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Robbing the Blind – This is the Great New World of the Union Better Together Have Signed Scotland Up to?

Robbing the Blind – This is the Great New World of the Union Better Together Have Signed Scotland Up to?
A woman blind since birth was asked by a benefits assessor, “how many fingers am I holding up?” It was just one of a series of humiliating questions fired at Natasha Pogson 28y to check if she was still entitled to state benefits.The Department of Work & Pensions interviewer also lifted her arms and asked Natasha to copy her and wanted to know how long she spent reading.

Natasha, of Billingham, Co Durham said, “they made me feel so small,almost suggesting I was making my disability up.” My dad was in the room and he had to repeatedly point out I couldn’t see. It was upsetting and humiliating and the way these things are assessed needs to be changed. Natasha – blind after being born prematurely then had her £163 a week benefit slashed to £72 because she can cross the road with the aid of a guide dog. She is appealing the decision.

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Attack of the Unionists in Glasgow Disturbances

Attack of the Unionists in Glasgow Disturbances

Unionist supporters attack independence supporters in Glasgow

Live at Buchanan Street Unionists Attack Yes Supporters

Singing ‘Rule Britannia’, the supporters of the No campaign set off red coloured fire crackers and waved Union Jack flags

police officers tried to rescue ‘Yes’ supporters from the UK nationalists on George Square

There were arrests after police lost control of pro-Union supporters who gathered in George Square following the independence result on Friday.

ONE day after Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, British nationalists have taken to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their victory

Video posted by an emotionally drained Gillian. I am totally shattered after the NO vote this morning and it has been emotional. The people rioting in Glasgow should be ashamed of themselves!!

After-note in support of Gillian.
Stay strong Gillian…it’s extremely difficult and challenging during such a life changing event that was out of our hands from day one. Go about your business civilly, peacefully and with a huge amount of self pride and belief as a free consciously engaged spirit. Peace!

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Brown Sought to Fill the Shoes of James Maxton & Failed

Brown Sought to Fill the Shoes of James Maxton & Failed

Gordon Brown. Gifted, flawed and angry. On record as an ardent admirer of the, “Red Clydesider, James Maxton”, Brown has been strutting his stuff in halls the length and breadth of Scotland of Scotland these last few days relishing his self appointed role as the savior of the Better Together campaign. oft quoting Maxton as his inspiration. But James Maxton will be, “turning in his grave” even angrier than Brown, at the audacity of the man abusing his memory and historical facts pertaining to his political aspirations for Scotland. In Maxton’s day his address meant one thing. Independence.

Brown is putting his own slant on history seeking an introduction of Devo – Max., (which incidentally was not permitted, by the government to be included on the ballot in the referendum. But neither Brown or any of the , “three amigos” is capable of delivering anything. Westminster has the right of veto over any revision in powers devolved to Scotland and there is little doubt the Scot’s, if they believed in brown’s message and voted no will reap the benefits of that decision.

Westminster does not take kindly to any challenge to it’s authority. Ireland is a recent example and Scots will face the full brunt of a civic assault on Scotland, (remember what happened after 1979). I fully expect, after a honeymoon period, so as to add distraction, Westminster will send Scot’s to the, “naughty step” for around 10 years. In that time any assets of power likely to be used as leverage in any future disturbance will be transferred back to Westminster, never again to be devolved. In effect Scotland will be erased from the map of the world forever absorbed into a single country called Greater England. Scotland might, (as a sop to the past) be named Lesser England, (a place to the North of London.)
James Maxton, in a famous speech in a 1930’s rally in Glasgow Green said;

“Give us our parliament in Scotland. Set it up next year. We will start with no traditions. We will start with ideals … men and women will spend their whole energy, their whole brain power, their whole courage, and their whole soul, in making Scotland into a country in which we can take people from all nations of the earth and say: ‘This is our land, this is our Scotland, these are our people, these are our men, our works, our women and children: can you beat it?”
The beauty of the Westminster system!?

Brown gets smashed into pieces over the BA and Unite Union strike by leader of the opposition David Cameron.

