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_63196675_glasgow_benefits_margaret_cMargaret Curran. MP


She became politically active as a student in the Glasgow University Labour Club in the late 1970s, where she associated with Johann Lamont and Sarah Boyack.

She held several posts in Labour student politics, including Secretary of Glasgow University Labour Club, Secretary of the Scottish Organisation of Labour Students, Chair of that organisation, and Vice-Chair of the Labour Club.




Early Setbacks

8 February 2008: Margaret Curran said; “Knife crime is the number one issue in my constituency and it is one where the SNP have been completely complacent”. And this is from a woman who attempted to lie her way into public office in the Glasgow East By-election!

She fails to mention that under the SNP Government, crime is falling but then the truth always plays second fiddle to spreading fear in the Labour Party.




10 July 2008: Margaret Curran calls home a luxury house in Glasgow’s leafy south side. The property, worth around £650,000 is a world away from the kind of housing used by most of her would-be constituents in the city’s deprived East End.

She again told voters after a campaign launch that she had lived in the city’s East End ‘all her life’. But the claim has been exposed as untrue after it emerged that she has actually lived in a far more affluent part of the city for several years.

The disclosure has sparked accusations from election rivals that Mrs Curran cannot be trusted to tell the truth to voters.


Margaret Curran July 2008


19 July 2008: Margaret Curran publicly backed a campaign to try and save Parkhead Fire Station from closure, saying that the station should not close unless fire service response times were bettered by its replacement. But, oh dear.

It was Margaret Curran and the Labour Party who voted for the Fire Act (2005) which scrapped guaranteed response times. A fact that was not lost on the firefighters. “She seems to have forgotten that she is partly responsible.

It really is hypocritical of her now to talk in this way.” one said.




21 July 2008: “They think the Prime Minister’s political performance is disappointing, and we learn that the candidate does not even read her own personal messages.

The Labour campaign is in total chaos and the earthquake is on the way, the ground in Glasgow East is shuddering.”




24 July 2008: Asked on the Radio Scotland show Good Morning Extra by a caller if she would consider moving to the East End of Glasgow constituency if elected. She pointedly refused to answer the question instead stating, ‘I have lived in the East End all my life’.

A slip of the tongue perhaps, she has lived in a £600 000 villa in the fashionable Newlands area in Glasgow’s Southside for many years




27 July 2013: Beware the fury of a Labour woman scorned, writes Joan McAlpine. Margaret Curran’s speech when she actually won an election, to Holyrood last year, was as sour as a grape blighted by a sudden frost.

Miffed at her reduced majority, she subjected thousands watching live on television to an ill-tempered rant about her determination “not to be intimidated” and to fight on and on.




25 July 2008: The Scottish National Party pulled off a stunning by-election victory by winning Glasgow East, one of Labour’s safest seats, by 365 votes, a swing from Labour to the SNP of 22.54%. (from Margaret Curran).

Labour minister and Scottish MP Douglas Alexander said his party needed to “learn the lessons” from the “bad result”. But they didn’t.


CAuLDuzWYAEN8-C.jpg large


14 February 2010: Curran is an obnoxious and offensive woman who breathes hate like a dragon whenever she talks about the SNP. She reminds me of Thatcher in her later years, but without the polish. Having been beaten by the SNP, of course, must have hurt.

There are better on the labour benches in Edinburgh. They are, however, less visible, because they sit and think rather than stand and shout ill-thought-out nonsense.




28 May 2013: Labour & the Tory’s conspired to keep secret from the Scottish public the 1979 McCrone report covering up the true extent of oil & gas in the North Sea. Margaret Curran deny’s any knowledge of it? But can this be true since she was already operating at the highest level in the Labour party.





23 July 2014: Another ‘mistake’ that was made by Maggie was when our paid representative denied knowing Dennis Healey. Maggie joked that she ‘was not around’ when Healey was serving in office. The problem with the statement, however, is that whilst Healey was the Labour Chancellor, Maggie was the vice-Chair of the Glasgow Uni Labour Club.

A position she resigned from in 1980 amid allegations of an attempt to rig the conference of the National Organisation of Labour Students. All of this scandal without even mentioning that Maggie was the election agent for Mohammed Sarwar when he was charged with election offences in 1997.

