John (Wreck it and Run) Reid Warts & Plenty of Them

1. Opening Narrative 2. John Reid, Baron Reid of Cardowan former Labour MP for Airdrie & Shotts, former Home Secretary was made a life peer after the 2010 election. Following his stepping down as Home Secretary in 2007 he has worked in private sector security, including holding a position with G4S (until April 2013?). 3.Continue reading “John (Wreck it and Run) Reid Warts & Plenty of Them”

Lord Dannat Speaks Out and Gets a Reply

1. Opening Statement a. General Dannatt was a controversial Army leader who was rarely off the television screens of the nation at the time of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He was criticized by the press for the failure of the British troops to take their main objective, Basra in the Iraq invasion and againContinue reading “Lord Dannat Speaks Out and Gets a Reply”