The Royal mail & the Future

The Royal Mail and the Future The, part-privatised, (on the cheap) Royal Mail derives about 50% of it’s annual revenue from delivery of, “snail mail.” It is contracted, “by law” to deliver such mail on a universal basis throughout the UK. Retention of a, “Universal Mail Delivery” service is more expensive to maintain in theContinue reading “The Royal mail & the Future”

Tories at War Within the Party

Tories at War, (posh boys get their comeuppance) The economy is apparently improving, (for London & the South East of England) and another Conservative Government is increasingly likely. Just who will lead it is not clear, since Cameron seems to have lost the support of his colleagues in Westminster. The 1921 committee might yet decideContinue reading “Tories at War Within the Party”

Hague States Scotland is not a State

Commonwealth Games-William Hague Sets the Record Straight. Paraphrasing his briefing; William Hague, clarifying Westminster’s official view of the Commonwealth Games insisted that whilst home countries might fly their flag and wear their colours, individuals competing that are resident in the, “British Isles” will be representing, “Team GB” since it is the UK and other countriesContinue reading “Hague States Scotland is not a State”

Brexit – Access to the Euro Millions denied to UK Residents – If You Believe the Red Tory Alliance

          The UK National Lottery and Scottish Independence Loss of Scotland would deprive the Lottery of approximately 30% of its weekly income rendering it unviable. A National Lottery press release advised: “”most lottery millionaires are created in England, (London, Midlands, South East of England and the North East) which is byContinue reading “Brexit – Access to the Euro Millions denied to UK Residents – If You Believe the Red Tory Alliance”

The Pope & Scotland

The Pope and the Scottish Independence Referendum The, “No” campaign press and the BBC, are gleefully, (but incorrectly) claiming today, ( that the, Church of Rome, (through the intervention of the Pope) supports their stance. The intervention, (if is indeed to be classed as one) would be deprecated. But wait: The 1320, “Declaration of Arbroath”Continue reading “The Pope & Scotland”

Charity & Scottish Independence

Devolution affords Scottish charities the opportunity to forge their own relationships with MSPs providing them with access to parliament in a way they have never had before. This freedom of access does not have the support of many UK, (London) controlled charities who are unwilling to cede power to their Scottish branches. In 200* TheContinue reading “Charity & Scottish Independence”

The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling

The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling Recent rumours that the Labour Party, unhappy with the performance of the, “no” campaign leader, “Flipper Darling” and his team would be unleashing some, “big Guns”, (to get things moving) proved to be correct, witnessed recent botched appearances and statements of Gordon Brown and by a helpful financial,Continue reading “The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling”

Gordon Brown Labour Party

Gordon Brown Brown first thought of himself as being ‘Labour’ and his sense of social injustice was roused when he accompanied his father on visits around Kirkcaldy seeing the pain of unemployment and the misery of poverty and squalor as the mining and textile industries collapsed. Growing up he discovered Tawney, Tressell, Cole and otherContinue reading “Gordon Brown Labour Party”

Mail Deliveries To Remote Areas to be Scaled Down

Royal Mail says postal deliveries to remote areas under threat Privatized company’s CEO calls for action from Ofcom to prevent undercutting from rivals threatening universal service obligation Royal Mail boss Moya Greene said: ‘Royal Mail is required to deliver six days a week, overnight, throughout the whole country, to stringent quality standards and at aContinue reading “Mail Deliveries To Remote Areas to be Scaled Down”

The Rise of the Special Adviser & Hopefully The Fall

Special Advisers are usually well educated University types with a political leaning. Tony Blair created the animal at the start of his tenure. Until that time such persons were remunerated by the MP that took them on. Blair changed the game and took all of them onto the books of the Civil Service. Projected recurringContinue reading “The Rise of the Special Adviser & Hopefully The Fall”