Gordon Brown gives a weak performance in Prime Ministers Questions.

Gordon Brown tries to say that David Cameron is Mr.10%. But in reality it is Gordon Brown who is Mr.10%, he put the basic rate of tax up on the poor from 10% to 20% to pay for his rich banker friends, so it’s Brown that is Mr.10%.

Gordon Brown in his usual manner comes up with meaningless statistics which impress New Labour MP’s

In an effort to keep New Labour in power, Gordon Brown quits as Prime Minister, and as New Labour party leader.

State Opening of Parliament. Closing remarks of Prime Minister Gordon Brown during the 2007 Queen’s Speech debate with Leader of the Opposition David Cameron in a scene similar to PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions).

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Brown the Patriot-How He Won It For the Unionists

Brown the Patriot-How He Won It For the Unionists

Brown’s personality combining authority and passionate moral outrage singled him out as a serious figure in the Commons and potential high-flyer in the Party. His oratory is relentlessness and delivered in an overpowering, lecturing or hectoring style leaving his audience in no doubt that they are in the company of a man who basks in the confidence of knowing he possesses an intelligence much greater than anyone present and in terms of the matters being discussed there is nobody that knows more about them than himself. The observer is confronted with a man whom nobody knows. In guarding his real persona with the zeal of a minister of the church, affording only very brief glimpses of his personality, he reveals him self to be a shy, hyper-sensitive, well educated man who overcomes an obvious reluctance to embrace the public by behaving like a military General, overcoming his foe with extreme force destroying anyone who gets in his way. Not a mix destined for success in high office.
Brown Returns to Scotland and grasps the Nettle

Gordon Brown hailed as the man who saved the Union

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Democracy in the Dark – the Decline of the Scottish Press

Democracy in the Dark – the Decline of the Scottish Press

Newspapers don’t just sell news; in fact, that has been an increasingly small part of their function in the last century. Newspapers have been cultural curators, critically evaluating artistic and literary trends, providing a showcase for good writing, informing readers on important developments in science and society. They have provided a forum for informed debate, & promoted their own vigorous opinions on affairs of state, forcing politicians to take note.
But the financial problems of the press are making it harder and harder for them to provide this essential cultural service. Scottish papers, reports the National Union of Journalists, have lost half their journalists in the last decade or so. UK papers with nominally Scottish editions now dominate the Scottish market. This is becoming a constitutional issue because the Scottish and UK newspapers are almost exclusively unionists – often militantly so. It is right that newspapers have strong editorial views, but it is not healthy when they all have the same editorial views. Iain Macwhirter (political commentator for The Herald and Sunday Herald newspapers).

1. That single phrase, about it being right for newspapers to have strong views “but not when they all have the same views”, goes to the heart of a wider debate about the relationship between ownership and editorial content. It also touches on the fact that a large proportion of the Scottish press is Scottish in name only. With the exception of DC Thomson’s operation, the major newspapers are published by companies based in London (and, in The Herald’s case, ultimately in the USA). Now I happen to be agnostic on the Scottish independence debate or, arguably, conflicted. I understand why, even in the 21st century, there remains an insistent pressure for independence from nations that have been colonised or incorporated by other nations. Reality impinges, however. I realise distinct societies that, for one reason or another, have failed to hold on to their nation state status (or never even had one) do need to regain it or achieve it. They must assert their nationhood as a stage on the road to the eventual dismantling of all such geopolitical boundaries. I’m glad I’m not confronted by a yes-no voting form. But I am, like Macwhirter, concerned that a fake “Scottish national press” has adopted a single view on the matter. Roy Greenslade The Herald

2. From my point of view, the Scottish press is not serving its audience (the thinking people of Scotland) and that is very sad. However I must say, people have been getting up of their asses and actually doing something about. There is an online scene of bloggers and news sites that are starting to provide an opposing view to the hideously one side unionist pro-UK press. I would like to think that new models for news and opinion will grow out of this. For sure they will be needed , irrespective of the referendum result, to hold politicians accountable, when the traditional newspaper and TV fail to do so, because they become too comfortably close, and because of commercial interest. Thomas William Dunlop reader.

