labour government has used & abused the situation for political reasons. It;s no surprise why The SNP have taken over Dundee Council!

Chic McGregor; Quoting the Sunday Herald: “CLAIMS BY Jim Murphy, the Scottish Secretary, about Dunfermline Building Society’s financial position have been contradicted by the government’s own appointed administrators KPMG, it emerged yesterday. Speaking last week, Murphy claimed that the society had invested in “reckless” sub-prime investments in the US,… …However, the Sunday Herald understands that the government-appointed administrators, KPMG, have now identified that there were no such investments

RobQos; Well his post was slightly venomous but the majority of people who want Scotland to look after its own affairs are generally well natured. There are as many aggressive comments from unionists. I have to disagree with your comment that the majority of Scots want to stay in the union. If people who want independence do occasionally get a bit angry its because the press and media in Scotland is so overly pro-union and anti SNP they don’t cover polls that show the SNP ahead in polls.

June 15 2009; Calman Commission – Interview Jim Murphy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zWpS0ebms0

RobQos; The unionist London parties at Holyrood are trying to kid us on that they are leading the way with the direction that Scotland is taking… but they’re not. Everything they are doing is being dictated by the popularity of the SNP. Issues are being seriously talked about now that unionists laughed at us about just a couple of years ago. A prime example is the the ‘Scottish Six’ and the fact that 8.6% of the licence fee is raised in Scotland but only 2.6% of it is spent here.

RobQos; The last 2 weeks worth of Scottish Media unionist propaganda has been on a scale I’ve never seen before! However isn’t it great that everyone is talking about Scotland’s future? – also on a scale never seen before!! If only we could get control over our own broadcasting we could maybe get balanced argument and not the one sided propaganda that we get shoved down our throats daily. For there to be an SNP government despite the one-sided media is nothing short of incredible.

rolandsausage; Jim Murphy sounds like a Northern Irish unionist of about 70 years ago – hilarious. It’s funny hearing Labour clones say how much they support Holyrood gaining more powers. Before and even just after they lost the last election, they didn’t want us gaining any more. In fact they spoke about the possibility of some powers going back to London. Pathetic, career driven liars.

tartantess; i’m optimistic rob, we win the argument more everyday, one person at a time. and i believe the mainstream media is stale and boring to the under 30’s. and it’s influence is slowly waning. independence is now there to be taken and is it not great to watch the unionists parties working towards giving Scotland even more power as their defense strategy? we have them worried, very worried, but because their all a bunch of self serving twats, watch them implode during a UK general election.

globaltraveller; Labour know the game is up. What a pity that “his” and Broon’s Calman proposals (Calman was just the front man for this whole charade, after all) were so comprehensively rubbished by a number of “independent” economists the following day for being economically illiterate. So by my reckoning the Unionist parties get a D minus in Economics, an F in Maths but a Grade A in sheer brass-neck.

October 23 2011; Jim Murphy, Labour’s promise on EU referendum vote. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNFZSXGsyQ0#t=11

bringbackmydemocracy; A “gold plated guarantee” from a Scottish labour mp, is about as solid as Cameron’s “Cast Iron Guarantee” on a referendum on Europe !

Mansion tax to fund nurses: Murphy

March 2 2012; Jim Murphy looks foolish on who leads for Labour on the Union. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW319ooPFu4

Even by Murphys’ standards, this was a bummer. “The BBC will pick the Labour Leader for the referendum debate” Goad help us a’ ..His persona, one of slimy charm coupled uneasily with old-guard Scottish Labour bluster fails miserably, as it did in the lead-up to Scottish Labour’s 2011 disaster at the polls. I wish he would lead the anti-independence campaign. Some media commentators refer to Murphy as a Labour ‘big beast’. He reminds me of the sad, mangy lion in the old Oswald Street Zoo in Glasgow when I was a child.

March 7 2012; Portsmouth claims warships – Jim Murphy supports them against Scotland

Jim Murphy MP, UK shadow defense secretary sides with Portsmouth and UK against his fellow Scot, Stewart Maxwell, MSP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Upf_L9jRnvg

July 12 2012; Iraq, two Milibands and Jim Murphy, Alistair Darling – skulking silently at the mention of Iraq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhPweoKP9A4

March 6 2013; Jim Murphy evading the questions on defense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_wnkj5IT9Q

Jim Murphy – contender for the most boring voice in British politics – evades the questions on defense, blustering away.
Labour can’t face the fact that in opposition they have zero influence on UK policy and in 13 wasted years of government, they destroyed the economy, widened the gap between rich and poor and launched two war – one illegal – and both still running and killing.

Bruce Robertson; I don’t really hear any good arguments for staying in the Union. Scare mongering and lies is all.

Roger Gillies; If this does not make you sprint to the polling booth to vote yes i don’t know what will , hes boring afraid to answer simple questions and scare tactics frankly make me laugh at how desperate the no lot are, Jim sorry but you have been rumbled.. good bye.. we are voting YES

Peter Curran; I hear the best ones for me – no more WMDs and no more Jim Murphy.

April 13 2013; Angus Robertson v Jim Murphy over NATO and Trident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vptSbVsO4PE

April 14 2013; NATO and Scotland – Jim Murphy and Angus Robertson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1biARXTNPAM#t=13

cjmastablasta; I`d really like to hear at every opportunity that these weapons are too close to Scotland`s major population centre and that having them makes us a target. They truly are obscene weapons and the world would be a much safer place without them. The Cuban missile crisis and rocks falling from the sky over Russia have brought us to the brink of total annihilation in the past. Removing the target on Scotland might upset some in London or elsewhere. I say tuff sh*t

June 21 2013; Jim Murphy MP gets it wrong… again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhFOn1Pb68s

berty basset; Murphy claiming 2010 Scottish government election success for Labour, just a bit too soon. We need to get independence for Scotland and get rid of Murphy

October 16 2013; East Renfrewshire food-bank opened by MP Jim Murphy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHNO2K0_2PA

There are now 55 volunteers helping to run the food-bank which has helped feed dozens of families since it began operating earlier this month. The food-bank is currently based in the St Andrew’s Church in Barrhead.

vessel1973; Jim Murphy pretends to give his support to food banks and yet chooses not to vote against the Bedroom Tax. But surely the point is that if the government and parliament was doing its job (instead of sticking their noses in the trough), we would not have a need for food banks. I have nothing against food banks, it is good and decent people who are running them but they are a symptom of a disease that blights our nation !

January 12 2014; Jim Murphy and Alex Salmond on independence, Coalition, Tories, WMD and Iraq. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4MD3SpMkVY


March 17 2014; BBC Radio Scotland’s Hayley Millar interviews Labour MP Jim Murphy on a speech he is about to make on Scottish Independence. Reaction is from SNP MSP Bob Doris. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HWglFLW72c

The Moon; How dare the man who supported two wars and the bedroom tax talk about the poor, deceitful charlatan, acting as if he gives a damn. His nonsense statistics are based on fanciful credit ratings for Scotland. As for Thatcher and independent Scotland wouldn’t have had her, would it? Foreign country, is foreign bad? Aren’t England and Wales foreign countries already? Is that a bad thing? Why don’t you just repeat SNP over and over again Jim that’s about all you’ve got. Labour made dramatic changes in 97, indeed, the rich kept getting richer, just vote Labour and everything will be alright, once bitten. This guy is a lying machine.

Ray Smith; Fantastic Hayley! You show your commitment to your profession by not running scared of politicians who bully presenters. I’m proud of you. Let’s see if others have the courage to follow your example. As for Jim Murphy, my plea is to his constituents, do not vote this man back in. He brings nothing of benefit to the people of Scotland. This referendum is showing us the politicians who care about the people and those simply looking to draw a salary, unfortunately Jim Murphy is the latter. 

