Scottish Referendum

Keeping it in the Family

Nepotism In The Labour party

Hilary Benn MP. Son of the late Tony Benn.

Neil Kinnock’s son, Stephen Kinnock, (married to Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt) has been selected to represent Aberavon, which the party has continuously held since the 1920s. A safe seat.

Rachel Kinnock, “Personal Adviser”, (next step MP in a safe seat) to Ed Milliband, (Labour Leader). Did the same job for Gordon Brown when he was Prime Minister.

Labour Grandee, Jack Straw’s son, William Straw is to stand for Parliament in Rossendale and Darwen in Lancashire.

Baron John Prescott’s son David Prescott. Short-listed to stand in a safe seat.

Euan Blair, 28 year’s old, company director!!!! Owner of a listed house, (valued around £1,500,000) in a smart area of Central London. Touted by Tony & Cheri for a safe seat in Coventry.

Scottish Referendum

British Medical Association Writes to David Cameron

A letter, supported by 95% of Doctors in England, signed off by a leader of the BMA has this week been sent to Mr Cameron warning that the sick, frail and elderly are being failed by Westminster. The rarely used somewhat politically incorrect intervention by the medical profession advises an urgent need for a major change in direction transferring control of Health and Social Welfare away from private healthcare back to the control of the Nation. A summary of the letter;

The crisis in health and welfare support services is directly attributable to Westminster’s, (Health & Social Services Act) embracing and implementing a programme of rapid ill conceived transfers of services to the private sector. It is estimated in excess of £11Billion and 35,000 staff, (from frontline services) has been given over to private healthcare which has not delivered. This systematic break-up of the National Health Service and welfare support, (under-funded by around £30 Billion) is becoming dangerously fragmented. Rationing of and removal of some treatments is being ordered by non-medical managers all to the detriment of patient care. Very soon changes will be, “bedded in” and virtually impossible to reverse effectively providing citizens with very limited healthcare and Welfare support.

Clearly, where applicable the foregoing applies to the Health Service in England, but Welfare Support is only partially devolved to Scotland and, (at the time of writing) our citizens are suffering the brunt of changes in these systems, (controlled by Ian Duncan Smith).

In the event of a, “no” vote in the Referendum coupled with the, (increasingly likely) return of a Conservative Government in 2015, there is every probability that changes in the National Health Service in England will be transferred, (for early implementation) to Scotland. This will be achieved through a major reduction in the Scottish, “Block Grant” significantly lowering Healthcare finance availability forcing the Scottish Government to adopt the same Healthcare profile as that available in England.

A, “Yes” vote in the Referendum will allow Scotland’s citizens to decide their own future in terms of Healthcare and Social Welfare support. I am confident we will turn away from the disastrous systems envisaged by Westminster.

Scottish Referendum

National Service to be Re-introduced

National Service to be Re-introduced

UK armed forces have been reduced to levels which some believe are in conflict with the world as it is today. Expensive recruitment campaigns designed to cover the gap by increasing levels of part-time forces have abjectly failed and other measures, short of recruiting regular forces, are being considered. In preparation for the move a, “Private Members Bill” was introduced, for Westminster Parliamentary approval late 2013. It failed to get a second reading but the exercise was designed only to alert members to the possibility of major change securing the armed forces of the UK. In the event of a, “No” vote young Scot’s 18-26 might need to complete 1 year of compulsory National Service. A, “Yes” vote in the referendum will remove the threat since the policy of the Scottish government is to rely ensure the defence of Scotland is trusted to regular forces.

Scottish Referendum

New Nuclear Agreement Signed UK & USA

USA & UK Sign New Nuclear Agreement.

A new agreement critical to Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system, was signed the other day by British and US officials. Whitehall was silent. We had to rely on the White House, and a message from Barack Obama to the US Congress, to tell us that the 1958 UK-US Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA) had been updated.
However, the content of the new agreement will remain secret. To reveal them, Whitehall officials say, could “assist proliferation” of nuclear weapons. That is a curious comment given that both the US and UK insist the agreement does not in any way breach their obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT). The vast majority of Scot’s wish to see the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland. A view shared by all political parties in Scotland.

Scottish Referendum

Fracking Mad

Fracking Mad

Westminster will introduce new laws removing Scottish governments control over major planning applications in the event of a,”no” vote in the referendum. Energy policy is reserved to Westminster but at this time the Scottish Government has control over major planning applications. Conservatives last night urged SNP ministers to, “get a move on” and explore the potential for drilling now rather than waiting until after the independence referendum. Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Tory energy spokesman, said, “Fracking has revolutionised the US market, and Scotland cannot afford to be left behind on this matter.”

Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Energy Minister, said the Scottish Government will set up a working group to consider the panel’s findings and ensure regulation of the industry is robust. He said: “The views of the local communities are of prime importance to us and they will have an opportunity to feed their views and concerns into this group.” More info

1. Film, “Gasland” A view from the fracking states of America.
2. Map showing area’s ear marked for fracking
3. Briefing note from the SNP government
4. Greenpeace view,

This is a bombshell for Scotland. We do not need to establish a fracking industry, with all of the associated environmental problems that it brings with it.
Vote, “Yes” in the referendum so that the people of Scotland will be able to decide the future note a government based in London, Westminster.

Scottish Referendum

The September Referendum

The September Referendum

Just a reminder that the Scottish Parliament of 1707 was dissolved by proclamation on 22 April 1707. The last official meeting of it was on 25 March 1707 when it was adjourned. The referendum in September is therefore to vote for the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty. It has nothing to do with separation since Scotland and England were never joined.

Scottish Referendum

Performance NHS in Scotland

Alex Salmond – Defending the Governments NHS Record Dr Keighley

Mr Salmond defended his Government’s record on the NHS, saying satisfaction levels with the service were rising. He cited the social attitudes survey for Scotland had shown “that satisfaction with the National Health Service has risen to 61%”.

The First Minister added: ” By way of comparison, when Johann Lamont was a minister it was 45% in 2006.” He said that Dr Keighley had made “the entirely reasonable point that despite the fact that the National Health Service has been protected in its budget in real terms, it is under sustained pressure because of the rising demand for health services”.

Mr Salmond also said the BMA Scotland chairman had ” accepted we are doing everything we can within the resources that are available to us”. He added: ” We’re acting to improve performance in accident and emergency, acting to improve meeting our cancer targets.

“We are particularly concerned we’ve moved below the 62-day target, but the Labour Party never once achieved that, not once in office did the Labour Party achieve the 62-day cancer target.”Yes, we believe 93% of people being seen within four hours at accident and emergency isn’t good enough, but the Labour Party in power when Johann Lamont was a minister proclaimed 87% was an excellent performance.

“Our performance, under pressure though the NHS undoubtedly, is better than when the Labour Party were in power.” He questioned what ” possible credibility” Ms Lamont had as a “minister from the last government, complaining about situation when they couldn’t run Scotland when public finances were plentiful”.
Press Association.

Dr Willie Wilson, (NHS for Yes)) – Strongly countered Dr Keighley stating;

“Independence offers us a unique chance to secure Scotland’s health service – to protect it from future Westminster funding cuts, and the damaging impact of privatisation south of the border.”

Sir Harry Burns, (Chief Medical Officer Scotland) said;

“Independence could be, “very positive” for Scotland’s health.

Scottish Referendum

The UK’s new Aircraft carrier

The UK’s new Aircraft carrier

The, “pride and joy” of the UK Royal Navy the “super duper” £7 billion aircraft carrier of the future, (ensuring retention of the UK’s position in the world as a superpower) is being kit assembled in Rosyth. The Queen formally named the ship in July 2014. The article, (attached) provides up to date news about the build together with interactive videos.

One of the new Lockheed Martin F35b stealth jump jets, (the carrier will have a compliment of 40) was scheduled to complete a fly-past and landing, demonstrating the power and flexibility of the new super fighter. But the plane was grounded due to design faults. It appears it’s introduction may be delayed by up to 2 more years. The plane might have been jinxed from the start. The design & build budget is hopelessly out of control and there is a growing unease in the Pentagon and Westminster. See attached videos.

It appears HMS Queen Elizabeth, (the new aircraft carrier without the aircraft) widely reported as being built in Rosyth Dockyard are a bit wide of the mark. It is simply being assembled in Rosyth. In excess of 80% of fitting & manufacturing work is contracted out to business located in England and other places well removed from Rosyth. The local economy is gaining very little. Another, “Bitter Together” lie methinks.

Scottish Referendum

The Clair Field Sweet Oil Discovery

Major Oilfield Development

It is expected that the third phase of the Clair Oilfield, (to the West of Shetland) will be approved very soon, (but an announcement has been deferred by the government in Westminster until after the referendum) The new investment, extracting upwards of 900 million barrels of oil will run into billions of pounds and will sustain activity and jobs in the region for decades to come.

Scottish Referendum

Casino Banking RBS London

Casino Banking-London

The vast bulk of RBS losses are attributable to the, “Investment Banking Division”. A division registered, managed and staffed entirely in London. The, “bank of last resort” for the, “Casino Banking” losses of RBS is therefore the, “Bank of England.

The RBS division of the bank the headquarters of which is based in Scotland is, in effect a medium sized high street bank which is and always has been has been always profitable. In consequence it is a bit of a misnomer since just about all of the, “movers & shakers” are based at the London Headquarters of the Bank. Only the business licence plate is registered and posted in Edinburgh, nothing else of note. It follows therefore that any threat to transfer the headquarters of the bank to England is simply an exercise in bluster, transferring a 6″ metal plate from a door in Scotland to something similar in London.
Staff employed in Edinburgh supporting the profitable high street branch division would be unaffected by any change.