Noses Still in the Trough at Westminster. You Betcha !!!! Scot’s do not need to accept this nonsense

Noses Still in the Trough at Westminster. You Betcha !!!! Scot’s do not need to accept this nonsense

Total bill for MPs’ expenses & costs rose from £98million to £103million last year, official figures showed yesterday.

Senior Tories were last night distancing themselves from a think tank after claims it used taxpayer’s money to pay for a hotel suite that hosted a gay orgy during a Conservative Party conference.

Speaker John Bercow claimed almost £1,300 in expenses to attend the funeral of an MP in Manchester, it has been revealed.

Commons Speaker John Bercow under fire for racking up a £48,000 taxpayer-funded bill on travel in just six months.

Politicians have spent an eye watering £250,000 of taxpayers’ money on portraits, which have been blasted by campaigners today as an “expensive vanity project”.


Trident Yes Once More It is Important,

Trident Yes Once More It is Important,

The main argument advanced by, “Better Together” for keeping Trident is to protect local jobs, (all 8000 of them) nothing to do with the cost of them to taxpayers or to the lives of potential millions killed by them. Figures released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) under freedom of information law reveal that only 520 civilian jobs at Faslane and Coulport near Helensburgh are directly dependent on Trident. (6700+ military personnel, the bulk of whom would be offered work in a new Scottish naval base or redeployed, not losing their job ). Any local businesses who gain from being close to this site, will continue to do so as they are not directly linked to Trident nor will they lose their jobs. (Rich Welsh, Glasgow)

What they State publicly so as to defend retention of Trident:

Alistair Darling-8000
Jackie Baillie-11000
Labour Party-19000
Ian Davidson-20,000+
UK Government-6000
2007 Report-1536.

Where are the real jobs?

The Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston, England (warheads)

Devonport, England (submarine refit and reactor refueling)

The United States (missile supply and maintenance)
Labour and the Conservatives have been accused of misleading the public by exaggerating the number of jobs that would be lost if the Trident nuclear weapons system were removed from the Clyde.

Labour and the Conservatives have been accused of misleading the public by exaggerating the number of jobs that would be lost if the Trident nuclear weapons system were removed from the Clyde.

Jackie Ballie Labour MSP A Consummate Liar Exposed








Jackie Ballie Consummate Liar Exposed

Labour’s demand for more public cash to operate as an opposition party at Holyrood was attacked as “rank hypocrisy”. A wise old Scotsman once said, “Labour are like the pigeons in George Square…When they’re down they’ll eat out of your hand..but when they’re up they’ll shit on your head!”

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie ploughs on with her condemnation of a proposed SNP cut to Corporation Tax, even as Andrew Kerr twice attempts to point out that Labour cut it the last time they were in power. (Kerr says by 2p, but Gordon Brown in fact cut it twice by a total of 5p and promised additional cuts.




Open Letter to Jackie Baillie Asking her to prove her lies are the truth – No Answer





Holyrood – Health debate – Jackie Baillie, Labour Attacks Nicola Sturgeon.

Holyrood – Health Debate – Nicola Sturgeon Destroys Jackie Baillie.





Jackie “pants on fire” Baillie deputises for Johann Lamont (who was showing-face at Tony Benn’s funeral).

General Norman Arthur Better Together Campaigner for the Military

1. General Norman Arthur Better Together Campaigner for the Military

a. Norman’s family are extremely well connected in the South East of Scotland and enjoy a long and distinguished tradition of military service. He was destined, from birth to take up a position with a Scottish cavalry regiment and after boarding School at Eton he went on to attend Sandhurst Military Academy, from where he was first commissioned into the Royal Scots Greys. Members of his family also served with The Royal Company of Archers, a Scottish ceremonial unit that serves as the Sovereign’s Bodyguard in Scotland, a role it has performed since 1822 and the reign of King George IV, when the company provided a personal bodyguard to the King on his visit to Scotland. He had a long and distinguished military career and achieved the high military rank and other prestigious appointments expected of him.

b. He writes beautifully and possesses a wide and persuasive vocabulary. He is, as is the case with elderly gentlemen of means a bit of a romantic who sees the UK through the perspective of his privileged and sheltered upbringing in England. If he were ever wounded he would bleed, “red white and blue”. It follows therefore that he is entirely blinkered when, if ever, the subject of Scottish Independence is raised in his presence.