March 23 2014; frae liebour conference 2014 – ma questions tae fudboy Jim Murphy unanswered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SygyvkKJTSQ

July 9 2014; The Orange Order and Better Together – Jim Murphy’s not happy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMAaL4r5rk0

August 30 2014; Jim Murphy suspends pro UK tour claiming orchestrated intimidation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Bio6DEouXo

Pretty pathetic response to what was a minor incident involving an individual clearly a wee bit short of functioning grey matter. No evidence of any coordination but time will no doubt tell.

August 31 2014; Jim Murphy the East Renfrew Mp Excellent, love the chorus, thanks for posting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAmjeyF5AkE

September 2 2014; Jim Murphy refuses to rule out tuition fees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fid6LIeP8xw

marconatrix; It’s been said before but still needs repeating. If they were willing to give more real powers to Scotland then they would have spelled them out and put a DevoMax option on the ballot paper. The SNP were not opposed to this. Had such an option been offered, there is no doubt that it would have won hands down. Now just think a moment and draw you own conclusions. No means No! No change, No progress, No democracy, NO FUTURE!

September 3 2014; Jim Murphy does his whining thing on Daily Politics – but Monbiot puts his crap in context https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fid6LIeP8xw

fear murphy

September 3 2014 Nicola Sturgeon tears Jim Murphy a new one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OoSmbgdr_Q

Jock Haggis – What an accurate and beautifully understated turn of phrase from Nicola:-“The “No” campaign are serial misleaders!”.?

Foreverdub – What you have here is one person with a top education against someone who failed to get one after 9 years of trying. Writings on the wall from the start!?

September 4 2014; The Egg-thrower in Court

A local man admitted throwing eggs at MP Jim Murphy in Kirkcaldy, Fife. He explained that he lived in a flat overlooking the street meeting at which Mr Murphy was addressing a small but acrimonious gathering. He went down to the meeting and addressed a question at Mr Murphy who ignored him. Upset at Mr Murphy’s attitude he went off to a local market, purchased eggs and returned to the fringes of the meeting from where he threw an egg or two that failed to hit anyone. He ventured closer to the rowdy crowd and sidling up to the back of Mr Murphy broke an egg against his shirt then left the area soon after. He confirmed no other person was involved with him. He was sentenced to 80 hours unpaid work on a community payback order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4jF3JsX6ak

September 9 2014; Scottish Independence: Adam Boulton & Jim Murphy ambush Kenny MacAskill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCTsGf1ZU0w

scotchprofessor; Firstly, the interviewer seemed intent, with initial questions for both men, to introduce an anti-English element in to this entire conversation. Jim Murphy was given much more speaking time, and even had his microphone audibly turned up to enable him to speak over Kenny MacAskill’s speaking time. The same was then denied the Yes Scotland representative, as his mic remained turned down. A breakdown:

i. Jim Murphy spoke for over 4 minutes.

ii. Kenny MacAskill was given just over 2 1/2 minutes, within that period he was interrupted and spoken over 7 times. The headline of the piece is one from Jim Murphy against independence.

Fight the British media with facts. The media has run a campaign against Scottish independence right from the start. The people of Scotland are voting as much against this bias, this unfairness, this imbalance of representation as much as for anything else. We want to leave Westminster behind. We want to leave the British media lies behind.

lewis1936; Which Scots patriots is he referring to,who prefer sticking together. The patriots I think of certainly did not believe that Socialist Multimillionaires like Blair and Eton educated Cameron are hardly representative/Jim Murphy who has suddenly sprung from his mogadon position when defending the working class must surely be cannon fodder

Ctrl-Z; BBC are heading the independence vote run-up as “Scotland decides” however, now that various large commercial institutions are suddenly making noises about withdrawing from Scotland, it appears that it should be changed to “Westminster decides.”

The oilyman; Gordon sold the gold ,Tony went to war with bush ,the country is in debt forever ,the labour party and the other two are now reduced to scare tactics .Perhaps it is time for a new currency for all the British Isles with a new independent central bank whether yes or no win .

BobMonkfish; Unionists can only see this in economic terms, but there’s a lot lot more about this than just that

Rubin Schmidt; The Isle of Man and the Channel Isles (the places where the bankers live) not part of the U.K., independent “Sovereign States” with the right to mint their own, debt free, currency. The mark of a “Sovereign State”. America NEVER made it, I’m afraid.!!!

murphy nuc

September 9 2014; Jim Murphy on Scottish independence referendum worries

Labour’s Jim Murphy defending position that Scotland should be part of the United Kingdom in Scottish independence referendum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfIUIxhd_Lg

Jim Murphy is the prime example of what is wrong with UK politics — they lie and lie until they believe their own sh***. Only a fool would believe anything that he just said — end of the day, all it would take is for Westminster to lower the amount of money, given to the Scottish Parliament. This would have a knock on effect in regards to services provided, which could indirectly force privatization of the NHS. Furthermore, Alex Salmond has already answered all these questions Murphy is trying use, to play on Scottish peoples

September 11 2014; Jim Murphy and Brian Donohoe admit the empire is over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F26pypsYBMc

Thomas Drowry; Racist warmongering Blair & Brown killed 1 million Iraqis in the illegal war. Little Scotlanders are evil bigots who got rich building the British Empire

September 22 2014; Jim Murphy reiterates the Labour ‘vow’ on more powers with usual clarity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYuBJltVsOM

This man is an MP and was a Shadow Labour minister. Try to hide your astonishment.

September 25 2014; Jim Murphy Skeletor Labour Quisling

Don’t give him or his mob your vote, they have betrayed Scotland, Labour party the parcel of rogues, bought and sold for English gold, quisling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8PO6enk8V8#t=22

October 7 2014; Jim Murphy MP’s speech to Labour Conference 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYdnZMBgoSE

October 29 2014; Jim Murphy calls for In/Out EU Referendum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAu0-hIESoU

Gordon Bradley; So what happened to ” better together ” ? ” narrow nationalism ” ? ” shared risk ” ? ” the stability, security, and prosperity of belonging to a larger union ” ? ” better opportunities for the next generation “? A couple of weeks ago he was full of it ! I can’t understand how he’s changed his mind so drastically ? Can it be that his job will not be at stake in a EU referendum ? This we’ve learned of Murphy, That any little creep’ll, Please his paymasters, And betray his people !

October 30 2014; Jim Murphy arrives at Glasgow Central for tax funded dinner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQjI4ihRCY8

James Bond; The Scottish Labour Red Rose is currently submerged in a big vat of bubbling liquid nitrogen. Time to wip it out and watch it SHATTER. The old guard have been murdered in their beds and no one even noticed.. It’s time to cut the apron strings and start a new Scottish Labour Party for Scot’s, free of Westminster. We reap what we sow. And they have chosen to sow the biggest jobby in their long history by getting into bed (and loving it) with the Conservatives during the Referendum. The red Tory’s are finished in Scotland. Total meltdown full stop.

October 30 2014; Giles Brandreth on Labour leadership candidates – and Jim Murphy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niQFhUiWw1s

Downton Abbey pronounces on Scottish Labour leadership contest – and someone called Jim Murphy tries to air-brush out his right-wing, Blairite past. Oeuf!

October 30 2014; Jim Murphy MP announces bid for Scottish Labour’s leadership. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSiZykyhyd0

blackaffronted; Labour are finished in Scotland. I used to vote for them, never again. Shallow, pathetic and anaemic. They deserve their fate on the scrapheap.


October 31, 2014; Jim Murphy interview in full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_erFYjUyV50

Jim Murphy has said the era of decisions about Scottish Labour being made outside of Scotland is “gone for good.”

Andrew MacLean – Jim studied at university for 9 years, failed to get a degree and voted for tuition fees as an MP. He mentions the tax-raising powers Holyrood has had since its inception, (unused by Labour when they were in office) but failed to mention how they were unworkable, given their use would have led to a corresponding cut to Scotland’s block grant. Jim’s voting record indicates that the only cause Jim Murphy is interested in is Jim Murphy, and his near 200k a year expenses claim on top of his basic MP salary backs that up.?

November 2 2014; Jim Murphy on Marr – and they call this dynamism, policy and vision?

