Scottish West Coast & Atlantic Oil

This is possibly the most comprehensive review of the potential oil and gas reserves yet to be developed. The West of Scotland will be in for major capital works in the next few years meeting the needs of the Oil companies who will be building new rigs for the Atlantic oil. I hope Scot’s inContinue reading “Scottish West Coast & Atlantic Oil”

Saint Bob Geldorf – charlatan – saviour – Greek Tragedy or just misunderstood?

March 2011: Bob Geldof to receive honorary doctorate From Israeli University Irish musician and activist Bob Geldof will receive an honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Geldof’s paternal grandfather, a Belgian chef, married a Jewish woman, Amelia Falk, in London before moving to Ireland. The honorary doctorate from BGU will be the latestContinue reading “Saint Bob Geldorf – charlatan – saviour – Greek Tragedy or just misunderstood?”