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Scottish Oil Wealth Fund – What Could Have Been

Scottish Oil Wealth Fund – What Could Have Been

17 Sept. 2014. A new economic analysis of a potential Scottish Oil or Sovereign Wealth Fund has found that in 24 years Scotland could earn the same annual revenue from an oil fund as current revenues from North Sea oil and gas tax receipts.

The new economic outlook, undertaken by economists for, the world’s largest oil and gas jobs board, found that Scotland could have amassed a fund worth between £73.64 billion and £147.28 billion in 24 years, the same time as the Norwegian Oil Fund has been running.

The economic analysis found that the Scottish Oil Fund would bring in an annual income of between £2.9 billion and £5.8 billion per year respectively in today’s prices, the same amount as current estimated tax receipts from North Sea oil and gas revenues.

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Glasgow District Council -corruption, cronyism, scandal and waste,

Labour run Glasgow City Council seems to have a problem with corruption, cronyism, scandal and waste, whereby by a remote and out of touch self serving elite, yes, both Councillors & Officials, together run the city as there own private thiefdom, at the expense of the people of Glasgow.It is a shocking state of affairs, which shows the problem of one party rule. The Labour Party has controlled Glasgow almost uninterrupted, since 1933.

It is understood senior Labour figures were told of Purcell’s drink and drug use, but said nothing in public while Mr Purcell’s outside PR team tried to keep a lid on one of the biggest political scandals in years.

What can be done to help restore the public’s faith in Glasgow City Council? The Labour administration in Glasgow seems resolute in its denial that there are question marks over any aspect of the way the council was run under Purcell, rejecting calls for an independent inquiry. But still the questions remain, with every round of Sunday newspapers bringing new issues to light. There is growing concern amongst those calling for an investigation that the longer it is put off, the less confidence residents of Glasgow will have in their council.

The Clyde Gateway: A New Urban Frontier. “From the late 60’s onwards, Glasgow became a jungle into which the media fearlessly ventured to portray the wild animals.” “The Labour Party is presiding over a policy that has effectively abandoned the city to speculators and hustlers.” Sean Damer.

Purcell, Stefan King, James Mortimer, Brian Dempsey, Willie Haughey The corruption of Glasgow – One party dominance has bred utter corruption and dismally low aspirations unless someone else is paying. This is not news to anyone who has been awake in Glasgow in the last 50 years..

Ian Gray hides in cafe to escape people protesting against cuts

Gordon Brown plotter supreme secret Meetings with Lib/Dems to bring Salmond down.

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Gordon Brown is Gifted with th Ability to Leave you feeling you are a lesser person.

Gordon Brown – Leaves you feeling you are a lesser person.

1. History will record that Gordon Brown’s record in government could be readily likened to a Greek tragedy. As a leader it was obvious early on that his undoubted intelligence persistently hampered his ability to access others.  Even his toughest critics accept that he is an intelligent man. It is a matter of record that Brown was studying History at Edinburgh University at age 16 and that he went on to get his PhD from the same university. Like the fate of talented, driven people before him, he was “promoted” for his brilliance and aptitude. He is an intelligent, ambitious man by all measures. But a better question for a Prime Minister might be “What effect does he have on the intelligence in the people around him?” There, Brown has struggled. Consider a few examples:

a. The Tyrant vs The Liberator. Tom Bower’s biography, Gordon Brown, Prime Minister offers detailed insight into someone described as “psychologically flawed”; a chaotic figure, prone to sudden and terrible rages. “Repeatedly he lost his temper, screaming obscenities at those he damned as dishonorable or incompetent,” writes Bower.

b. Decision-Maker vs. The Debate Maker. Brown has a gravity pull towards making decisions unilaterally or with a small group of inner advisors. Caroline Flint felt so underutilized that when she resigned she described being no more than “window dressing.” She wrote, “You have a two-tier government. Your inner circle and then the remainder of cabinet… In my current role, you advised that I would attend cabinet when Europe was on the agenda. I have only been invited once since October and not to a single political cabinet – not even the one held a few weeks before the European elections…I am not willing to attend cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer.”

