Perceived to be Weak and vacillating Scottish Women Were Targetted by Better Together in the 2014 Independence Referendum – Lessons Need to be Learned



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In the final days of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum the pendulum finally swung in favour of  a “Yes” vote.

Just as it appeared that the Westminster state funded campaign of media manipulation, disinformation, frighteners, celebrity love bombing, world political leaders support and the “ace in the pack” intervention of the Queen had failed.

The Westminster establishment illegally promised a “Devomax” sweetener through a National newspaper.

Further aiding “Better Together” the studiously impartial BBC provided Gordon Brown with an unprecedented four hours of blanket media exposure allowing him to deliver a long and rambling speech to  a captive Scottish television viewing public.

Brown’s widely promoted rhetoric proved to be successful when, a few days later, faced with the reality of a vote a number of Scots expressed a preference to retain the Status Quo.

Events since have exposed the cynical behaviour of politicians who conspired together across the political spectrum agreeing a promise of “Devomax”  withe the knowledge it would not be delivered.

Yet again the political maxim of “delay is the most invidious form of denial” was successfully applied and Westminster prevailed.


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The 2016 US Presidential election and Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over media promoted and establishment preference candidate, Hilary Clinton.

The Democratic Party campaign was largely organised and delivered by the same Obama supporting electoral team that had assisted the Westminster “Better Together” campaign in the 2014 Scottish referendum.

Same tactics. disinformation, character assassination, lies, massive  state financed expenditure, Celebrity love bombing etc. yet “David beat Goliath.”

The differing outcomes of the two campaigns is best explained by the influence of a fast maturing “social media” driven by internet users who, in speaking out exposed the hypocrisy of the US political elite.

In doing so disenfranchised voters have added another dimension to the mainstream media, questioning its honestly and integrity.


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The  2016 European Community referendum also produced a surprise result exposing a wide political difference in the views of the electorates of England and Scotland.

Scotland preferring retention of EU membership but forced by the 1707 Treaty of Union to accede to the wishes of the English electorate and the Westminster establishment.

The “Brexit” notification was served  on the EU by Westminster in March 2017 with a formal withdrawal expected to be completed within two-three years, (March 2019-2020).

It is possible “Brexit” proposals for change may not be acceptable to the EU leaning Scots electorate and this may trigger another Scottish Independence Referendum sometime in 2019.

To meet the projected challenge the cabinet office constitutional civil service team, financed by the Scottish government in Westminster (Mundell) is in place and enabled by the BBC and UK press is tasked with nullifying any challenges to the retention of the United Kingdom.





The impact of internet driven social media is fast increasing providing balance between political agendas

In 2015 media bloggers identified and exposed a mind bending policy (designed to manipulate women voters).

Developed by President Obama’s election team the tactic had been widely used by “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish Referendum and in the US 2016 Presidential election.

Crucial to the outcome of any future Scottish Independence Referendum the unsavoury practices need to be revealed to the Scottish electorate and women in particular

The attached video (above) provides visual and oral evidence of the  practices operated and should be widely distributed and viewed by young women voters in Scotland.   “”


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Love-Bombing – A study of the conduct of “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum

Just about every time Cameron made speeches extolling the virtues of Britishness and his love for Scotland he,  extracted leaf from the Canadian Love-bomb handbook compiled by Canadian government media advisors and widely used at the time of the now notorious Montreal, “Unity Rally” when an estimated 100,000 Canadians gathered in Montreal to “love-bomb” Quebec.





The late introduction of the “below the line”  anti-Scottish independence campaign “Lets Stay Together”  launched in the last 6 months of the 2014 campaign.

Fronted by a number of,  London based, Labour Party celebs the tactic mirrored the previously mentioned, “Montreal Love-Bomb” tactic.

The final frame of the video tells viewers to “call family and friends in Scotland and tell them they’re our ‘best friend'”.

The sickly celeb plea can be directly linked to Cameron’s infamous speech at the Olympic Park in East London in February 2014 (nationwide television broadcast) when he urged “every Briton with a friend or family member in Scotland” to persuade them to vote against independence.

A spokesman blustered that the costly campaign “Let’s Stay Together” was entirely unrelated to, “Better Together” and had no connection to any of the main pro-UK parties in Westminster. Just people wishing to express the english.

But later investigation revealed the “Lets Stay Together” campaign was funded by the Labour Party and was set up by three senior advertising industry figures. Namely:

John Braggins: Director of media company B.B.M. he worked closely with the Labour party on elections and planning campaigns and proudly claimed the credit for Labour not losing a single by-election in the period between Blair’s anointing as Labour leader and the 1997 General Election.