Is this what Murphy’s right-wing supporters across the UK media and Unionist politics see as his much-vaunted dynamism, vision, etc.? God help Labour if they choose this …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC5sQUcT_zg

November 5 2014; No Jim Murphy MP. Anonymous Glasgow 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Y5kZ-KR_o

All the protesters sung “No Jim Murphy MP” to express their disgust at the Scottish Labour Party and Jim Murphy MP. The song was led by Citizen Smith. Labour has turned into Red Tory’s as their policies are simply the same.

November 5 2014; A Message From Jim Murphy MP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSZgB4j8yzw

A short campaign message on behalf of Scottish Labour leadership contender, Jim Murphy MP.

Tom leglover; Why anyone would vote for this traitor is beyond me. Especially after the way He slags us Scots off ‘Whilst Scottish Secretary’ in the run up to the referendum. Spends too much time on his knees pleasing the Westminster mob!!

November 19 2014; Labour Leadership: The essence of Jim Murphy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMtzvyRhBdY#t=19

Unlike Maggie Thatcher, I think politicians one is opposed to should be given full exposure, not denied the “oxygen of publicity” – so that voters can judge.

November 21 2014; Sean Clerkin chases Jim Murphy MP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDOFeHNbvLo

Sean Clerkin shows up at Jim Murphy MP surgery to confront him about his expenses and for supporting Tory policies. Clerkin claims that Jim Murphy Labour MP has claimed £1 million of expenses over the past decade. He also claims he is failing to address poverty and is nothing short of a RED TORY.

November 27 2014; Jim Murphy says that David Cameron should see his rushed plans for English devolution aren’t up to the job. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhYVGnJEP84


November 27 2014; YEW CHOOB presents – Jimmy Red White and Blue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZdP8jtUEUw

Green Phil; They can rig all the votes they want but it wont stop us, our day will come and when it does the collaborators like him can f*** off
See you all at Faslane on November 30th (scraptrident.org)

vessel1973; This one gives absolute satisfaction Jock, canny wait to get rid of my local Masters Puppet(Muppet Murphy)!

December 13 2014; Citizen Smart on his brother, Labour in Scotland and Jim Murphy

Speaking on Referendum night in George Square, Glasgow, before he had a sniff of the disappointment to come, Citizen Smart gave an entertaining interview to our roaming reporter Delboy. This is a short extract, in which he gives his analysis on the current state of the Labour Party in Scotland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHyJNNjr_Mw#t=67

December 14 2014; Jim Murphy says he will run for FM

Scottish Labour’s new leader Jim Murphy says he will be an MSP and Labour’s candidate for first minister by 2016. Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Scotland programme, Mr Murphy also said he was “determined” to hang on to every Scottish Labour seat at Westminster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=briVU4Cdjmg

December 14 2014; Jim Murphy on winning Scottish Labour leadership. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJDv0UpzwGA

Jim Murphy talks about winning the Scottish Labour Party leadership contest, hopes to claw back voters.
scotchprofessor; Is that the latest fear tactic? Labour were in bed with the Tories for two years over the referendum. Previously, your wee man above was instrumental in bringing Conservatives and Liberal Democrats together in an attempt to deny Scots the right to vote in a referendum. Putting Labour first, Westminster second, and Scotland last.

December 15 2014; Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale on his speech about Clause 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd12v47Acp8

December 20 2014; Jim Murphy denies being at uni for nine years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cm17acRdmc

Mistress Cordelia; Yes, we often wondered when he was supposed to be at Uni what his ultimate aim was. As a member of Socialist Workers Party, he was known as Megaphone Murphy. He sounded off on the steps of the Union about how the Labour Party was soooo bad for the country. Got a motion of censure passed in Westminster for his behavior while prez of the NUS…by no less than Alex Salmond. He is as self serving as any Tory but lacks the honesty to join his natural chums in the Conservative and Unionist Party. I do so wish upon him all he so justly deserves

December 22 2014; Jim Murphy says no to winter payment increase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGtSAAMjJco

December 24 2014; Jim Murphy blames mums for kids poor schooling What is Jim Murphy’s source for this illiteracy view? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvNrPoEONGM


Political Carpetbagger – Richard Baker MSP – Standing for Aberdeen North – Aberdonians This Guy Is An Absolutely Useless Trougher Seeking Only To Advance His Career- Be Wise Vote SNP




December 2014:  Richard Baker

Richard Baker is a Labour (List-MSP) for the North East Scotland . He was first elected in the 2003 Scottish general election, aged 29y.  He was selected to fight Aberdeen North in 2015, after current MP Frank Doran announced his retirement.

His Barrow, England born father is the Rev. Canon James Henry Baker M.B.E. who is a former Rector of Whitehaven, Cumbria. He served the town for 20 years, stepping down in 2004.

His mother was an English teacher who was later ordained in 2002 as the Rev. Anne Baker, Rector of the Benefice of Eskdale, Irton, Muncaster and Waberthwaite.

He was educated at the exclusive fee paying independent St. Bees School in Cumbria and later studied English literature at Aberdeen University, MA (Hons) in English Literature.

He is proud to be an Episcopalian having spent his whole life in the church. In his spare time he enjoys singing in the St Andrew’s Cathedral choir in Aberdeen. At university he founded the religious Anglican Society. I

His wife, Claire Brennan-Baker became an MSP after the 2007 election for the Mid Scotland and Fife region. They have a daughter and live in Aberdeen.






In 1995 he joined the students union undertaking various roles. As President ( 1998 – 2000) of the NUS Scotland, in line with policy he opposed the Labour government policy on fees and loans.

But, in total contradiction he joined the labour Party and, in line with Party policy actively assisted in the organisation of a campaign encouraging Students to vote AGAINST the Scottish anomaly.

In his time as President of the Students Union he was heavily criticised for backing the formation of the, “Cubie” committee – seen as a Labour government prevarication – and for toeing the Labour Party line too closely.  http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/pa/cm200001/cmselect/cmeduemp/205/20512.htm   (Shades of Jim Murphy)

His lot in the service of the Students’ union was not a particularly happy one, some say, as it involved not only trying to please the diverse institutions in Scotland, various political student factions and the English NUS, but also maintaining good relations with the large group of non-affiliated Scottish universities. He apparently dealt with this by being “a pragmatist”, although critics suggest his pragmatism may have been at the sacrifice of his principles. http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/149450.article












May 2007: Whitehaven News, Cumbria, Flying the flag over the Border

Last week’s elections to the Scottish Parliament saw Richard Baker, of Whitehaven, and his wife, Claire Baker both win regional seats.

Richard, 32, son of the Rev Canon Jim Baker and Anne Baker, vicar of Eskdale,  stood for the Scottish Labour party in the May 3 vote.

Richard won the seat for North East Scotland and his wife Claire, 36, won the Mid Scotland/Fife seat, under a proportional representation voting system.

The couple, who will spend their time to-ing and fro-ing between Aberdeen and Fife, have a 17-month-old daughter, Catherine. http://www.whitehavennews.co.uk/news/people/flying-the-flag-over-the-border-1.189783



MSP's 'Wear It Pink' for Breast Cancer Campaign 2009



August 2009; Richard Baker, Labour MSP gets humiliated over justice issue

Yesterday, Labour Justice Spokesman, Richard Baker called for a recall of the Holyrood Parliament to discuss the fate of the man known as the Lockerbie Bomber. As the song says; “What a difference a day makes”! Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson in reply said; “I have weighed up all the factors and have decided not to recall Parliament”.

So, not only is Richard Baker wrong and out of step; he is also out of time. Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson goes some way to agreeing that any decision on releasing is purely a matter for Scottish Ministers alone.  http://glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.co.uk/2009/08/richard-baker-labour-msp-gets.html






January 2011; Labour MSP Richard Baker uses attempts to frighten Scots

Richard Baker is trying the well used Labour Party tactic of fear and scaremongering to get people to vote Labour.  Why? Because the Labour Party in Scotland have no ideas on how to tackle crime!