c. Micromanager vs. The Investor. Bower describes Brown as a control freak as Chancellor, determined to micro-manage not just the economy but the entire sweep of British domestic policy, even contractually binding government departments to do the Treasury’s bidding or else face a cut in their budgets.

d. Core Assumptions. Then came the moment just days ago, in the midst of the General Election where Brown was caught on a microphone calling Gillian Duffy “a bigoted sort of a woman” after just having told her to her face that she had a nice family. His disdain for her opinions revealed an amazing contempt for the views of ordinary people. There was no curiosity in his voice. Just accusation, judgment and blame of his handlers.

e. When I think of Brown over the last three years I am reminded of something Bono wrote in Time magazine: “It has been said that after meeting with the great British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone, you left feeling he was the smartest person in the world, but after meeting with his rival Benjamin Disraeli, you left thinking you were the smartest person.” By all accounts Gordon Brown falls into the Gladstone category.

f. I have often thought that the job of Prime Minister is now so complicated that it is impossible for a person—however intelligent—to be successful at it. It is no longer just how intelligent they are themselves that matters, but how well they can access the intelligence of the people around them.

Video Clips of Brown in Full Flow

The inside political story of the credit crunch, charting the roller coaster journey of Gordon Brown’s fortunes from the moment the recession began.

Is he fit for high office? It is a puzzle to me how such a flawed personality has survived in politics for so long. thank you for sharing this one and all the great documentaries on your channel.

Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy, who he was later heard off-camera describing her as a ‘bigoted woman’.

Gordon Brown caught on Sky News microphone describing Labour voter as bigot (a microphone his team requested be attached to his lapel).

The woman that Gordon Brown called a bigot gives her instant reaction to what Gordon Brown called her.

And to think one of the most biting economic downturns was caused by a man who wrapped himself in ‘prudence’

Farage blasts Gordon Brown as he calls for New Global Order

Labour managed to spend the 3G money as well ! And the £35 billion they raided from British Pension Funds and every other stealth tax they invented. 10p in the £ anybody? And if 40p was OK then why is 45p wrong now? Hypocrites! You only get into debt when you spend more than you earn and borrow to make up the difference. Its really very simple. Even before the Bank bail outs we were in the shit with Labour. It now turns out the 2008 / 09 recession was 2% worse than we were told.

British troops have begun their withdrawal from Iraq after over six years of occupation. The war led to a disconnect between the British people and their elected representatives, as well as a backlash against the UK’s Muslim minority. It also led to much death and destruction in Iraq itself.

Scottish Referendum. Gordon Brown has no right to talk for the English. I for one will not let a Scottish MP and the one who ran the UK into the ground make deals to his own people on my behalf. Make note Scots anyone telling you the English will bribe you to stay has no authority. Don,t think you can have your cake and eat it. If you want to stay then great but 60 million English will not pay you to stay whatever Gordon thinks he can say on our behalf. English Nationalism will make a comeback so get ready for it.

Gordon Brown Launches Big Bribe timetable at Loanhead

Scottish Referendum

The Whistleblower the BBC / Herald and the Scottish Health Service

1. Impact of Referendum Attacks by the Better Together Campaign

a. I expected, “Bitter Together to hit back at the, “Yes” campaigners’ with a few scare stories in the last few days before the referendum and I was not surprised when the, (heavily biased) BBC and The Herald, selectively released information from confidential papers supposedly passed them by a senior NHS whistle-blower, who said they had become frustrated by the argument of the “Yes” campaign that the biggest threat to the NHS comes from the UK government.

