Scottish Referendum

Gordon Brown is not a man of his word. Read on McDuff

Gordon Brown is not a man of his word. Read on McDuff

After 300 years of an imposed treaty 2014 is the year Scotland will finally exert it’s right to be free. In 1707 the Scottish Parliament was first suspended then dissolved, (against the will of the people), on the order of group of corrupt peers. Scottish Sovereignty was then moved from Edinburgh to London.

Scot’s never accepted English rule and rebelled in 1715 and 1745. The last rebellion was put down by the Duke of Cumberland and a horde of English and German troops with savagery and 100 years of on-going land and property asset stripping, people expulsion and many other acts of brutality. Written records of which are retained in libraries and homes throughout Scotland and in many other countries of the world where poor unfortunate Scot’s highlanders and their families had been transported to.

It was not until the latter part of the twentieth century that Scot’s were given two constitutional referendums to establish Scottish devolution and even then the powers of full self rule were denied. Whilst responsibility was to be delegated across a restricted range of governance this was tempered with a restriction on authority, which was retained in Westminster through the treasury and MP’s. Scotland, by result remained to be a province of the UK

In an extraordinary turn of events the, “European Union” (EU) surfaced, bringing with it an end to English independence. Tony Blair, Prime Minister signed off the original European constitution then formally negotiated the new European treaty on 20 April 2004 . With the 2005 General Election looming, it was agreed in Westminster that the public would be asked to vote, (after the election) in a referendum for or against acceptance of the new European treaty. As was indeed the case for a number of other countries, some of which voted against acceptance, (France and Holland). There was much panic in Europe following the rejection of the new Treaty. A large number of meetings were held, over a period of time designed to arrive at a consensus finding a way forward. Many changes, (largely superficial) were made and the revamped document the, “Treaty of Lisbon” was created replacing the Constitutional Treaty. In mainland Europe governments voted the revised constitution through their parliaments without undue fuss.

The UK decided upon a different course of action. In their MANIFESTO the newly elected Labour government had included a solemn PLEDGE to give the UK electorate their say in a referendum on the treaty. Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, (who took up post, following the resignation of Tony Blair), elected neither by his MPs nor his party members nor his country insisted there was no need for a referendum. Hardened cynics and europhiles were extremely angered by Brown’s refusal to let the people have their say. This was a Prime Minister who had finally been awarded, (through nepotism) the most powerful job in the land promising, “I will listen and I will learn. I want to lead a government humble enough to know its place, where I will always strive to be – and that’s on the people’s side.” “We’ve got to honour that manifesto. It is an issue of trust for me with the electorate.”

Defending his plan of action Gordon Brown repeatedly quoted his glorious-sounding, “red lines” (key areas of national interest such as justice, home affairs, social security and foreign policy which he had promised to safeguard) as a reason not to hold the referendum – we have protected our national interests, so we have nothing to fear. Dogmatic in his approach he stated the revised treaty was no longer a constitutional matter, although it still contained 40 substantial constitutional changes, and they were the same as were contained in the original constitutional treaty itself. It was therefore fraudulent to pretend the new treaty did not have the same significance as the one previously rejected. The Labour government, elected on a promise to hold a referendum did not have one. The treaty was signed in 2007 by Gordon Brown then ratified 1 December 2009. The UK was now effectively a different country, (against the wishes of the electorate) it had been deprived of it’s independence in 2007, just as as Scotland did in 1707. A scandalous abuse of public trust. Acting as he did, Brown failed to give consideration to the hearts and minds of English national patriotism which is just as potent a subject to the English as independence is to the Scot’s. Politics and trust are intrinsic, without trust politicians are loathed, ridiculed and ignored.

There was perhaps a time when the United Kingdom was of benefit to England and to Scotland. It certainly helped the English to achieve great things. The, “British” did much to save the world from tyranny at the time of the Napoleonic wars, and again in the two world wars of the twentieth century. On balance, the, “British Empire” has been a force for good in the world. But Westminster is too distant and detached from the nationalism of the nations that form it. Lessons from history provide guidance that independence is not the property of a parliament. It is owned instead by the people. The days of the empire have gone forever and Scot’s have a right, enshrined in their constitution to regain their independence, if that is the settled will of the nation. Scottish independence is not a matter for any English person to become actively involved in, (except within the agreed terms of the referendum).

Scottish Referendum

Glasgow South West – Poorly Served By Davidson And His labour Party Colleagues – Time For Change -Get ‘Em Out


Ian Davidson was born in 1950 in the borders region of Scotland. He migrated north to Strathclyde and was elected to the position of councillor with the Strathclyde Regional Council, where he was employed from 1978 -1992. He gave up his post when he was elected as a Labour MP  and has  been at Westminster from that time, until 2015. As sitting MP it is expected he will contest Glasgow & South West in the May 2015 general election.