Robert Owens once said that in order for people to be good they had to do good,  community sentences allow offenders to do exactly that.

It’s all about planting a seed in people’s minds that allows ideas to flourish. http://glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/labour-msp-richard-baker-uses-fear-and.html






April 2011 Kenny MacAskill  debates with Richard Baker from Labour

Richard Baker from Labour talking tosh. Claims £500 million spent on hospital care each year. The next video destroys the lie. What a plonker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvvCXr0Nn0Y







April 2011; Labour lies on knife crime costs exposed

Richard Baker getting desperate on Newsnight Scotland 18/4/11 Labour lies on knife crime costs exposed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgoaYtDE7HE






April 2011: Richard Baker falls to bits on Newsnight Scotland

a. Labour’s cynical dog-whistle knife crime policy is exposed for the fantasy land pish it is. Isobel Fraser reduces The Boy Baker to a simpering wreck as she expertly fisks his lala numbers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJunZe5l7M



This why Labour had Isobel Fraser removed from her interviewing position.

This is a good example of how Labour wasted 13 years in Scotland , Scottish Labour could not even have an opinion unless London gave it the nod , and here lies the problem , Why cant the Labour party in Scotland not see the sense of Scotland being independent and then they can concentrate on getting elected in Scotland and only being accountable to the people living in Scotland .?

Lying slippery snake f****. Stop voting people.?

Baker, yur a lying bawbag?

Hauf wit, what kind of lunatics voted for this clown. Get a grip.? ·

I can’t believe this guy is trying to defend this amount even when he has been told over and over again his figures can’t,  won’t, will never add up most likely the same ones they used on the Edinburgh tram f*** – up . The Glasgow rail link f*** – up . The Scottish parliament building f*** – up ?

Baker what a smug prick

What a little snake Baker is.

Why do people vote for these cynical, snidy snakes?

How can people vote for Labour in Scotland after seeing this?

What did North British Labour do in the near decade it ran Holyrood?  I honestly can’t remember very much at all.  This guy gives politicians a bad name and that’s saying something.

What a nasty odious bare faced lying piece of pond life. Why didn’t he make it to the leadership of Liebour in Scotland?






April 2011: Richard Baker talks Labour nonsense on knife crime statistics and costs

This man aspires to be Scotland’s next Justice Minister. He relies on a ‘cost’ figure from Medics against Violence which they flatly deny ever making.

Rapidly shifting ground in the face of Isabel Fraser’s facts, he relies on newspaper reports, newspapers such as the ‘Daily Record’, which simply reports Baker himself, and his unsupported assertions. faced with ridicule on this, he shifts ground again to ‘figures from the Violence Reduction Unit’

Here is a quote from the publication that Baker appears to be misusing and misquoting in the interview – “The Health Service bears a significant burden from violence.  Conservative estimates from England and Wales suggest that three to six per cent of the annual Health Service budget is used in the treatment of outcomes of violence.

This equates to an annual cost of between £258m – £517m in Scotland (Home Office Police Research Unit)” pp21 of Reducing violence: An Alliance for a Safer Future.

As clearly shown, Baker is quoting England and Wales figures on the total cost of violence from all causes, either a blatant careless error or a disingenuous misrepresentation of what the VRU were saying.

His policy on knife crime is knee-jerk populism, unsupported by any real evidence, and attacked as unworkable by the police and justice authorities. (Andy Kerr last week made a fool of himself on the same topic with Gordon Brewer) .

Don’t let this man anywhere near the Scottish justice system, never mind a ministerial post!  Vote for the SNP,  the Justice Minister of Scotland, a qualified and experienced lawyer, former senior partner in a Scottish law firm, steeped in the law, and with a sound grasp of fact and figures. http://moridura.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/richard-baker-talks-labour-nonsense-on.html



ed and jim1623566_460836310730482_406097192584783842_n



May 2011:  Richard Baker sacked as Justice Spokesman, now tries finance, oh the shame!

Labour Party reshuffle. Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth – Richard Baker MSP sacked from justice for being a halfwit!

If you have to single out anyone as a nugget it is a close run thing between John Park and Richard Baker. Although Park is dense, Baker is a clear winner because at heart he is a total halfwit. Sacked from Justice and replaced by Johann Lamont, oh the shame! http://glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/labour-party-announces-their-new.html






July 2012: Isabel Fraser with Blair Jenkins and Richard Baker – YES and NO to Scotland

The open, positive message of the new Scotland – and the other one … “The very important thing to realise here is that the day after the referendum in 2014 – and I believe people in Scotland will.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc6c5PiSmkI






July 2012: Isabel Fraser with Richard Baker – NO to Scotland’s independence

I thought Richard Baker should be heard alone in all his doubletalking, defensive glory – just the man to say NO to Scotland’s independence on behalf of Labour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu7NQCmJda8






August 2012: Labour MSP makes first-class blunder in rail fare increase attack

A Labour MSP has been caught out in an embarrassing gaffe after attacking a price rise policy his own party support.

North east MSP Richard Baker was accused of indulging in shameless opportunism after describing a 4.2% increase in rail fares as a “slap in the face” to Scots rail travellers.

The Labour MSP made his comment after Scottish rail fares rose by 1% more than inflation.

Mr Baker, who is Scottish Labour’s shadow infrastructure secretary, said:  “These fare rises are a slap in the face for hard-working Scots.

As ScotRail faces fines of hundreds of thousands of pounds for failing to hit performance targets, the long-suffering commuter ends up paying more.”

However, Mr Baker’s comments were undermined by his own party colleague Maria Eagle MP who said that the one per cent cap imposed by the Scottish Government was in fact Labour party policy.

Speaking on Newsnight, Labour’s Shadow Transport Minister said:  “Labour’s policy is that it should be no more than inflation plus 1%”.

The policy of setting rail fare increases at the rate of inflation plus 1% was in place under previous Labour Governments in both Westminster and Holyrood, having begun in Scotland in January 2004.

Commenting, SNP MSP Aileen McLeod who sits on the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee said: “This is hugely embarrassing for Richard Baker who has been caught out playing shameless political games.

He is either ignorant of what his party has been up to on both sides of the border or is being wilfully disingenuous.

While he has been criticising moves to cap regulated fare increases in Scotland, his colleagues in Westminster have stated that they would do exactly what the SNP Government has done.

“The fact that Labour in Westminster want the whole of the UK to follow the SNP’s lead shows that we have taken the right course of action to balance investment in the railways with fairness to passengers.

“We have protected passengers in Scotland from the far higher price increase people south of the border are facing.”

Richard Baker would be far better advised to join his party colleague and acknowledge that this is the right way forward. “The public expects more from the people it elects than such shameless opportunism and Richard Baker should really know better.”

Watch Labour’s Shadow Transport Minister Maria Eagle here:  {youtube}kqlYFXFbDBc{/youtube   http://www.newsnetscotland.scot/index.php/scottish-politics/5603-labour-msp-makes-first-class-blunder-in-rail-fare-increase-attack?format=pdf






September 2012: Labour’s Richard Baker takes Aberdeen for granted

Comments in a blog written by Labour MSP Richard Baker have been condemned as showing appalling arrogance towards tens of thousands of Aberdeen residents.

Mr Baker claims in his piece that Aberdeen should not be punished for rejecting the City Garden Project, yet the referendum found a clear majority in favour of the project.

The decision to axe the project which would have secured thousands of additional jobs was taken by the Labour-led administration rather than the people of Aberdeen who clearly voted in favour of the scheme.

“The democratic referendum found a clear majority in favour of proceeding with the City Garden Project and Richard Baker’s revisionism will not change that fact. “Richard Baker is guilty of taking voters in Aberdeen for granted and he should clarify and apologise for his remarks as a matter of urgency.”  http://www.snp.org/media-centre/news/2012/sep/labours-richard-baker-takes-aberdeen-granted



murphy nucScotland_marine-border



November 2012: Labour MSPs Michael McMahon And Richard Baker Asked To Correct Their Mistakes

Richard Baker tried to score political points by grossly exaggerating how much Knife Crime costs the NHS in Scotland before being caught out by the correct numbers presented by Nigel Hawkes, Director of Straight Facts.

