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So Where is the Money Coming From George? Don’t Be Silly From the British Taxpayers of Course.

So Where is the Money Coming From George? Don’t Be Silly From the British Taxpayers of Course.

1. More problems, (other than the £4 billion annual cost of the war in the Middle East) for George to deal with in the next few weeks. All of which will be passed on to the taxpayer whether they agree with it or not.

2. George Osborne, (Chancellor of the Exchequer) in his autumn statement, for delivery to the country in November will announce an increase and extension of existing austerity measures. This will include a number of new cuts in welfare spending and public sector pay restraints, to last for the duration of the parliament and beyond.

3. But MP.s will take up their 11 per cent pay & expenses rise at the start of the new government in 2015.

4. Another bombshell, landing on the desk of the Chancellor is the report, (commissioned by the Speaker of the House, Mr Berkow) from an eminent group of building surveyors giving warning that the entire building is suffering from chronic and continuing deterioration due to subsistence.

5. Corrective measures will need to be put in place so that the Grade 1 listed building can be protected from any further deterioration. These will address;

a. Big Ben is off the vertical by around 18 inches.

b. Significant stress fracture cracks in the walls of the building.

c. Boilers and piping systems are in very bad condition due to their age.

d. Electrical wiring is badly in need of replacement due to fire risks and multiple safety hazards.

e. Internally the Commons chamber itself also needs extensive work and at some point during the next Parliament will have to be shut for 18 months. MPs are expected to relocate to the Lords, with peers probably meeting in the QE2 conference centre opposite Westminster Abbey.

6. The entire programme of works will take between 10 and 20 years to complete and will be tackled in stages so as to reduce disruption. Projected costs vary but conservative estimates are between £4 and £6 Billion over 10 years. Note: Forward planning costs for such a large project is an art not yet perfected and the eventual total cost to the nation may well be in excess of £10Billion.

7. Both Houses agreed that doing nothing is not an option and an independent appraisal of a range of options is under way. The priority will be to ensure value for money for the taxpayer while safeguarding the heritage of the Palace. The final decision will be taken in the next Parliament.


Craig Murray Ex British Ambassador – A Lone Voice in the Political Wilderness

I compiled a few videos of Craig Murray in full flow setting out the facts, as he remembers them. In light of the, “New” campaign in the Middle East there must be doubts in the minds of many as to the real motivation behind the commitment of the UK to support of the USA in it’s efforts. Noteworthy is the absence of Germany, Italy and the country with the largest land army in NATO, Turkey. The videos present another, less heard of perspective and are useful in that respect.
UK Ambassador Blows Whistle on Torture

“Realism or Hypocrisy? – Western Diplomacy and Freedom of Expression”

Former British ambassador Craig Murray says UK and USA sent prisoners to Uzbek to be tortured

Murray: CIA used Uzbek torture to create false intelligence; support for regime continues

If you want to seize control of the massive natural gas deposits in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, but you can’t run a pipeline through Iran or Russia (because leaders there aren’t US puppets), what do you do?

This video presented by Journeyman Pictures. you could watch this video uncut at journeyman’s youtube. I am working on Uzbek version so people of Uzbekistan should know what we people in the West know about Karimov. .

Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Provides Evidence on UK Government Complicity in Torture.

Craig Murray – Against Islamophobia

Scottish Independence

Must watch, Illustrated interview with Ambassador to Uzbekistan Mr. Craig Murray. Ex-British Ambassador about Uzbek Dictatorship; boiled alive prisoners, jailed mothers, prosecuted Muslims, etc..

“Truth is a universal concept, and the ability of governments to bury the truth is a universal problem.”

The Spirit of Independence caught up with Craig Murray whilst he was in the town to present at the Yes Fest. Here are his thoughts on why Scotland should be independent.