Andrew McGuinness: Who contributed financially to Tony Blair’s Election campaigns. He continues to work closely with the Labour Party.

MT Rainey:  Probably the most powerful woman in British advertising is on record defending the media’s right to create false images.


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“Better Together” worked closely with Cameron’s former strategy director Andrew Cooper

M&C Saatchi, with a long relationship with the Conservative Party, advised and delivered the campaign’s advertising, marketing and message development.

They worked with a number of other media image agencies, including the “Grey” and “BD” Networks.

TBWA UK, which works with the Labour Party, was also involved in the opening pitch process


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Probably the most powerful woman in Scottish/ British advertising Scot MT Rainey is on record defending the media’s right to create false images. Her links with the Labour Party in Scotland are well established.

MT Rainey is the chair of digital advertising agency TH_NK.

TH_NK, is pronounced “thunk”, the noise that the “Let’s Stay Together” campaign made as it landed in the middle of the 2014 independence debate.

It has a large portfolio of high profile clients, including, JK Rowling, the BBC, Channel 4, and the TV Licencing Authority.

In November 2013 at Labour’s Scottish conference in Inverness, Magrit Curran announced that Labour was to set up a new employment taskforce, to be headed by former Labour MP for Dumbarton John McFall ( who now rejoices in the silly made up title Lord of Alcluith Tywysog of the Strathclyde Britons) and another former native of Dumbarton, a certain MT Rainey.

Not long after, Labour’s national leadership in England announced it was setting up a review of the Creative and Digital Industries. A member of the review board was to be the busy Ms Rainey.


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The Dark Arts – GCHQ – Onside with Better together. Don’t believe the hype.

Scotland deserves truthful reporting, without the distortion of fact.

The Scottish Labour Party Doesn’t Exist

The Scottish Labour Party Doesn’t Exist

At the time of the Falkirk candidate selection debacle Johann Lamont, (supposed leader of the Scottish labour Party) was instructed to keep her silence, by the Labour Party in England. The difficulty was referred to Ed Miliband who undertook to direct the outcome. The Scottish branch of Labour, (for that is what it has been reduced to) is divided, demoralised and unable to agree a unified approach to any matter of consequence, witness the bedroom tax debacle.
It is the case that Westminster not Holyrood, (Johann Lamont) that retains the authority to remove wayward MSP’s. Confirmation that the Scottish Labour Party is no more. Vote, “Yes” in September. Free the Labour Party in Scotland from the dead hand that is Ed Miliband and his ilk.

JK Rowling




JK Rowling walked away from, M.S. Society (Scotland) following a mass exodus of volunteers and course leaders from the society caused by inflexible London management. All funding for MSSS was ‘centralized’ in London and everything had to be approved by the management down there. MSSS had been running free ‘self-management’ courses in conjunction with Arthritis, (Scotland) for the benefit of anyone living with a long term condition. Funding was pulled from the classes by London management because the MSS’ remit was Multiple Sclerosis and these classes weren’t specifically for people with M.S.

JK Rowling attempted to mediate the charity’s conflict

JK Rowling has quit as patron of her favourite charity over a row between its English and Scottish leaders.

The Harry Potter author has supported the MS Society for nearly a decade.

But the millionairess has walked away over a conflict between the Scottish charity and management in London.





She said: ‘I have now reluctantly decided that I cannot, in good conscience, continue to be the public face of a charity that is changing beyond recognition from the one with which I have been so proud to be associated.’

The author’s mother died from the disease at the age of 45 in 1991.

She said she had taken the decision to stand down ‘with profound sadness and regret’ but added that her financial support of a research project at Edinburgh University would continue.

She said in a statement: ‘I also remain committed to financing future research into the treatment and causes of Multiple Sclerosis, and to campaigning for better care and treatment of people with MS in Scotland, which is the MS capital of the world.

‘This disease claimed my mother’s life at the age of 45, and I hope to continue giving both time and money to a cause which remains so close to my heart.

‘I have not taken the decision to quit my position as patron of MSSS lightly.






‘Late last year I initiated and attended a mediation session, in the hope of sorting out long-standing and escalating conflict between the Scottish Council and management in London, driven by the imposition of changes by London.

‘Unfortunately, this achieved very little. With mounting frustration and disappointment, I have witnessed resignations of immensely dedicated people within MSSS and the increasing demoralization of staff whom I have come to know and admire over the ten years of our association.’

It is understood that Rowling quit following the departure of director for the MS Society Scotland Mark Hazelwood. He left last December after nine years at the charity over differences with English management.