My family lived in the Gorbals in 1955. At that time people were poor, badly housed, undernourished, in ill-health and ill educated. Not a lot has changed since. Visitors to Glasgow are  kept well away from  Govan being directed to visiting the impressive George Square,  the recently built BBC Scotland Headquarters and Science Centre buildings et. al.



But visit Govan, (no way) it is a different world far removed from the glitter and gloss of areas that have been upgraded, through the good auspices of the Glasgow City Council.  In Govan the lives of many inhabitants are still blighted by grinding poverty, drug dealing, alcohol abuse, ill health, early death, unemployment and despair. There are other areas of Glasgow in which conditions in Govan are mirrored.  A factor common to all of the aformentioned is that for 50 years voters have loyally given their precious vote to Labour politicians whose only interest is to perpetuate the deprivation so that they would be sure of securing another majority at the next election.



Davidson is Chairman of The Scottish Affairs Select Committee at Westminster. His style of management is dicatorial, strident and overbearing. He tolerates no dispute over any decsions he takes in the name of the committeee he regards as his to control.

Davidson, is probably the most influential of Labour Party policy deciders, “almost anything he say’s goes” where Scottish politics is concerned. He is known to be quite scathing of the Scottish Parliament, in particular the ability of the MSP’s, including Labour elected to it. Scotland would be best advised to remember Davidson’s quote before the referendum, “Once we get our, “No” vote in 2014, we’ll rip so many powers from the Scottish Parliament the neo-Nats might as well meet once a month above a pub, for all they’ll have left to talk about”. So there is a hidden Labour agenda. In the event of a “No” vote, (duly delivered by campaign of fear) the Scottish Parliament, will be first neutered then, in time abandoned.

In the course of the referendum campaign he  was vociferous in his oppositon to any form of independence. On one occasion he demanded that the MOD insert a, “get out” clause into a warship contract, due to be signed off  with BAE to build frigates on the Clyde so that the MOD could remove the contract to Portsmouth in the event of a “Yes” vote. So much for representing his people, the bulk of Glasgows shipbuilding constituents live in Govan.


Puppet on a string

In Westminster,  Davidson, prominent  anti-independence campaigner repeated his call that once the, “conflict” of the independence campaign is over “all that will be required is mopping up and bayoneting of the wounded.”

In March 2007, Davidson purchased from his, Additional Costs Allowance , reclining furniture costing nearly £1,500 and had it delivered to his Glasgow home at the time he was claiming his Commons allowance on his flat in South London. He said the suite was later driven to London at the taxpayers cost. he subsequently claimed and was reimbursed in full for both bills.



Under the Green Book rules, the allowance can only reimburse MPs for “expenses wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred when staying overnight away from their main UK residence … for the purpose of performing their parliamentary duties.”

A note of enquiry from a Commons official was concerned Davidson paid a property search agency to help him find a new flat and references records showing Davidson had already claimed £1,000 of taxpayers’ money with nothing to show for it and was concerned about how long the search, at the taxpayers expense would go on.

Davidson explained he wanted to use the agency because — away from home a lot — no time to house hunt — unfamiliar with English house-hunting. He had not expected this to take so long. The market was difficult — not sure how much longer it would take. He added he was, “not sure about terms of contractwith the agency but that he might have to pay £5k in all. He didn’t remember who he spoke to originally or who had authorized this spend.”  The final charge to the taxpayer for finding Davidson a flat came to £6,000. The fees’ office agreed a proportion of this sum. He then billed the taxpayer for more than £11,000 to move  into the flat.



Expense claims show that Davidson, a member of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, arranged for a handyman from Glasgow to renovate his south London flat between 2005-06 and 2007-08 at a cost to the taxpayer of £5500. He then took the handyman, whom he described as a “family friend”,  shooting at two events organized by the National Rifle Association. In one match he was on a Commons’ team against the House of Lords. Davidson said he “could not recall” whether the handyman paid his own costs.

Davidson said permission to employ his “family friend” had been “specifically requested from the fees office and agreed on the basis that it would be cheaper than employing a London firm. He said: “he accompanied me on two occasions to a shooting match with the National Rifle Association. Since a competition had already been arranged to shoot at Bisley, I sought and was given agreement for him to participate as my guest.”



Davidson said he had the furniture delivered to Glasgow “since someone is invariably in and my London house is on a bus lane with double red lines.” He said he had hired a property search company because he had “spent many fruitless hours looking for a suitable property and then decided to seek professional help”. The fees office had agreed it was an “acceptable cost”.



The people of Glasgow (Govan) should reject Davidson and his self serving Labour party colleagues in favour of the SNP who, as entity exist only to serve the people of Scotland. Labour have had enough chances.




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