Pamela Nash – Labour MP for Airdrie & Shotts – John Reid’s Patronage Got Her Into Westminster – Time For The Voters Of Little Ireland To Get her Out

        Pamela Nash was born in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, and educated locally in St Margaret’s High School, Airdrie and Chapelhall. She is a Labour Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Airdrie and Shotts since the 2010 general election. She was the parliamentary officer for the Young Fabians […]

Jim “Spud” Murphy (1992 – 1997) – The Student Union Years and his Carefully Planned and “Jammy” Rise to Political Office

1. Jim “Spud” Murphy (1992 – 1997) The Student Union Years and his Carefully Planned and “Jammy” Rise to Political Office a. President of the National Union of Students. (Full time member of the Union from 1992 until 1996). *Indications are that his studies did not progress as expected in the first 2 years of […]

Isabel Fraser- A shining Light in the Murky World That is the BBC Unbiased, (Not) Presentation of Scottish Political Events. With Her Presenting We Might Have Won the Day

August 7 2012; Labour MP Ian Davidson attempts to bully BBC Scotland’s Isabel Fraser. Scottish Labour MP Ian Davidson, being interviewed by BBC Scotland’s Isabel Fraser, repeatedly harangues the female presenter and accuses her of political bias. Comments; hoochy229; The very notion that the British Broadcasting Corporation, the organization which Greg Dyke described […]

Jim Spud Murphy – Best Way to Let Him Hang Himself is to Watch Him In Action- A Selection of the Best of His U-Tube Videos

April 5 2009; Dunfermline Building Society & Team GB – Interview Jim Murphy TartanCheeks; Thanks for this. The UK Labour government has used & abused the situation for political reasons. It;s no surprise why The SNP have taken over Dundee Council! Chic McGregor; Quoting the Sunday Herald: “CLAIMS BY Jim Murphy, the Scottish Secretary, […]

Political Carpetbagger – Richard Baker MSP – Standing for Aberdeen North – Aberdonians This Guy Is An Absolutely Useless Trougher Seeking Only To Advance His Career- Be Wise Vote SNP

    December 2014:  Richard Baker Richard Baker is a Labour (List-MSP) for the North East Scotland . He was first elected in the 2003 Scottish general election, aged 29y.  He was selected to fight Aberdeen North in 2015, after current MP Frank Doran announced his retirement. His Barrow, England born father is the Rev. […]