One of the issues was a ‘cash pooling’ system, approved by the board of trustees in England, whereby all branches of the charity were expected to put money into one UK scheme run by Barclays Bank. Mr Hazelwood wanted Scotland to use a Scottish bank.

She said her disappointment ‘cannot be overstated. Nevertheless, I hope to continue to play a part in combating the underfunding and misunderstandings surrounding MS for many years to come. I shall also continue to hope that the MS Society Scotland manages to resolve its difficulties.’






An MS Society spokesman said: ‘JK Rowling has been a great patron for the MS Society Scotland for many years. We are sorry she is stepping down and thank her for her good work, and for her continued support for the MS research centre in Edinburgh.

‘The Society is in the middle of a governance review to make sure we are properly organised to build on the excellent work we already do in Scotland and across the UK. We are a strong, democratic organisation and this review is being done in consultation with all of our 43,000 members.

‘We would have preferred to do this with JK Rowling’s involvement, but we appreciate that significant change can be difficult.

‘We would urge supporters of the MS Society to work with us now. The Board is confident that what we are doing is all about delivering the best possible support to over 10,000 people living with MS in Scotland.’

Seems to me JK Rowling got caught up in a power struggle between the English governors of the charity and the Scottish workers who simply wished to run their own affairs, (which she fully supported). This is just what the Scot’s wish in their bid for independence and she has set her face against a free Scotland. Doesn’t add up.



15 June 2014: Last week, Rowling suggested some nationalists, obsessed with Scottishness, were “death eaterish”, referring to the Harry Potter baddies who sought to eliminate everyone who did not have true wizard blood. She predicted their online attacks after she backed the pro-union campaign but the hatemongers now face prosecution.

Rowling gave £1million to Better Together and also penned an essay on her website explaining her love of Scotland and why she has not been convinced by the case of for independence.

The trolls instantly flooded online. Police Scotland received a complaint about the posts. A spokesman said: “Police Scotland will consider any complaint about online abuse seriously and will investigate as appropriate.”

Rowling, who has lived in Scotland for more than 20 years, said one reason for her donation was her fear that independence would put at risk research into MS, a disease which led to the death of her mum.

Comment: But her alleged fears for research into MS do not fit the reasons she withdrew her sponsorship at the time London absorbed Scotland’s MS organisation. At that time she intimated England should butt out of Scotlands affairs. Cake and Eat it methinks.


George Orwell- Heed his warnings

George Orwell- Heed his warnings

George was employed for some time by the BBC. He likened it to working with gremlins in a lunatic asylum. The, “Ministry of Truth” in his book, “Nineteen Eighty Four” was modeled on his experiences with the BBC .

Well, nothing much has changed, only the faces. The bias and censorship that so frustrated George Orwell is still rife. The organization, has clearly decided upon a win for, “Bitter Together” and it will manipulate it’s entire media content to this end.

Blue State Digital, a USA media manipulation company planned campaign strategy for the Democratic Party nomination of Obama. His opponent was Hilary Clinton. The video, see attached was produced by them. It was later withdrawn after immense public protest, but damage had been done to Mrs Clinton.

Blue State Digital has been awarded the media campaign contract for, “Better Together”. It is only a matter of time until something similar in content surfaces seeking to discredit the, “Yes” campaigners.

David Cameron Speaks Sense -For Once

Responding to the statement; An Independent Scotland can expect to start with healthier state finances than the rest of the UK. This person responded;

“There is no point in trying to keep Scotland inside the union, “through fear of economic consequences” of leaving. “Supporters of Independence will always be able to cite examples of small, independent and thriving economies across Europe such as Finland, Switzerland and Norway”. “It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful independent country”.

Daily Telegraph 2007 David Cameron

Who Controls The Excesses of the Bankers?

Politicians might talk about reform or retribution of errant bankers when they are in opposition but once they are in power they invariably become pawns of the banking sector. This was true of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – who frequently intervened on behalf of the bankers, for example, by heading off rules that would have impeded profit-making, kicking necessary reforms into the long grass and generally lowering the regulatory bar.

In November and December 2008, both David Cameron and George Osborne expressed a determination to jail criminal bankers, but have singularly softened their stance since entering Downing Street.

I conclude that, however badly high-level bankers behave, they have engineered a situation in which supposedly democratic governments will turn a largely blind eye, including management structures and record-keeping that make incrimination difficult. Our wonderful politicians have not just allowed banks to become too big to fail, they have also allowed them to become too big to prosecute. And too big to jail.

Shredded – Inside RBS: the Bank that Broke Britain Author; Ian Fraser

Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Nothing much has changed and another burst bubble is just around the corner. Vote, “Yes” to independence so that Scotland will be able to properly our organize banking systems