Finally, before summarising, a look at the link below will show you that Maggie’s promise to ‘fight hard for Glasgow East’ also seems to be inaccurate. Maggie is below the average MP for oral questions asked, and for vote participation. With expenses of £171k and £159k in the past two years, she is, confusingly, above the average for expenditure.




Land Sales, Transfers, Swaps, Greater Glasgow Council & Celtic Football Club & Margaret Curran’s Involvement

The European Commission are investigating claims of state aid at Celtic after buying various pieces of land, the main one being where Lennoxtown is situated.


It is claimed Glasgow City Council sold these pieces of land at rates well below the market value, while Celtic immediately used them as security (on the same day) with the Co-op bank for “soft loans”, which are also being investigated as part of a wider investigation into shady practices by the Co-op bank with regards to Labour, who also benefitted from loans which would eventually cost the bank money.

Lennoxtown land was valued at £30.2 MILLILON yet this club got the land for £400.000 + so can someone tell me how ANY council can sell land with that value for 1/64 of its TRUE value…???. Once again this club with it’s unblemished history shows us the meaning of INTEGRITY….their version




29 October 2013: Despite the intervention of the District Valuer it has not been possible, after almost two years, to agree a price for Westthorn Recreation Ground, previously valued at around £5m sold to Celtic Football Club for £675,000, quite a discount.




13 Dec 2013: When an option is exercised/executed it has to be actioned, the property has to be purchased – this did not happen. An option cannot be exercised then kept on ice for a further 3 years until Celtic decide when they want to make the purchase.

When will the national governments in Edinburgh and London instigate a Royal Commission to investigate all the land dealings between Glasgow City Council and Celtic?




18 December 2013: Someone at Glasgow City Council without any committees approval or minutes gave Celtic another option on the London Road Primary School site after the original lapsed. There is no paper trail for this decision and agreement.




8 January 2014: A spokesman for the Scottish government said: “We are aware of these allegations and we are working with the relevant parties to help the Commission to investigate this case consistent with our role to ensure public funds in Scotland are used in compliance with EU state aid regulations.




11 Mar 2014: Financial Integrity. At the time Celtic Football Club was awarded the right to acquire land owned by Glasgow City Council, (GGC) the purchase should have been paid for & not in token amounts like 1p or £1. None of the GCC documents mention any option charge or settlement.

Options to acquire land given solely to Celtic by GGC can be construed as State Aid and it is amazing that participants to the transactions had no idea that the modus operandus is illegal under EU State Aid and with the GCC the number of times it has happened displays a systemic abuse of the system which make it worse.




May 28 2014: This stuff goes deep into the heart of the Glasgow City Council, the Scottish Labour Party cabal that has worked under the momentum of the redevelopment of the East End, the East End Regeneration Route/The Clyde Gateway and The Commonwealth Games to deliver cheap land to Celtic PLC.

The current Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Margaret Curran MP (Labour) appears to have been caught acting for Celtic in commercial negotiations with the sale of public land owned by the West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) to the detriment of the public purse.




29 May 2014: Contaminated land was used as Security for Celtic’s dodgy Co-operative Bank loan & overdraft. End to end this transaction stinks and deserves investigation.




31 May 2014: Margaret Curran rushed the transaction through and now we see the consequences – the public authority end up with the bill and the private company, Celtic, getting a free pass. Because of the intervention of a Scottish Labour member, Glasgow East MP and Shadow Secretary Scotland the normal checks & balances were roughly pushed aside to quickly help Celtic get rid of some dodgy contaminated land – the patsy being a Glasgow Housing Association.

A public authority so in effect the rate tax payers ended up with bill.




12 Jun 2014: One major piece of information that came out of the the West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) land debacle is that valuations by the District Valuer (DV) are only valid for 6 months. Some of the valuations, including DV valuations, accepted by the GCC for the sale of land to Celtic PLC were years old.

In the case of the London Road Primary School (LRPS) the valuation was 7 years old (see previous post).