2. An extract from a letter he circulated to persons of influence seeking financial support for the, “Better Together” campaign

a. We need instead to debate the real prospect of fundamental and permanent change to the constitution of a great and ancient kingdom. The decision we come to may be the most important of our lives together. My thoughts focus on the history and greatness of the United Kingdom, and on its standing among the nations. Britain s strength comes from the contributions of all four of our own family of nations, so that the UK s gifts to world civilization are totally and indivisibly shared among us. This Union, which is Britain, is as old and true a parliamentary democracy as any in the world, perhaps the oldest. It is the prime example of a union of democracies, so closely woven that it may be called a family. How can we even consider splitting so great and long matured a state? What is the worth of divisive nationalism beside it? Our British voice is heard throughout the world, whether speaking from the heart of the 53 nations of the Commonwealth, as a trusted and reliable member of Nato and the western nuclear powers or just as a veteran nation with a rich, varied and stable 300 year history. Consider what Britain has given to the world in those years, in engineering, science, farming, the arts and music, medicine, literature, and, yes, in the practice of the Christian faith. We are both diverse and united, with Scotland giving much and receiving much.

b. There you are. There is absolutely no point in trying to persuade Norman to a different view. At the same juncture his perceptions are so right wing his opinions and/or pleas for a continued support of the Act of Union should be ignored.

3. COMMENT: Don’t throw away a shared history to be proud of in independence referendum

Admiral Lord West of Spithead, former first sea lord, The UK is, “sailing into danger”

1. Lord West, Once the UK’s Top Sailor – Switched to politics and joined Gordon Browns government- Not long after he became a life peer and took his seat in the House of Lords. Prone to shooting himself in the foot his political career was short lived. He is a Labour Party member and his support of Better Together is not unexpected although his criticism of proposals for the defence forces of an independent Scotland should be balanced against his comments about the UK’s present set-up. A man of many coats is our Alan.

2. .In 2006 Gordon Brown chose a “government of all the talents”, he selected a new anti-terror chief with a heroic military background, a formidable intellect and a knowledge of the vagaries of Westminster. But within months the Prime Minister found, to his embarrassment, that Admiral Lord West of Spithead also had a talent for courting controversy.

3. In 2007 He said in a radio interview he was not, “totally convinced” of the need to hold terror suspects for 42 days. At the time Labour was pushing for police to be given powers to detain such suspects for six weeks. But two hours later, after meeting then prime minister Gordon Brown, Lord West reversed his opinion saying he was “convinced” of the requirement for such a power. He explained the switch (under 2 hours) by saying, “Being a simple sailor, not a politician, maybe I didn’t choose my words well.”

4. He was forced to deny extraordinary claims that he was having an affair with “the brunette one” from 1970s group Abba, after it emerged they had been friends for the past year or so. Amid gathering rumors, high level sources sought to divert attention by revealing that Lord West had admitted, “some years ago” to an infidelity during a routine vetting procedure – but emphatically not with the Abba star.

5. Labour was forced to apologize after former security minister Lord West branded Denmark and Belgium second-rate countries. He said the UK was still a first-rate military power, “not like bloody Denmark or Belgium”. His comments came as Labour delivered the findings of a 10-month review into defence procurement, aimed at getting better value for money from buying equipment for the UK’s armed forces.

6. Speaking in a question and answer session with 100 journalists and guests from the defence industry at Labour headquarters in central London, He said: “This business of a second-tier power – we are probably, depending on what figures you use, the fifth or sixth wealthiest nation in the world. “We have the largest percentage of our GDP on exports, apart from the tiny countries around the world, we run world shipping from the UK, we are the largest European navy. “We are a permanent member of the (United Nations) Security Council and I think that gives us certain clout and certain ability. “These mean we are not a second-tier power. We are not bloody Denmark or Belgium, and if we try to become that, I think we would be worse-off as a result. “I get slightly annoyed at this sort of statement.”

7. Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy and shadow minister Michael Dugher sat next to the peer, as he unleashed his rant. Mr Murphy looked embarrassed before saying: “Thanks Alan, and obviously for any friends from Belgium or Denmark, apologies. Or should I say former friends from Belgium or Denmark?”

8. Defence Secretary Liam Fox hailed the nations’ contribution both to the Afghan war and the conflict in Libya. He said, “I’m appalled to hear Labour’s Lord West insulting Denmark and Belgium, both of whom have been operating alongside British forces in Libya. “Forty-two Danes have lost their lives fighting alongside us in Helmand. “Lord West’s remarks are both stupid and insensitive.”

9. “Defence cuts imperil our proud nation”, warned Lord West. “Have we really decided that this great maritime nation of ours only needs 13 frigates”. “Has there been any realistic assumption of the requirement of the number of frigates – and I’m talking frigates not destroyers and other things – or is the number 13 purely based on an arbitrary cost figure? “In the final analysis, the defence of the nation is the top priority for any nation of whatever hue and I do believe we are standing into danger.”

10. Admiral Lord West of Spithead, a former first sea lord, said the country is “sailing into danger” because the Government is not planning to build enough ships. The Labour peer and former security minister under Gordon Brown said Britain’s proud naval tradition was at risk from bureaucratic and political neglect.

