The House of Lords-An Irrelevant Joke

The House of Lords-An Irrelevant Joke

In decline for many a year, the, “House of Lords” finally fell into disrepute losing any trace of grace which it yet retained the the day former left winger of the Labour Party, John Prescott became Lord Prescott of Kingston-Upon-Hull. It is said the peerage award was in recognition of his many year’s in politics where he spent loads of time and taxpayer’s money achieving absolutely nothing whilst, giving the impression he held answers to everything, remember the £billions he spent creating the, “Regional Development Agency”. Did any of the schemes he funded ever get off the ground? Is it any wonder the rich settings of the well upholstered, “House of Lords” is known as, “never never” land.

Scotland, free from Westminster will be able to walk away from the, “House of Lords” anachronism, finally getting rid of a political set-up that should have been killed off many year’s ago. Vote, “Yes” to independence in the referendum


Pros and Cons of Independence

Pros and Cons of Independence

“Thatcher was despised by both unionist and nationalists alike,,,much like slavery! yet are you suggesting that the call for independence should be based on a hatred of a woman who was after all heaved out of office by her own party?”

Scottish unhappiness with Westminster, (the entity not just Thatcher) reflects the immorality of a long line of Westminster Governments which encouraged by the lack of a written constitution has abused power without limit.

“Let us turn our backs on fishing communities like Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Arbroath.” “Your link to the well being of our fishing community is from a yes site,,,lol”

Edward Heath and the Conservative Government betrayed Scotland in 1973, at the time they sacrificed, without representation Scotland’s booming fishing industry in order to gain UK membership of the EEC. The cavalier action destroyed Scotland’s fishing communities, who were subjected to the rules of the 1970 Common Fisheries Policy which, by statute provided equal access to Scottish waters of all fishing vessels of EEC member states.

“We as the uk share an essential plethora of information on cyber threats within our respective borders, how weakened will we be as a separate commodity? and at what cost?”

Security is the prime responsibility of Government and politics coupled with governing facts mean that Scotland and the UKr, through common interest will remain close security partners. There is the added assurance that Scotland will continue to partner the other Nations of the Five Eyes intelligence group enhancing security through intelligence gathering and information sharing.

“regarding your perception of foreign policy I would rather be in a position to offer a strong voice in the aid of a country in need,,c,mon jocky what could an independent Scotland offer apart from condescending words of sympathy.”

It is ever more evident that a free internet, (we need to ensure it is never subject to government control) is an extremely effective alternative to Westminster and other Government’s oppressive complexities that seek to establish and maintain control of, “the news” and associated political propaganda. This is why it’s essential that the internet remains free of government regulation.

“Save the union or destroy and tear apart a proud nation,,,,whats your goal?”

The guiding principle of, “Habeas Corpus”, introduced into English law when King John added his signature and seal in 1215 to the, “Magna Carta” has been lost. Consequent with the loss the nations pride has been sacrificed. This has resulted in a succession of increasingly authoritarian governments obsessed with war and political aggrandizement. I believe the Referendum, providing an opportunity for change, will allow Scotland to establish once more a society based on individual freedom. One bold step forward is what Scot’s need to take, not a hesitant step backward, as the Unionist wish. The UKr will benefit since it’s citizens will be able to command politicians to introduce a written constitution, re-establishing, “Habeas Corpus”, limiting, government powers and eliminating all forms of abuse of citizens.

“Thatcher, Blair, Salmond,,,,I cant decide who is worst but i wont turn my back or use anyone of them as an excuse to destroy the UK”

I note you are intent upon sticking with the UK as it is. Accepting the right of the UK government to enforce polices devoid of compassion, driven by class warfare and intolerance of others . Conceived in an environment of government belief that, “might is right”, allowing it to dictate to citizens, denying their rights to liberty, peace and prosperity.

The Miners Strike of 1982-84

The Miners Strike of 1982-84

“As painful as it was at the time , the closing of the mines was probably the best policy. If it hadn’t happened would Scotland still be producing expensive coal that no one could afford , all at tax-payers expense? It was a bitter pill at the time but in hindsight it was probably the correct decision.”

The coal industry was in decline from around 1960. Harold Wilson’s government closed many collieries in Scotland and Wales and some in England. The closures were handled well, many miners and their families transferred to collieries in England and new smaller industries were introduced into, newly built, “campus towns” mitigating damage to communities.

At the beginning of the eighties the Thatcher government, (spoiling for a fight with the coal miners) driven by dogma, issued spoiler information to miners advising the intention was to close 20 colleries. Secret government papers were passed to Arthur Scargill indicating the scale of closures was to be in excess of 75 colleries. Government denied this. Scargill consulted the miners who, realizing all would be lost if the massive closure list was actioned voted for, “Strike action”.

The Strike, which lasted over a year brought terrible hardship to miners and their families, (wives were denied social assistance, after the personal intervention of Mrs Thatcher). Communities were destroyed. Father was set against son. Police, “flying squads”, unheard of in peacetime, smothered mining communities denying freedom of movement of men, women and children, reminiscent of Germany in the 1930’s. Thatcher, describing the miners as, “the enemy within”, released the full might of secret services on mining communities the damaging effects of which still exist today.

After the, “strike collapsed” Thatcher executed her revenge. The bulk of the UK’s collieries were closed. Many thousands of miners were thrown onto the dole never to work again. Mining communities were dismantled by denial to them of any new industry. Younger families emigrated to Australia, Canada and New Zealand joining relations that had suffered similar fates in the past.

