The Lottery

The UK National Lottery

Regular and ad-hoc players, in Scotland, contribute more than any other region of the UK.

Loss of Scotland would deprive the Lottery of approximately 30% of annual income. Mindful of the foregoing is a National Lottery press release which advised: “most lottery millionaires have been created in England, (London, Midlands, South East of England and the North East) which is by far the luckiest part of the UK.”

Gordon Brown, (yes him again) has been muck spreading today, intent on causing alarm within the minds of Scot’s who routinely purchase UK lottery tickets venturing that a, “Yes” vote in September will result in Scot’s being deprived of the opportunity to purchase tickets for the UK lottery.

But knowledgeable insiders anticipate that, assuming a, “yes” vote in September the UK lottery will fold, to be replaced, (2016) by a, “Charitable Foundation” operating independent of any government, (mirroring the Euro Lottery) including, by invitation all countries within the former UK. The present split of the pot, (prizes/good causes/operating costs) would be retained.

Initially, “Camelot would be awarded a contract to operate the lottery taking up the remaining year’s of the contract, in place at the time a, “transfer of rights and responsibilities” is enacted. Summary: Lottery players will continue to be well served . My better half, purchases tickets weekly for the Euro Millions, Irish and UK lotteries and she fully expects this will be unchanged in the future.


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