The Royal mail & the Future

The Royal Mail and the Future

The, part-privatised, (on the cheap) Royal Mail derives about 50% of it’s annual revenue from delivery of, “snail mail.” It is contracted, “by law” to deliver such mail on a universal basis throughout the UK. Retention of a, “Universal Mail Delivery” service is more expensive to maintain in the large rural areas of Scotland. Measures, correcting matters, reducing costs are ready for early implementation after the next general election. The measures; Universal home delivery of mail is to be withdrawn, (over a period not exceeding one year), in urban areas, with a population exceeding 5000, to be replaced with Post-Box, (PO) delivery. This will require homeowners to, “collect” their mail in person, (no exceptions) from a designated PO-Box which will be located locally, supermarket, Newsagent, Garage or similar enterprise. Inconvenient!!! Tough!!! will be the response of the new Conservative government.

Read the article; “”

The above changes can only be implemented in Scotland with the authority of UK Government. Vote, “Yes” in the September referendum. Let the Scottish Parliament decide the future of mail delivery.


Tories at War Within the Party

Tories at War, (posh boys get their comeuppance)

The economy is apparently improving, (for London & the South East of England) and another Conservative Government is increasingly likely. Just who will lead it is not clear, since Cameron seems to have lost the support of his colleagues in Westminster.

The 1921 committee might yet decide it is time for him to go, to be replaced by a hard liner who would take the Party to the, “Right of Centre” so that the Party might lead the UK to a referendum resulting in the UK leaving the EEC. Read between the lines;”

Early warning!!! should Scotland vote, “no” in the referendum it might well be forced by a Conservative, (English) government to leave the Common Market which would bring to Scotland major job losses and a collapsed economy. Vote, “Yes” in the September Referendum so that the catastrophe can be averted.

Hague States Scotland is not a State

Commonwealth Games-William Hague Sets the Record Straight. Paraphrasing his briefing;

William Hague, clarifying Westminster’s official view of the Commonwealth Games insisted that whilst home countries might fly their flag and wear their colours, individuals competing that are resident in the, “British Isles” will be representing, “Team GB” since it is the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth that are member states.

Scotland is not a state and Westminster simply decided to delegate the games to be held in Glasgow, a city of the UK. He went on to express his confidence, (and that of the Government) in the superpower that is Team GB will be a success in Glasgow and in the future, the world. “” So there it is, Scotland does not exist.

Seems to me we need to vote, “Yes” so that we will be able to join the Commonweath on an equal footing with 50+ other states, such as Nauru, population approximately 15,000.

Brexit – Access to the Euro Millions denied to UK Residents – If You Believe the Red Tory Alliance






The UK National Lottery and Scottish Independence

Loss of Scotland would deprive the Lottery of approximately 30% of its weekly income rendering it unviable.

A National Lottery press release advised: “”most lottery millionaires are created in England, (London, Midlands, South East of England and the North East) which is by far the luckiest part of the UK.”

Intent on mischief and creating alarm within the minds of Scot’s who routinely purchased UK lottery tickets, the great informer, Gordon Brown, in a speech to labour loyalists and pensioners suggested that a, “Yes” vote on 18 September 2014 would result in Scot’s being denied the opportunity to purchase tickets for the UK lottery.

It was the widespread use of this form of misinformation by the “Red Tory Alliance”,  of the Scottish electorate that created doubt in the minds of voters sufficient to persuade them to vote “no” in the referendum.

Since 2014 the weekly cost to the punter participating in the UK National Lottery has doubled but jackpots have halved.

There is also growing concern in Scotland about the misplacement of distribution of financial support to charitable and other public causes

Many Scot’s have deserted the UK lottery, and are placing a small amount of their hard earned weekly income with the Euro Millions and Irish Lottery.

Getting back to the “Red Tory Alliance” and Gordon Brown. If their briefing of Scot’s in 2014 is to be believed “Brexit” will bring an end to Scot’s participation in the Euro Millions and Irish Lottery’s.

“Woe is me”, What is to be done???








