Who Controls The Excesses of the Bankers?

Politicians might talk about reform or retribution of errant bankers when they are in opposition but once they are in power they invariably become pawns of the banking sector. This was true of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – who frequently intervened on behalf of the bankers, for example, by heading off rules that wouldContinue reading “Who Controls The Excesses of the Bankers?”

Nuclear – Who Needs It -We Don’t

1. A majority of MSP’s in Holyrood voted against a renewal of Trident. 2. The UK’s entire arsenal of nuclear weapons are secured in a store not 60 miles from Glasgow Scotland’s most densely populated area. 3. A Scottish court ruled that Trident was an illegal weapon. Westminster refused to recognize the jurisdiction of theContinue reading “Nuclear – Who Needs It -We Don’t”

NHS Privatisation – The Cost to the Consumer

Be afraid. Be very very afraid. The NHS in England is well down the road adopting the USA mantra in regard to healthcare provision. The NHS in England is a dead duck, (or is it parrot). Once contracts are in place they cannot be reversed, (hedge funded private healthcare companies would sue for billions andContinue reading “NHS Privatisation – The Cost to the Consumer”

Media manipulation

“One day all the lies will collapse under their own weight,and the truth will once again triumph” (Joseph Goebbels)       How, “Better Together” Plays With Your Mind. Westminster politicians, (of all persuasions) are determined upon an aggressive campaign, manipulating, (with the assistance of the BBC and the media) and regardless of expense, theContinue reading “Media manipulation”

Media Manipulation – Use of doctored and Selective Photographic Imagery

In one of my most recent posts I advised the recent appointment of, “Satchi Media” (as media manipulators supremo) for the oddly politically matched, ” Better Together” group. The BBC, by their blatantly biased commentary have confirmed their partnership with, “Better Together”. In the trade, “Below the line” advertising is known as, “the art ofContinue reading “Media Manipulation – Use of doctored and Selective Photographic Imagery”

Flipper Darling – A Disaster

Surprise resignation Without explanation, Alistair Darling recently stepped down from the body which represents lawyers, (Faculty of Advocates) with whom he had been admitted to practice as an advocate before the Courts of Scotland. Although he had proudly retained his membership of the Faculty long after he gave up practicing law, he may well haveContinue reading “Flipper Darling – A Disaster”

The Downfall of Michael Fallon Man of Peace – Did Christian Voice Bring His Reign to and End?

                  Michael Fallon – Man of Peace He likes a drink. Gatecrashes parties. Chats up young Russian beauties. Makes sexist comments to young female journalists. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2706948/New-defence-secretary-Michael-Fallon-accused-calling-female-author-slut-drunken-bar-clash.html       11 Apr 2017: Concerns over the stability of UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon intensify following his latestContinue reading “The Downfall of Michael Fallon Man of Peace – Did Christian Voice Bring His Reign to and End?”