Writing in The Scotsman, Mr Hawkes was scathing of Mr Baker’s claims including saying, “In short, so far I haven’t found an authoritative
source for the claim and so far as I can see, Mr Baker didn’t identify one. If there is one, I’d be delighted to read it.”

Richard Baker’s claim on knife crime: (Official Report, 30th June 2010) Richard Baker: “Knife crime costs our national health service in Scotland £500 million-half a billion pounds-and that is before we even look at the costs to the police and courts”.

The SNP replied; “Labour’s credibility on justice has collapsed completely as their knife crime policy has been exposed as a sham.

In a series of devastating attacks it is now clear there is no evidence behind Labour’s plans and their numbers are either made up, misquoted or based on what their justice spokesman read in the news.”

A Readers advice: I invite you to consider some real facts about the costs of crime from Straight Statistics. Then, when you grow up, abandon the tabloid approach, and perhaps become a real politician with a soundly-based concept of what justice really means, you might just make a useful contribution in the Scottish Parliament and to Scottish society. http://thesteamie.scotsman.com/viewpost.aspx?id=272






January 2013:  Firms who blacklist workers to be denied public contracts

Scotland’s public bodies spend more than £9 billion each year on procurement, with construction contracts accounting for more than £2bn.

A Scottish Government consultation on the bill, due to be published early this year, discusses how to increase the use of  “community-benefit clauses in higher-value contracts” to force firms to promote employment and training opportunities for Scots.

The Unite union in Scotland is backing the campaign to prevent blacklisting, with Westminster’s Scottish affairs committee having already taken evidence on the practice in the construction industry.

Labour MSPs Neil Findlay and Richard Baker publicly stated their intention to force SNP ministers to back the move, as part of the Scottish Government’s Procurement Bill that will change the way the public sector buys goods, works and services.

Reader comment: A bit of blatant band-wagon jumping by Baker here, as he tries to take personal credit for measures that are already under consideration.  http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/firms-who-blacklist-workers-should-be-denied-public-cash-1-2715304

But while Baker offers no more than populist sound-bites, the Scottish Government has to consider the legalities and practicalities of the issue.  What a pillock.  http://www.scoop.it/t/politics-scotland/?tag=Richard+Baker



brown pocketmoney6a00d8341d417153ef011278da983128a4



January 2014:  One of the, (Better Together) Labour leader to quit Holyrood for Westminster.

Baker declined to rule out standing for Aberdeen North but said he would not discuss his plans until Labour’s UK ruling National Executive Committee decide how the selection process will be conducted for the constituency.

Labour’s UK NEC will meet on Tuesday to decide whether its candidate for the seat, will be chosen from an all-women shortlist or an open selection.

North East Scotland list MSP Baker, a former shadow minister, is understood to have expressed an interest in being selected as the party’s candidate for Aberdeen North. He has a constituency office in the city.

Unite is expected to be influential in the Aberdeen North selection, with the front-runners all members of the union, which was at the centre of a bitter row about the alleged manipulation of a Labour candidate selection in Falkirk.

Baker said: “I wouldn’t want to say anything.  I’m not going to say anything.  I’m not commenting at all.  There’s nothing being decided about it until next week anyway.”

Blair Jenkins, the leader of the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign, said Baker’s move would show that Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats were not serious about strengthening devolution.

Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, claimed Baker’s interest in a Commons seat showed that the MSP did not expect significant additional devolution for Holyrood if Scots vote against independence.

He said: “It cannot fill anyone with any confidence that vague promises of further powers for the Scottish Parliament have any hope of being kept when a director of the No campaign is planning to leave the Scottish Parliament to continue his political career at Westminster – presumably because he believes that the key powers over the economy and welfare would continue to reside there if there was a No vote.

“Surely if the anti-independence parties were serious about strengthening the Scottish Parliament after a No vote, those making such pledges would want to be at the centre of power rather than in a remote and increasingly out-of-touch Westminster.”

Nationalist MSP Mark McDonald won Holyrood’s Aberdeen Donside seat in a by-election last June.

McDonald said Baker’s interest in a move to Westminster was damaging to Better Together’s campaign plans.

He said: “With Labour continuing to trail the SNP in the polls after nearly seven years in opposition, Mr Baker’s plans expose the disarray and discontent that obviously exists within Labour’s Holyrood front bench and parliamentary group.”





Reader comments:

He is an awful politician – have you ever heard him on the radio? all bluster and no substance….and thats in comparison to the other politicians.

More evidence that the fiction that Westminster Labour MPs are superior to Labour MSPs is indeed just a Myth. He has recently been demoted for poor performance at Holyrood. An indication perhaps that he will be good enough for Westminster.

Labour’s UK NEC will meet on Tuesday to decide the candidate for the seat So, it will not be a selection made by Scots to represent Scotland. The National Executive is mainly Union led in any case. Scotland has no part in the choosing of it’s own UK Labour MP representative…Time to move on in the 21st century. Vote Yes for a true democratic representation.

Baker is likely to win the backing of the UK’s biggest union, Unite, which is a cash machine for British Nationalist Labour and Bitter Together, if he is allowed to put his name forward for the seat. The reward for his Better Together campaign – no job security.

Could be a good career move. Precedence suggests he may return as First Minister one day, albeit several stones heavier. None of those named have done anything for Scotland.  http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/labour-msp-may-quit-holyrood-for-westminster-1-3265039







October 2014: At the time of the Scottish Referendum campaign Richard was a director of “Better Together”.

With his strong family links to Cumbria, England he was more than pleased with the result to remain in the UK, stating that, “a strong Labour movement across the whole of the UK, and not divided up via boundaries” was an important thing for him to preserve.

His election to public office in Scotland was reported in the Whitehaven News, as a triumph, “flying the flag over the border”.  So much for his preference of not, “dividing the country via boundaries”.

He evidently does not see Scotland as a nation state preferring to wrap himself in the Labour Party , one country UK coat. http://www.whitehavennews.co.uk/news/clerics-to-retire-1.952060?referrerPath=news






October 2014: Richard Baker Hypocrisy On Housing

“It is extremely disingenuous for Richard Baker to criticise the Scottish Government on its record for delivering affordable housing considering Labour’s extremely poor performance while in administration.

“Between 2003 and 2007 Labour built a total of 6 houses.

In contrast the Scottish Government is on target to deliver 30,000 new affordable homes by 2016.

As of March this year the total delivered since 2011 was 19,900.

“The recent changes to the Help to Buy scheme also mean that the housing market has been made much more accessible to first time buyers.

It is particularly useful here in the North East where there are many areas with higher than average house prices.

“I’m sure people in the North East will see Richard Baker’s comments for what they are, an attempt at political point scoring.

http://aberdeenvoice.com/2013/10/richard-baker-buchan-observer-21-10-14/ http://aberdeenvoice.com/2014/10/allard-highlights-labour-hypocrisy-housing/







Dugdale’s Victory Though Pyrrhic Could have Been Denied Her If the Judge Had Read My Article Exposing Her As a Political Opportunist and Charlatan








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1. Kezia A Dugdale was born in Aberdeen in 1981. Her father, (a supporter of Scottish independence) is the former Elgin High School depute rector Jeff Dugdale, now retired. Her mother divorced, also a teacher, lives in Dundee, hence her interest in education. Dugdale resides in Edinburgh.

a. She studied Law at the University of Aberdeen for a time but gave up and  completed a Masters in Policy Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Dugdale then worked for Edinburgh University Students’ Association and the National Union of Students Scotland.

Before entering the Scottish Parliament as a list MSP she was employed as a SpAd working for Lord Foulkes as his office manager and political adviser.

Dugdale writes a weekly column every Monday in the Scottish Daily Record.

b. She is a Scottish Labour and Co-operative Member and was elected to the Scottish Parliament i 2011, as Labour’s second candidate on their list for the Lothian Region.