19 June 2014: As we saw before, Celtic pulled Margaret Curran, Shadow Secretary State Scotland, into both of their meetings with the West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) (see previous post). The second meeting was held on 23rd October 2013. And what was happening on the 24th October 2013? Performance




13 September 2012: Since May, Margaret Curran has only managed to ask 11 questions of any relevance to anyone but herself. That is not the full story of course as she can easily be meeting organisations relevant to life in Scotland. At yesterday’s Scottish Question Time at Westminster for example, she made comments regarding food prices in Scotland and the problems that many families had in having enough money to feed their families. She even quoted Save The Children and Citizens Advice Scotland on their work on poverty in Scotland.

However it was revealed that when there was a meeting and significant discussions this week with many of the leading stakeholders on child poverty in Scotland, including Save The Children, Margaret Curran did not turn up.

It is unclear what was more important to her than child poverty in Scotland but people are asking what she’s being paid for doing.

Margaret Curran claimed £155,504.65 in expenses last year.


The Independence Referendum

25 May 2013: Margaret Curran’s stint on GMS this morning has emphasised and exacerbated the route that they have chosen – with a strategy based on fear and ignorance. They don’t even have the decency to share the correct information,which is out dated and based on myths rather than fact.Causing disquiet amongst communities, cultures and different faiths.




24 September 2013: Addressing a Labour Party fringe event at the Labour conference in Brighton Margaret Curran, the Shadow Scottish Secretary said, “Serious doubts must be raised over whether the Scottish Parliament has improved the education system or NHS north of the Border.

She also indicated her support for abolishing the Barnett formula, which gives Scots almost £1,200 per head more public spending than the UK average, and replacing it with a means tested system.


Margaret Curran


14 May 2014: Bitchy. Margaret Curran attacks lottery winners who provided finance to the, “Yes” Scotland campaign, ignoring the fact that they also set up a £5m charitible trust fund. Commenting favourably in an article highlighting a £1m donation to the Better Together campaign She said, “People cannot be complacent, though. We are up against a campaign supported by big Lottery winners”.

No mention of JK Rowling’s donation to her campaign.




18 July 2014: The shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran has told people in Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders today an independent Scotland would “reduce the flow of border trade.” The SNP have argued this assertion is based on inaccurate data.


murphy nuc


3 September 2014: Without evidence in support of her allegations, Labour’s shadow Scottish secretary, Margaret Curran, has hit out at the co-ordinated “misogynistic” abuse she has received from some supporters of Scottish independence, as the latest polls suggest the outcome of the referendum is on a knife edge.




22 September 2014: British Labour has become nothing more than a career path for the ambitious, a chance of fame for the talentless. The British Labour party is the parliamentary tail of the Labour movement, the arse that thinks it’s the brain and heart.

The movement continues, the movement moves on. It must move on without British Labour. We have excreted you Magrit. You will be flushed away, unmourned.


brown pocketmoney

22 September 2014: After the Scottish referendum. Margaret Curran thought that by working hard for, ” Project Fear” it would ensure her Westminster career would be safe. Imagine her horror when she found out that Glasgow voted YES and she remembered that her own Glasgow constituents suffer from some of the worst poverty in Scotland.




UTube Videos Margaret Curran

Margaret Curran hasn’t a clue where the local MP has his office. If she really did represent Glasgow East for 9 years what a bit of a brass neck walking around as the place is a total dive. No disrespect to the honest poor who reside there. However Curran is just another parasite feeding of the poor just like the rest of her labour cronies.

Well done to Glasgow East for starting to wake up and get rid of them.




Labour shadow Scotland secretary Margaret Curran gives a disaster interview on Labour’s policies on the UK eocnomy, she’s all over the place.  And They think they are economically competent!


Iain Gray 3_1


Margaret Curran and those like her would be the first to say Ulster should be reunited with Ireland with their support whilst they attack the people of Scotland who wish to be independent from a government they never wanted. It’s democracy, but only when it suits.




Curran talks rubbish about the cost of setting up an independent Scotland.


Wendy Alexander


The legacy of the Labour campaign in Glasgow East. Mags Curran ‘standing up for herself, making sure she disnae lose her seat.




Better behaved Curran speaks after Labour’s crushing defeat in Glasgow east.




Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Margaret Curran MP’s full speech to Labour’s Annual Conference 2014 in Manchester.