Child Poverty is Still Rife Despite Promises

Child Poverty is Still Rife Despite Promises The Labour Promise In 1999, Prime Minister Tony Blair made a commitment to halve child poverty by 2010, and eliminate child poverty by 2020. After many years of being a neglected issue, child poverty was back on the political agenda. During the first decade of the millennium, Labour […]

Loadsa Oil In the North Sea & Other Areas

Sir Ian Wood states, (on video) that there are at least 25 Billion Barrels of, North Sea oil recoverable and he was talking about what could be recovered from the existing discovered fields in the North Sea. He was not addressing the potential yield from as yet undiscovered, North Sea Fields and recently confirmed large […]

Privatisation of the NHS- Nurses

Privatisation of the NHS- Nurses Private healthcare contractors have been experiencing some difficulty recruiting and retaining nursing staff due to existing legislation requiring students to register with the Nursing Medical Council and complete and pass an extended, (3-12 months) rigorous course of training and testing and supervised work. The foregoing will be, (from October 2014) […]