She currently sits on the Local Government and Regeneration and Subordinate Legislation Committees.

She was appointed to the post of Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning on 29 June 2013.

In 2014 she was elected as Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, replacing Anas Sarwar, beating Katy Clark.

As Jim Murphy, the leader, is a Westminster MP, this means that she is currently de facto leader of the opposition in the Scottish Parliament, e.g. at First Minister’s questions.


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2. September 5 2008; The daughter of an SNP Councillor caught on video firing a Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifle in Pakistan has demanded Alex Salmond sack him.

a. The Scottish Nationalists decided this week not to expel Jahangir Hanif for showing his children how to use the gun during the trip into the mountains near the Kashmir border in 2005.

But his outraged daughter, Noor, has pleaded with Mr Salmond, the SNP leader and Scottish First Minister, to throw her father out of the party.

In a letter to Mr Salmond, the 17-year-old wrote: ‘I cannot believe he has been let off. My siblings and I were put in an environment where people were pointing loaded AK47 guns at each other. “I think he should be fired to make an example, so that other people think twice before playing with guns and putting children in harm’s way. “I don’t think you have taken this matter seriously enough. How can a man who can’t look after his children be allowed to represent the public?”

b. When she was 14, she was taken with her brother and three sisters in a van with blacked-out windows to a training camp near the Afghan border and shown how to fire the assault rifle.

The incident was filmed. Mr Hanif, a 46-year-old Glasgow businessman,  apologized for incident, pointing out it happened long before he became a Councillor for the city.

He said: “I am going through a messy and painful divorce. I’m saddened by the fact my children are being dragged into this situation.

The allegations against me are false.” However, political opponents described the decision of the SNP’s disciplinary committee to suspend rather than expel him as “outrageous”. (The Telegraph)

c. Dugdale got hold of a copy of the letter, and posted the content full and unedited on her blog. Needless to say the proverbial hit the fan and she was threatened with court action unless she removed the post, which she did without delay. She then posted a statement;

d. A Brief Statement – Posted by Kezia Dugdale at 15 September 2008 21:03

i. A letter by Noor Hanif (daughter of the suspended SNP Councillor Jahangir Hanif) raised a number of very serious allegations concerning Councillor Hanif’s conduct.

This letter was removed from this site after Councillor Hanif’s solicitors intimated their intention to raise a summons in the Court of Session for interim interdict.

The firm of Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France and Co., gave me 15 minutes to remove the letter. I complied with that request.

ii. I do not have the means or resources to engage in expensive litigation and can only hope that the First Minister Alex Salmond, ( to whom Miss Hanif addressed her letter, will have the courage, conviction and responsibility to respond to the allegations raised therein and take the appropriate action thereto. (wikileaks)

e. Comment: The press may have been right headed in reporting the “Kalashnikov” bit of the story but wrong headed in ignoring the disturbing familial strife  clearly stimulated by malcontent persons for some other purpose.

Whilst Dugdale’s  had the right to publish a summary of events her verbatim repetition of the unproven allegations did indeed constitute defamation.


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3. May 20 2009; Kezia in danger of getting sued again

a. Well that’s the last time that Tory Bear (TB the Blogger) puts up a story and then goes out for the afternoon.

How charming to return home to being called a liar by none other than Dugdale, personal assistant to the upstanding and honourable Lord George Foulkes.

b. Torybear put a story up earlier that he spotted on the “Tweet4Labour” Twitter feed this morning.

With a simple  “Welcome!  the Chief Whip @nickbrownmp” Tweet4Labour drew Torybear’s attention to the fact that Nick Brown was supposedly on Twitter.

He then took a screen grab of Brown’s feed and the rest they say is history.

So Nick Brown’s office have denied it’s him which is hardly a surprise yet there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in Dugdale’s logic.

c. She instantly accuses Torybear of foul play: “It’s clearly a black op by Torybear – perhaps even endorsed by Conservative HQ – and it has largely worked.”

Kez!!!! Torybear knows that working for Foulkes can hardly teach positive moral values and a respect for the law, but that is libel plain and simple and it needs to be retracted.

You have made a shoddy assumption and you have absolutely sod all to back up your claims. (Torybear)

d. Comment:  Kezia acting first and thinking later. This trait will land her in big trouble one day.


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4. June 14 2012; Labour MSP savaged after modern apprenticeships attack backfires

a. A Labour MSP who this week launched a high profile attack on the Scottish Government’s modern apprenticeship scheme been accused of misrepresentation after official figures showed a more than 100 per cent improvement on when her own party were in office.

b. Labour’s Youth Employment spokesperson Kezia Dugdale had accused the SNP of “massaging” numbers after official figures showed that 39% of modern apprentices had been in employment for more than six months before beginning their training.

Dugdale repeated her attack in the chamber during First Minister’s Questions where she asked Mr Salmond to be “straight with the people” She said: “Everyone in this chamber wants to tackle Scotland’s youth unemployment crisis, but to do so we need the facts. “The people of Scotland were led to believe by this First Minister, week after week, that these 25,000 apprenticeships were created to help the 100,000 young Scots out of work. “But now we know at least 10,000 of these went to folk already well-established in jobs.”

c. In response the First Minister launched a withering attack on the Labour MSP and pointed out that there were now double the number of modern apprentices in Scotland than when Labour left office. “I have to say I have watched Kezia Dugdale over the last few days in what I think has been one of the most disreputable campaigns against the modern apprenticeship scheme.” he said.

d. Alex Salmond went on to reveal that the system that Dugdale was criticizing was the same one that was in operation when her own party was in office and that the figures for those Scots aged 16 to 24 had dramatically improved.

He added: “I have had a look at the figures” and pointed out that Labour had voted against the SNP’s modern apprenticeship policy of 10,000 places per year.

“I have looked in particular at the very heart of Kezia Dugdale’s complaint, and that is of course if you look at the 16 to 24 year old who dominate the courses … the number who had been in employment for more than six months is 23 per cent.

“That means 80 per cent of new workers going into apprenticeships in the 16 to 24 age group. “I have looked at what is the comparison, what is the figure when the Labour party were in office in 2006. The figure is 49 per cent.”

“In other words, when Labour were in power, with a reduced number of apprenticeships, half of young people had been in a job for six months or more.”

He ended his reply by angrily condemning what he described as Dugdale’s “affrontery” in attacking the current modern apprenticeship scheme.

e. Commenting, SNP MSP Marco Biagi – a Member of the Scottish Parliament’s Education Committee accused the Labour MSP of having misrepresented the programme and said: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Labour clearly are not content with just voting against 25,000 modern apprenticeships, now Dugdale is intent on trying to misrepresent the Modern Apprenticeship programme itself.

“Ms Dugdale accused the Scottish Government of ‘massaging’ the figures on Modern Apprentices – even though it runs the system in the same manner as when Labour were in power, and that under the SNP the number of apprenticeships has vastly increased.

f. “Labour’s grand accusation was that some apprenticeships had been in employment for over 6 months – this has always been the case and provides welcome opportunities for many to improve their skills in their workplace. “And as the First Minister revealed today, a far higher rate of unemployed young people have entered apprenticeships than when Labour were last in power.”

g. The Labour campaign has featured prominently on BBC Scotland with TV and Radio appearances for Dugdale.

The story was featured on Sunday’s politics show with news bulletins throughout the day, it also featured prominently on BBC Radio Scotland on Monday and BBC Scotland’s online news.

However, in Thursday’s BBC Scotland broadcast of First minister’s Questions the broadcaster cut away from the programme just as Mr Salmond was preparing to highlight the figures from 2006.

h. On Monday, appearing on Radio Scotland in order to address Labour party claims, Scottish Government Minister Angela Constance twice attempted to draw attention to Labour’s record from 2006 but was prevented from doing so by BBC presenter Gary Robertson. (newsnet)



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5. July 13 2013; Labour’s new youth employment minister

a. For a politician who cast her first vote just seven years ago, Dugdale’s swift journey to Labour’s frontbench has been nothing short of stellar.