11. Friends say that Lord West is a bon viveur, fond of good wine, good food and good chat. Must have had a few at the time he lost top secret documents and was court marshaled earlier in his career.

Whitehall Want’s Cuts I deliver States Scottish General

Major General Mark Strudwick CBE, former Aide-de-Camp to the Queen

Was, in his last post in the Army. General Officer Commanding the Army in Scotland and Her Majesty’s Governor of Edinburgh Castle. He is a Better Together Supporter. In retirement he became head of the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust. (Classic case of a company man).

In the 1990s, Strudwick was Director of Infantry, and responsible for 12,000 officers at the time of the Army’s “options for change”. “We had to make 2850 officers redundant, that was a very difficult time.” Then in 2004 as a member of the council of Scottish colonels, Strudwick was handed the job of approving and publicly defending the politically-explosive creation of a single Scottish regiment, which also involved the merger of his own Royal Scots with the King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

“We had to come up with a solution, we couldn’t just go back to Whitehall (MoD) without one, they would have just imposed it. Inevitably it was enormously painful, because this is the ultimate change.”

He reflects: “What people find hard to accept is that the commitment and determination of our soldiers is not reflected in the way the Treasury is constantly driving down the costs, and the balance between having the right manpower and procurement – which always costs too much and takes too long.”

Another General Adds His Support to Better Together

General Loudon – Governor of Edinburgh Castle & Better Together supporter – Adds his signature Supporting No in the Referendum

1. General Euan Loudon Keeps Proposed Changes From Soldiers

a. 2003-2005. A series of discussions, (at the highest level) were conducted within the Scottish Regimental heirarchy pertaining to major organisational change, at the time Scottish soldiers were deployed to the war in Iraq and other operational areas. Although there was some dissemination of information at senior levels, this did not include junior ranks in case they became upset.

2. A concerned ex-soldier – Major (retd) Michael Hamilton, wrote to the Scottish Herald- Opening up the Debate to a wider Audience- He was not popular

a. His letter. August 2005. Soldiers are being kept ignorant of Army changes – General Euan Loudon says that sniping from the sidelines dispirits the serving community. So what is General Loudon really up to? Sounding off about tartan, cap badges and the retired Army community. Both expect us to follow the scent of their red herring. The main issues are not cap badges and tartans, important symbols though these are.

b. Soldiers read the Scottish tabloids, not the Scottish broadsheets in which almost all the articles and letters on the changes have been published. If General Loudon had visited the Naafi and local shops in the Falklands (company group of the KOSB), in Colinton near Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh (Royal Scots) , Warminster (Black Watch), Canterbury (The Highlanders), Cyprus (RHF) and Omagh (KOSB) he would know that Scottish broadsheets are not on sale. We have asked men and their families serving there. Recently I asked the newsagent in Colinton how many Jocks bought the Scottish broadsheets. He scornfully said, “You must be an officer. They read the tabloids.”

c. In all Scottish regiments, there is widespread ignorance of the reform proposals. You can meet uniformed Jocks from the Royal Scots in the streets here in Edinburgh. They recently told me, “We are all right, the KOSB are amalgamating with us – we are not amalgamating with them, ” revealing a complete failure to appreciate what is really going on. Questioned about briefings on the changes from officers, they look puzzled and say no one has briefed them. Told that they would soon be wearing the kilt and a different cap badge they laughed and told me to stop taking the mickey.

d. The first main issue is that all ranks are forbidden to speak to the media and even to their own families about the proposed reforms. So let us now challenge the ministers of defence and the Army Board to open the ranks of the six affected Scottish battalions to the media with a guarantee of no victimization and the right to speak with back to the camera with voice disguised. Let them speak the truth. If the majority want their regiments to be abolished, the campaigners will respect their freely expressed wishes and fall silent. We do not fear free speech or the truth. We put no spin on anything. We do not need to.

e. The second main issue is that instead of moving in regimental communities in which wives travel with their friends, and children move en bloc from school to school secure in whole classes, the Scottish infantry and their families will be moved just as frequently but in penny packets from battalion to battalion thus disrupting military teams and the social fabric of whole regimental communities.

f. The Regiments of Foot Guards and the Parachute Regiment have a rather more preferential deal. The Guards are not being required to move from regiment to regiment, and the Parachute Regiment is now garrisoned in Colchester, so that a posting from one battalion to another involves no move of house and school. Jobs for wives are easy to come by in these regiments: try getting a job for your wife in Omagh or Fallingbostel.

g. The third main issue is that the Scottish regiments carry a DISPROPORTIONATE share of operational duties and casualties. Details of deployments and overstretch were published in The Herald on 18 August 2005. Statistics of British Army personnel killed and injured are published on the internet each year, showing deaths by regiment and corps.