The Pope & Scotland

The Pope and the Scottish Independence Referendum

The, “No” campaign press and the BBC, are gleefully, (but incorrectly) claiming today, ( that the, Church of Rome, (through the intervention of the Pope) supports their stance. The intervention, (if is indeed to be classed as one) would be deprecated.

But wait: The 1320, “Declaration of Arbroath” fully supported by Pope John XX11 and the bishops of Scotland remains extant. Scotland, (and it’s Roman Catholic poplace) is formally recognised as an, “independent nation” by the Church of Rome.

It is also well known within Church circles that Pope Francis, (embracing the policy of all previous Pope’s) fully supports the right of Scotland and it’s people to determine their own future. Further to the foregoing, canvassing of Roman Catholic’s in Scotland indicate in excess of 65% intend to vote, “Yes” to independence.

Charity & Scottish Independence

Devolution affords Scottish charities the opportunity to forge their own relationships with MSPs providing them with access to parliament in a way they have never had before. This freedom of access does not have the support of many UK, (London) controlled charities who are unwilling to cede power to their Scottish branches.

In 200* The Scottish ******** ******** charity management team, submitted a proposal, (to the UK umbrella organization) that the charity should be autonomous of England, including control of financial contributions made in Scotland. This was rejected leaving the Scottish management team and staff well and truly deflated. A significant number of people, (who had been volunteers actively supporting the charity) resigned and the Scottish management team were suspended. A number of key managers then left the charity.

An important patron of the charity, in Scotland, who, in addition to provision of moral and physical support, had provided significant financial donations resigned her position, citing distracting and demoralizing seemingly endless internal rows with the charity’s London office. Paraphrasing the statement of resignation the Patron said;

“I have not taken the decision to quit my position as patron lightly. In the last year the Scottish team and myself initiated and attended a mediation session, in the hope of sorting out long-standing and escalating conflicts between the Scottish management team and officers in London, driven by the imposition of changes and ever increasing control measures, from England. Unfortunately little was achieved. With mounting frustration and disappointment, I have been witness to the resignations of immensely dedicated people within the Scottish ******** ******** and the increasing demoralization of staff whom I have come to know and admire over the last ten years.”

The suspended, (shortly after ex-Chairman) of the charity in Scotland briefed staff that the patron might be persuaded to reconsider standing down if the charity cut its ties with London.

London based controllers instructed members of the charity in Scotland that a breakaway could result in a loss of £550,000 research grant finance. A postal ballot was then conducted, a majority of the 25% of the membership voted in favour of retaining the status quo, (Pity a 40% majority wasn’t written into the ballot.)

There is much to admire about the leadership of the Scottish charity and the strongly worded statement of the patron, who clearly fully supports independence from London as the best way forward for the charity.

The patron!! JK Rowling. The Charity!! The Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland. The Source!! (

The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling

The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling

Recent rumours that the Labour Party, unhappy with the performance of the, “no” campaign leader, “Flipper Darling” and his team would be unleashing some, “big Guns”, (to get things moving) proved to be correct, witnessed recent botched appearances and statements of Gordon Brown and by a helpful financial, “leg up” from Rowling. Aware of her political persuasion her financial donation is not surprising.

What is unfortunate is Rowling’s bear-baiting of a miniscule minority of pro-independence campaigners intimating they would discount her views because she was born and raised in England. She likened that stance to the obsession with pure wizard blood of the villainous characters in her magical saga. “When people try to make this debate about the purity of your lineage, things start getting a little Death Eaterish for my taste,” she wrote. Evidently the inflammatory words generated the response she indicated would be the case and the Press, ever happy to rubbish the, “Yes” voters are, “riding to her rescue”. Quite how this fits with the same press hounding Rowling for year’s defeats me.

Rowling provides extensive and recurring substantial financial, moral and physical support to a number of charities and institutions in Scotland. Her statement of values, “I think you have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently” is to be applauded. In reference to her statement about support for the Union I am minded of her lapsed patronage of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland (MSSS) I well remember the difficulties that were manifest in that body’s relationship with London, It is a great shame Rowling has decided to turn her face away from independence but I am sure, at the time the, “Yes” vote is successful she will be the first in line to provide support to the newly independent, Scottish labour Party.