Scots – If You Value the future health and wellbeing of your children you must read this before you vote on Thursday

          In 2010 the Tories and the Lib/Dems formed a coalition pact forcing the Labour party into opposition. But forming a coalition government required both Party’s to concede ground on some policies and the Lib/Dems were ever so accommodating in this regard. The smell of power almost burst the nostrils of […]

Nuclear Plant Developments

Hinkley Point Nuclear Facility EDF together with French & Chinese investors are to build and operate, for 35 years a new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in the South of England by 2023. The UK Government, as loan guarantor has accepted all risks pertaining to the build including financial liability, the UK taxpayer is, in […]

Windfall Tax Scottish Oil

Windfall Tax Scottish Oil Mr Osborne announced a £2 billion windfall tax, to be levied against oil & gas companies operating in the North Sea, (an increase of about 12%). The policy, which placed at risk thousands of jobs and billions of pounds of investment in the North of Scotland, was first brought forward, in […]

Northern Rock The Building Society Gone Bad

Northern Rock The Building Society Gone Bad A belated intervention, (authorised by the Chancellor of the Exchequer)by the Bank of England in support of Northern Rock failed to prevent a run on the bank. This has led to an embarrassing U-turn in policy by the Governor. The handling of the liquidity crisis at Northern Rock […]

The Labour Party 1997-2010

The Labour Party 1997-2010 Witnessing Labour Party infighting over the direction to take, (left or right) it is opportune to look back to 1997 and Tony Blair. Tony was a considerable admirer of Margaret Thatcher. He certainly admired her absolute authority in the control of her Cabinet. That was a great pity, because what was […]

1997: Gordon Brown Sets Bank of England free From Control

The Chancellor, Gordon Brown, released the Bank of England independence from political control. His surprise announcement – coming only four days after Labour’s landslide election win – is being described as the most radical shake-up in the bank’s 300-year history. Mr Brown has also announced a loan rate rise of a quarter-point to 6.25%. The […]

He is Back Again – Alistair Darling – The Bearded Trot Complicit in the Bankruptcy of Scotland Seeks to Lord it Over Scotland Yet Again

    Marxist Luvvie   Darling: A Political Unprincipled Opportunist Twenty-five years ago, the man they knew as a bushy-bearded ringleader of a loony left council, was a supporter of the International Marxist Group, whose key objectives included the nationalisation of the British banking system as a first step towards full-blown Communism.   Loony left […]

The Great War 1914-18

At the beginning of 1914 Westminster politicians decided that England, (sorry, the nation) would need to assert it’s stature as the leading power in the world and put the expansionist Germans in their place. Aging Westminster politicians, reminiscent of defeating Russia in the Crimea orchestrated propaganda calling upon the youth of Britain to volunteer, the […]

MP’s To Get Pay Rise

The, “Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority” (Ipsa) given responsibility for Westminster pay and perks in the wake of the expenses scandal is pressing ahead with plans to, (after the 2015 general election) boost salaries by £7,600 to £74,000, but a fifth of the total number of MP’s are still lobbying for the salary to be increased […]

Naval Forces Overstretched – The First Sea Lord Speaks Out

Naval Forces Overstretched – The First Sea Lord Speaks Out First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas, (recently parachuted in) replacing, (the publicly humiliated Sir Mark Stanhope) has been trotted out, (on the orders of David Cameron & the Westminster Mafia) to publicly add negative comment that Scots independence would leave the Royal Navy less […]