2. The Health Service Budget for 2015-2016

a. The Scottish government remains committed to, “protecting and increasing the NHS budget” despite yet another reduction in the Block Funding Grant from the UK Government, in Westminster,(for the 5th consecutive year) of 7.2%. The NHS budget will be further increased in the next financial year meaning that, in real terms the budget will have been increased by £1 Million+ since the government took office.

b. Integration of services is particularly important so as to ensure the nations elderly population is kept well and provided with care in the best setting for their well being. The Health Service is always developing so that it is able to meet the changing demands of the people of Scotland, and that is the reason for the new legislation which is designed to integrate health and social care, (currently split) in Scotland from April next year.

c. Retention of status quo and preservation of existing models of care are no longer options given the pressing challenges the Service faces and in order to meet the goals health boards will be set an efficiency saving target of 3%+ so that funds of between £400-£450 can be accrued over the next 2 financial years.

d. Progress towards the agreed goals has been slower than anticipated due to a shortage of, “pump priming finance” needed to run dual care systems for a time and a need to purchase additional capital equipment meeting existing and recently enhanced patient care systems and consumables.

e. Radical and urgent decisions will need to be made regarding the shape and configuration of services and there can be no, “sacred cows” in terms of savings. All options are open for discussion but there is to be no implementation of any major change without the authorization of the Minister. It is of great importance that there is an unqualified commitment (on the part of health Board Chief Executives) to these priorities and full acceptance that significant changes will require to be implemented.

3. The Whistle-Blower and the BBC / Herald

a. In their analysis of the content of the confidential papers, (assisted no doubt by the senior Health Service Whistle-Blower clearly pursuing his/her own anti, “Yes” campaign agenda) a view was formed that there would be a £400 Million funding gap suggesting a radical cost-saving plan involving sweeping changes would need to be implemented in the Scottish NHS after the referendum so that boards would break even. This is not in dispute since details were already included in the papers

b. The Whistle-Blower is reported to have told the BBC, “Services are unsustainable right across Scotland from three emergency Centres in Lanarkshire, to emergency care at the Vale (of Leven) to Paediatrics at St John’s (in Livingston), and with particular issues for more rural boards, hence the problems at Grampian. “The current pattern of services is fully funded and underpinned but short-term money and fixes won’t stack up going into next year. Again this is not in dispute since details were already in the papers. He/she is flying a kite here. He/she cannot presume to speak for Health Boards other than his own since he/she has no direct knowledge of operational routine other than his own area. of expertise.

c. There is a complete gap between policy announcements about care in the community and more money for primary care, and the announcements and commitments which continually increase the cost of acute care. Clearly he/she is unable to read and understand the content of the papers. There is no new money at this time available for primary care. Savings will need to be identified and made so that finance released can be reallocated to these areas.

4. The Scottish Governments Reply

a. The Scottish government informed the BBC and the Herald that the, “consultation papers” formed the first part of a series of regular discussions routinely conducted among NHS leaders providing a vehicle affording time to plan NHS Scotland’s future strategy.

b. Health Secretary Alex Neil said, “We’ve protected Scotland’s NHS from the Tories” cuts, and with independence we can ensure that it is never again under threat from Westminster’s dangerous obsession with austerity.

c. He added, “To ensure we can continue to develop the NHS, it’s important that NHS boards regularly discuss their future plans to inform budget discussions with Scottish government officials, and to identify how we will continue to deliver quality care and treatment.”

Scottish Referendum

Noses Still in the Trough at Westminster. You Betcha !!!! Scot’s do not need to accept this nonsense

Noses Still in the Trough at Westminster. You Betcha !!!! Scot’s do not need to accept this nonsense

Total bill for MPs’ expenses & costs rose from £98million to £103million last year, official figures showed yesterday.

Senior Tories were last night distancing themselves from a think tank after claims it used taxpayer’s money to pay for a hotel suite that hosted a gay orgy during a Conservative Party conference.

Speaker John Bercow claimed almost £1,300 in expenses to attend the funeral of an MP in Manchester, it has been revealed.

Commons Speaker John Bercow under fire for racking up a £48,000 taxpayer-funded bill on travel in just six months.

Politicians have spent an eye watering £250,000 of taxpayers’ money on portraits, which have been blasted by campaigners today as an “expensive vanity project”.