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Scotland has Been Changed Forever by the Outcome of the Referendum

Scotland has Been Changed Forever by the Outcome of the Referendum

Lamont finally agrees Scotland has been changed forever by the outcome of the Referendum – But can the Labour Party in Scotland Change?? or Will it Still, “Cow Tow” to the Instructions of the English Labour Party??

Johann Lamont smiled for the cameras, ignoring the abject failure of her Party machine to motivate Labour leaning voters to support a, “No” vote in the referendum. Instead she weakly offered a view that it was clearly time for change. Addressing colleagues she went on to express concern that whilst Scotland had voted decisively to remain part of the UK significant numbers of Scots had expressed a strong wish to be independent and it was important that the establishment directed efforts towards healing wounds bringing Scotland together once more.

She studiously ignored the fact three of the four areas of Scotland that had voted, “Yes” were Labour Party controlled previously impregnable heartlands, (North Lanarkshire, Glasgow and West Dumbartonshire. Indeed the constituencies of MPs, Margaret Curran, Tom Harris, Willie Bain, Frank Roy, Ian Davidson, Anas Sarwar, Gregg McClymont and Tom Clarke, as well as MSPs Jackie Baillie, Paul Martin, Patricia Ferguson, Michael McMahon and Johaan Lamont herself were among those that voted, “Yes. As is always the case Labour sought to point the finger of failure at other parts of the, “Better Together” campaign asserting it was the barnstorming intervention of Gordon Brown that had saved the day.

But some Labour Party activists did accept there were many shortcomings in the entirely negative campaign and direction the Party had taken in recent times that would need to be addressed and corrected, if the Party was to recover it’s former place in Scottish society. Noteworthy comments;

“The problem has been too many in Labour politics believe they’ve a seat for life. There was a mini-cull of Labour councillors in Glasgow several years back and there may well be one in Lanarkshire very soon.

“The party is too remote from the voters and needs to talk about its failures and failings. [Council leaders] Gordon Matheson and Jim McCabe have serious questions to answer.”

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Ruth the Mooth Gives Early Warning – When The Tory Party Takes Up the Reins of Government at Holyrood in 2021 Lazy Scots Will Be Forced Tae Get Tae Work Or Feel Her Wrath








10 August 2012: Bull in a china shop –  Ruth Davidson Castigates lazy Scottish Electorate for living off handouts from Westminster

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, has claimed that nearly 90 percent of Scots households are currently “living off state’s patronage,”  reports.

Davidson cited that only about 283,080 households in Scotland – 12 percent of the total number – pay more in taxes than what they receive in public services from the state.

In addition, due to the dominance of the public sector in Scottish life, she said that state spending now represents at least one-half of Scotland’s wealth.

“It is staggering that public sector expenditure makes up a full 50 percent of Scotland’s GDP and only 12 percent of households are net contributors, where the taxes they pay outweigh the benefits they receive through public spending,” she thundered.

“The rotten system of patronage, which denies so many people real choices in their lives, has created a corrosive sense of entitlement which suits its political gang masters.”

Referring to the exalted 12 percent who are “responsible for generating Scotland’s wealth,” she rhetorically asked: “I wonder how many of them work on public sector contracts.”

Citing data from the Office for National Statistics, Davidson said that the average Scottish household uses £14,151 more in public services every year than it pays out in taxes.

Even middle-income Scots, she noted, consume £20,000 more in state spending than they pay out.

Only Scotland’s wealthy, that is, those who account for the top 10 percent of earners, pay £17,205 more in tax than they receive in public services.

She also alleged that over-dependence on the public trough has created a generation of Scots who are hopelessly loyal to the Labour and Scottish National Party, at the expense of the Tories.

“If the gang master state is the only provider people can see for their housing, education and employment, it’s no surprise those who seek to break the stranglehold find barriers in their way,” she declared.

But the facts are that Scotland pays 9.6 percent of the United Kingdom’s total tax bill, while accounting for only 9.3 percent of British public spending. (The btimes)

Davidson likes to get herself in the news just as often as she can.

Some of her more bombastic performances are listed below.





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