But she has nothing of the usual ruthless strut of rising stars. A coffee percolator bubbles vigorously in her cosy Holyrood office, stuffed full of cushions, cheery pictures and four hard-working aides.

Her manner is easy-going and direct. Everything seems decidedly normal. Except she’s not normal.

b. She was elected with the 2011 intake, aged 29. A few months later, despite campaigning vigorously for a rival candidate to Johann Lamont in her party’s leadership election, she was appointed youth employment minister.

“Sometimes on a personal level, I worry about not having the space to grow and to maybe control,” she admits. “I know there’s a huge amount I need to learn.” When asked what she thinks of being tipped for Labour leader she says: “I think that would be incredibly arrogant at this stage,” going on to air caution about her unique position.

“Meteoric rises are meteoric. It’s very fast and it’s very rapid and it doesn’t always have a positive ending – it bursts and it explodes.” Her maiden speech riveted the chamber.

In it she made reference to the “deep-rooted” and “entrenched” child poverty she says Scotland is ravaged by.

c. But she is aware of how high the bar has been set. “It’s a bar I don’t want to drop below,” she says. “I’m very aware of the pressure to maintain that. That’s energizing.

But it also creates a degree of nervous energy as well – that sometimes goes beyond being helpful.” But if your political heroes are the ebullient Mo Mowlam and former chancellor Alastair Darling, the bar will always be sky high.

However, during FMQs, Dugdale has proved to be a confident and articulate challenger of SNP policies on youth employment.

d. It took a while for the politics of the Aberdeen-born Dugdale to form.

But in 1999, the minimum wage was set at £3.60 an hour. That summer, Dugdale worked at a doughnut shop for just £2.75 an hour. She shudders at memories of all-white uniforms laced with pink. She says: “I could see how horrific it was to make a living from that wage.” Since becoming an MSP, she has been campaigning vociferously for parliamentary interns to be paid a living wage.

Although a high-achieving head girl at Harris Academy, in Dundee, by her own admission struggled under the restrictive constraints of a law degree at the University of Aberdeen.

It wasn’t until she moved to Edinburgh and undertook a masters in policy studies that she decided to join the Labour Party.

e. “A lot of people assume that I was a Labour student,” she says. “I didn’t cast my first vote until I was 23.”

Shortly after joining in 2003, she met Iain Gray who – along with his wife Gill – became her mentor.

“Between the two of them, they totally took me under their wing and gave me the most amazing early experience in politics,” she says. “I think that he is the most amazing man and I’m very sorry that he’ll never serve as Scotland’s First Minister. It’s an absolute tragedy.”

A hectic two years followed during which Dugdale completed her masters, held down a full-time job as a welfare adviser for Edinburgh University Students Association, and ran Sarah Boyack’s election campaign.

From there she moved swiftly up the ranks of the Labour Party to become elected as a list candidate to the post of Lothian MSP in 2011.

In December, Lamont asked her to join the front bench. And Dugdale has thrown herself into her new role.


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6. January 27 2014; The howls of the cyberbritbrats

a. Kezia was pictured in the Mail an unflattering photo which made her look like a refugee from the former East Germany who had narrowly escaped the Stasi.

She was upset that she had ‘recently’ been the recipient of an offensive tweet, although it turned out the tweet was sent over a year ago.

The tweet wasn’t helpful to the independence cause and was crass and stupid, but it was not a direct threat.

It read “dancing on the head of a pin? I wish Kezia Dugdale would dance on the head of a bayonet”. (weegingerdug)



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7. April 21 2014; Career MSPs (SpAd’s) don’t live in real world

a. According to the latest research, one in six MSPs has no experience of working outside the bubble of politics and its ancillary tentacles: lobbying, public relations and research gigs. Notable bubble-dwellers include Labour’s Kezia Dugdale.

Tipped by many to be a future bright light in a progressive Labour Party – an assessment that drips with irony and sarcasm in equal measure –Dugdale’s employment history hitherto revolved around student politics (working for Edinburgh University Students Association and the National Union of Students).

b. Having witnessed at first-hand the buffoonery of student debates, Dugdale was doubtless the ideal candidate to be an assistant to the much-not-missed George Foulkes.

The Baron of Cumnock’s interruptions at FMQs were legendary. On a school visit to parliament, my higher modern studies class gaped agog as Foulkes sang a ditty while the First Minister answered a question.

At the debriefing session in a committee room, the students’ MSP, Margaret Curran, brushed off suggestions that the behaviour of Lord Foulkes embarrassed the Labour Party. “It’s just political theatre,” she smiled, clearly at ease with the trala-dee-di-dee nonsense. (The Scotsman)



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8. June 2 2014; The Kezia Dugdale Show

a. In the surreal imaginings of BBC managers, Kezia is going to be a new, neutral and totally unbiased presenter during a referendum campaign.

Wrap your head around that. Go on, I dare you.

So in the words of the BBC’s last remaining icon, the brand new Doctor Who, the Time Lord from Planet Thick of It – What. The. Fucked. Fucking. Fuckety. Fuck. (Weegingerdug)


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9. September 25 2014; Colleges are at the heart of what’s different between Labour and the SNP when it comes to education

a. The safe bets are on the Labour Party going into the next election without the commitment to free university tuition that they carried into the last one.

Johann Lamont signaled as much in 2012 when she gave her paradigm-shifting speech on universal benefits. (Legacy)


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10. October 31 2014; The organization and direction of University Education

a. The conference also heard Dugdale indicate the direction of travel on student funding in her party and that she was hopeful they would rule out the introduction of tuition fees in Scotland. (WordPress)

b. Comment. This sets up a confrontation with her party leader Spud Murphy who is the architect of Student fee charging


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11. November 7 2014; Newly Appointed Deputy Leader of the labour party in Scotland supports Retention of Nuclear Weapons

a. Dugdale’s website includes a statement on nuclear weapons. This fails to challenge the proposal to spend £100 billion on Trident replacement and her views are close to official UK Labour Party policy, which is to support Trident replacement.

Dugdale believes that decisions made on the future of Trident should be based on evidence (including cost considerations) rather than on political party interest – and whilst she welcomes the reduction in the number of missiles and warheads that took place after the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review, she  would like to see an end to nuclear weapons not just in Scotland, but globally.

b. Removing nuclear weapons from Scotland would only cause them to be redeployed somewhere else in the UK or abroad, at doubtlessly considerable expense to the taxpayer.

Instead, she supports reciprocal international agreements where nuclear and other mass destruction weapons are removed on a permanent basis.

She ignores research by Scottish CND which indicates that removing nuclear weapons from Scotland would be likely to lead to disarmament. (banthebomb)


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12. November 21 2014; Another reason why Labour have lost Scotland

a. Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale today marked the historic nomination of Scotland’s first female First Minister with a Daily Record column in characteristically sour style, which waited until the second paragraph before sticking in a Margaret Thatcher comparison.

It wasn’t until later that it got confusing. (Actually, that’s not quite true – the very first paragraph opened with the line “I haven’t seen a coronation quite like it since, well, the coronation”.

The Coronation happened in 1953, while Dugdale was born in 1981. But we’ll let that one slide.)

b. After a stream of disingenuous waffle that we won’t bother going into here, Dugdale challenged Nicola Sturgeon to act on three polices in her First Ministership:

i. “Take on the big six energy firms, forcing them to freeze bills and rein in eye-watering profits earned on the backs of working people.”

ii. “Bring back the 50p tax rate for top earners, so those with the broadest shoulders carry their fair share.”

iii. “Tax [bankers’] bonuses and use the cash to create jobs for young people.”

c. Alert readers will of course have noticed the small problem with all of those: NONE of them are within the current competence of the Scottish Parliament.

Holyrood has no power whatsoever to force energy firms to freeze bills, tax bankers’ bonuses or change the top rate of tax.

All are reserved to Westminster.