Thatcher funded her war on the miners using revenue from Scottish oil. Her preference being that miners should live and die, “on the dole” punishment for the crime of daring to resist her and the Tory party.

Grangemouth Refinery Workforce Saved From the Dole by Alex Salmond then kicked in the Teeth by Unite Union in the Independence Referendum



Ratcliffe Millionaire owner of INEOS



Remember The Grangemouth Refinery Crisis

The crisis first came to the attention of the Scottish public through a series of press releases exposing gerrymandering by UNITE, who had packed the local election committee, ensuring election of a UNITE member to the status of official parliamentary candidate, (2015 election) for Falkirk West Labour Party.

Extensive inquiry by Labour Party investigators, (sent from England) concluded there was, “no doubt” that United had attempted to manipulate the selection process.

All sorts of shenanigans came to light, involving UNITE and Labour Party members of distinction.

Johan Lamont, leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, preferring to keep her counsel, provided scarce comment, (throughout the scandal), disappointing Labour Party supporters.




Just about the same time it came to light that UNITE had decided upon strike action at the Grangemouth refinery claiming workers were fed up with oppressive management and poor financial rewards.

A period of charge and counter-charge followed, at the end of which management advised the plant would be closed down throwing the entire workforce onto the dole.




Pressure, from a range of interested parties, (excluding Labour) was applied requesting that Alex Salmond, (First Minister) nationalize Grangemouth thereby protecting the workers, saving an important industry.

His response was that whilst he was sympathetic to the cause of the workers, he had no authority to direct the final outcome of the dispute since issues pertaining to energy were reserved to Westminster and there had been no indication of interest, from that place.

But he went on to advise that the Scottish Government had reported the matter to the Scottish Secretary, (Alistair Carmichael) gaining his support, permitting the Scottish government to enter into discussions with management and staff with the purpose of finding a way out of the difficulty.




Alex Salmond, (First Minister) and a team drawn from the Scottish Government worked long hours and many days, with the purpose of achieving a solution to the difficulties, against an movable deadline imposed by management.

And, at the eleventh hour a breakthrough was achieved providing opportunity for change acceptable to management, staff and a reluctant union.

The agreement committed staff to a 3 year, “no strike” period coupled with a reduction in working terms and conditions reflecting the reality of a downturn in the business of the Company.




Johan Lamont and the Labour Party remained strangely silent throughout the confrontation giving credence to views that the Party had, “washed it’s hands of the workers” and the UNITE union at Grangemouth. How sad.

The September referendum provided opportunity for reflection by  Scots employed with companies supporting union representation that, “when the chips were down” the Labour Party in Scotland turned it’s back on the workers leaving them in the lurch, to be rescued by Alec Salmon..

In a final act of betrayal the Unite Union instructed its membership to vote “No” in the referendum.

A kick in the teeth for Scotland and the man who had rescued them from the dole.



Care Data Scheme – Be Afraid Private Healthcare

Care Data Scheme – Be Afraid Private Healthcare

The, much vilified “Care Data” scheme, in place in England from the start of the year, has attracted minimal publicity in Scotland, since it can only be introduced in Scotland with the support of the Scottish Parliament.

In the event of a, “no” vote in the September referendum it is intended that there will be a scheme, “roll-out” in 2015. Scotland must be able, (through consultation with the electorate) to decide upon any need and benefits of collection of excessive amounts of personal health data and just who might be afforded access. Only a, “yes” vote in the referendum will ensure this.

Those who care about their privacy should be greatly concerned since the measures will ensure provision of all aspects of an individuals medical records to anyone that has £1 to spare and can prove need of the information. eg. Insurance companies, (for £1) will be able to access information which might affect the performance of an insurance policy in the event a person forgot to advise they had been treated for an ingrowing toenail!!!

The entire population of England has been data entered on a central database. It is for the individual to go to their Doctor and register a wish to, “opt-out).

First off view the video;

Then view the websites and read.

The UK Common Travel Area

The UK Common Travel Area

A leading member of the, “no” campaign, Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael today launched a UK government analysis paper, “Borders and Citizenship.” To say the content was unadulterated drivel would be giving it undeserved credence. Scotland is and will, (after independence) remain to be a member of the, “Common Travel Area” CTA.

Heaping ridicule onto the unfortunate Mr Carmichael, a Republic of Ireland, (fellow members of the CTA) spokesman stated, “The CTA in no way alters our control over immigration or visa matters and who can and cannot enter or reside in Ireland.”

Mr Carmichael compounded his error by adding an unnecessary racist aside, warning that the Scottish Government’s plans to allow expat applicants with Scottish Grandparents, Scottish Citizenship could result in five million people living abroad becoming entitled to becoming a Scottish citizen. And the point is!!!

Mr Carmichael might have been better advised to take a, “wee peek” at the attached chart which provides a detailed picture of population changes, world wide in the five year’s 2005-2010. Noteworthy is the flow of over one million immigrants to the UK, (mainly England) from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. By any reckoning that expansion will provide a headache for Westminster many times greater than the few immigrants likely to take up the offer of Scottish citizenship.

Where everyone in the world is migrating—in one gorgeous chart

At Last Honest Tories Speak the Truth

At Last Honest Tories Speak the Truth

View the videos then decide. If you support a spend of £200Billion on, “A Much Bigger and More Destructive Nuclear Submarine Launched Nuclear Deterrent” to be Based at Faslane then vote, “no” in the referendum. If you agree with the views of the much experienced politicians and the bulk of Scottish voters then vote, “Yes” in the referendum.