It took Labour almost all of their 13 years in power to raise the top rate of income tax to 50p – the rate wasn’t introduced until just before the 2010 election and was in force for only a few weeks of Labour’s administration – so hectoring Sturgeon to get it done on her first day would seem a touch impatient anyway.

d. Only one of the three powers even has a chance of being devolved to Holyrood in the foreseeable future, so we’re a bit bemused as to what Dugdale expects Nicola Sturgeon to do about them.

In other words, Dugdale is proudly trumpeting the fact that it’s Labour which prevented Nicola Sturgeon from having the power to do the very things Dugdale is now stridently demanding that she does.

Which seems, y’know, odd.  Dugdale is widely, for reasons which we must confess still escape ongoing enquiries regarded as the brightest of Scottish Labour’s young minds. God help them. (Liveleak)


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13. December 19 2014; The Oil Price Fluctuates, Who Knew? – Not Dugdale!

a. Dugdale is economically illiterate, and she is attempting to spout misinformation to the electorate.

She is just carrying on in the same theme that lying Labour have constantly adopted.  Pick a subject, any subject, look for fault, and blame the SNP Government.

It matters not whether it is a devolved matter or not. Labour believe the Scottish public are too stupid to notice.

Well, there are at least 1,650,000 of us who no longer are. Labour are devoid of talent and have no future here. Dugdale and Murphy least of all.

b. How much more ill-judged would this be if you had spent two years telling the people of Scotlandshire that they were too useless to manage their own oil resources – an asset which could only be protected by the ‘broad shoulders’ of Westminster?

The very Westminster government whose £30 billion tax grab had just caused the very uncertainty which has led investors to take a short term view of the North Sea.

And what new depth of hypocrisy would be plumbed by insisting the SNP take responsibility for North Sea job losses, while desperately seeking to keep the necessary powers as far from Holyrood as possible?

Clearly, no sane politician would knowingly embark on such a ridiculous course. (Scottishstatesman)


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14. December 19 2014; Kezia Dawgdale ‘hacked by North Koreans’, claim Labour

a. The BBC wishes to apologize unreservedly to Labour in Scotlandshire’s Deputy Dawdale for screening her inaugural questions in last Thursday’s FMQ’s.

In the coverage broadcast live by this channel, Deputy Dawgdale appeared to blame the Scottish Government for the recent fall in oil prices and the predicted reductions in both production and investment which is widely predicted to follow.

Further, she seemed to claim that the drop in oil prices was somehow a direct result of the projections published by the Scottish Government prior to the Referendum.

Naturally, this would be a preposterous position to take, particularly on your first ever attempt at First Minister’s Questions.

More particularly if you had just been promoted to Deputy Dawgdale from your previous post of first Fifi le Bon to Lord Ffoulksakes of Tankedupness, and therefore had so very much to prove. (feeltiptop.com)



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17.  August 22 2014;  GDP or Economy- Dugdale and friend do not know the difference

What a disaster for the no campaign trying to manipulate figures to make Scotland look skint!!!

We are told we are too wee and too stupid by people claiming to be Scottish on a regular basis by the no campaign. Now they have been caught out big time with lies. Trying to deceive the Scottish public is disgusting.

If a large number of Scottish female voters see this they will be furious. And by the way, no foreign oil company owns rigs in Scotland.  They pay for a licence to drill. The UK government control north sea oil licenses.




Jim Murphy, who was elected leader of Scottish Labour last December, and his deputy Kezia Dugdale.


20 January 2015: Dundee education boss rejected claims by Scottish Labour’s deputy leader that she was snubbed from visiting her old school because “SNP councillors haven’t been yet”.

Former Harris Academy head girl Dugdale said a planned visit to the school, which is being rebuilt, was cancelled on Monday and she claimed the decision was “overtly political and completely unnecessary”.

But education convener Stewart Hunter said it was “only fair” the school’s ward’s elected representatives, which include a Labour councillor and local Labour MP,  get to see the site first on a planned visit on Friday.

Dugdale said:  “The visit was arranged and then I was told I wasn’t welcome. The reason we were told was that the SNP councillors hadn’t visited the school yet and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to attend until that had happened. It was overtly political and completely unnecessary. They’re building a new school.  It’s a good thing for Dundee and I want to celebrate it and I want to see Dundee thrive.  It’s a real shame I’m not getting through the front door.”

Mr Hunter responded: “It isn’t actually so the SNP councillors can attend,  it’s locally elected members and that includes two members of her own party. It’s not politicizing it,  It’s just to be fair to local elected members who have been involved with this right from the start. It’s not that we were stopping her. To be fair, we did invite her to attend as well, or come on a subsequent day she could fit in her diary.”  (The Courier)

Locals commented: What a little Liar and Diva. Dugdale heard what she wanted to hear, rather than what was said. A not uncommon problem with her and her labour Party colleagues. Explain why a Labour politician, who is a not locally elected official, should expect preferential treatment in what is not her capacity?  Why couldn’t she just ask to accompany the others on Friday?

Because Murphy told her; ‘Hey Kez, perfect opporchancity to stir it up, go on hen,  get intae them. What, Jim McGovern,  nah don’t worry about his feelings,  he’s out on his a88e soon anyway’  Hence the ‘big story’..  Will be interesting to see what the other political heavyweights like the Courier?!!  say about this non event.

It appears it is Dugdale who is turning a perfectly reasonable suggestion into an anti SNP rant.  She wasn’t barred from the site and actually invited along on the day everyone else is going. It seems it is her ego that has been pricked and she’s throwing a tantrum at having lost a personal photo opportunity. What constituency does she represent?
If its not important who is there first, why is Dugdale so het up about it? I think she needs to get over herself. Until Dugdale went public, who had heard of this ‘snub’?
It should not be a competition but it would indeed appear that it is. Dugdale who is turning it into one and with her own party as well. As Mr Hunter pointed out the proposed visiting party included a local Labour councillor and Mr McGovern, the only Labour MP in Dundee.
I think it only fair that McGovern gets first dibs while he still retains his Westminster seat. It’s ok for  Dugdale, she has until next year before she has to worry about her position. Big hoohah over nothing but I have not seen so high profile coverage of her boss visiting Dundee yesterday.  Both cut from the same cloth sadly. It also begs the question, has Dugdale nothing better to worry about, like getting ready to read up on what Jim tells her to have a go on at FMQ’s?
Odd she didn’t know that there are Labour councillors in situ. Hadn’t done her homework! Those who work in a constituency getting to see the results of the decisions they made ahead of some outside visitor for a photo in a press release? Seems fair. If I were anything to do with Harris academy I’d not want her associated with them in any way,  What a shocking indictment on Scottish education she is.
Just for the record, have checked other periodicals for any mention of the perceived ‘snub’ to the Deputy branch manager, so it would appear that it suits the Courier to bring this up as it suits their anti SNP stance.
Also, nothing mentioned anywhere I can see about the Branch manager visiting Dundee yesterday with the ‘shallow cabinet’. Consequently not sure if Dugdale was there or not. If so she could have nicked up for a wee sneaky peek. It’s the Scottish Labour way usually.

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10 April 2015: Teacher parents: as if  Dugdale didn’t have enough to worry about

Dugdale went wrong having a teacher for a parent. If I could give one piece of advice to the youth of tomorrow it would be this – never have a teacher for a parent.

Her papa is Jeff Dugdale, retired English teacher and former depute rector of Elgin High. He’s also a keen philatelist, even keener SNP supporter and now has several thousand new Twitter followers after showing his daughter the sharp side of his keyboard.

Dugdale tweeted a link to a news article in a right wing unionist paper (close to her heart) which stated that Nicola Sturgeon preferred a Tory Party election win in England. The source, an alleged leaked Scottish Office memo proved to be abject nonsense. Utter tripe.!!!

Her father responded to her tweet with the teacher parent’s typical staccato sting and utter lack of reticence about humiliating his child in public. Even though she is the adult deputy leader of a political party.

He blasted: “Check facts before opening mouth, Kezia!”.   (The Herald)


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