Keeping it in the Family

Nepotism In The Labour party Hilary Benn MP. Son of the late Tony Benn. Neil Kinnock’s son, Stephen Kinnock, (married to Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt) has been selected to represent Aberavon, which the party has continuously held since the 1920s. A safe seat. Rachel Kinnock, “Personal Adviser”, (next step MP in a safe seat) […]

National Service to be Re-introduced

National Service to be Re-introduced UK armed forces have been reduced to levels which some believe are in conflict with the world as it is today. Expensive recruitment campaigns designed to cover the gap by increasing levels of part-time forces have abjectly failed and other measures, short of recruiting regular forces, are being considered. In […]

New Nuclear Agreement Signed UK & USA

USA & UK Sign New Nuclear Agreement. A new agreement critical to Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system, was signed the other day by British and US officials. Whitehall was silent. We had to rely on the White House, and a message from Barack Obama to the US Congress, to tell us that the 1958 UK-US […]

Fracking Mad

Fracking Mad Westminster will introduce new laws removing Scottish governments control over major planning applications in the event of a,”no” vote in the referendum. Energy policy is reserved to Westminster but at this time the Scottish Government has control over major planning applications. Conservatives last night urged SNP ministers to, “get a move on” and […]

The September Referendum

The September Referendum Just a reminder that the Scottish Parliament of 1707 was dissolved by proclamation on 22 April 1707. The last official meeting of it was on 25 March 1707 when it was adjourned. The referendum in September is therefore to vote for the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty. It has nothing to do […]

Performance NHS in Scotland

Alex Salmond – Defending the Governments NHS Record Dr Keighley Mr Salmond defended his Government’s record on the NHS, saying satisfaction levels with the service were rising. He cited the social attitudes survey for Scotland had shown “that satisfaction with the National Health Service has risen to 61%”. The First Minister added: ” By way […]

The UK’s new Aircraft carrier

The UK’s new Aircraft carrier The, “pride and joy” of the UK Royal Navy the “super duper” £7 billion aircraft carrier of the future, (ensuring retention of the UK’s position in the world as a superpower) is being kit assembled in Rosyth. The Queen formally named the ship in July 2014. The article, (attached) provides […]

The Clair Field Sweet Oil Discovery

Major Oilfield Development It is expected that the third phase of the Clair Oilfield, (to the West of Shetland) will be approved very soon, (but an announcement has been deferred by the government in Westminster until after the referendum) The new investment, extracting upwards of 900 million barrels of oil will run into billions of […]

Casino Banking RBS London

Casino Banking-London The vast bulk of RBS losses are attributable to the, “Investment Banking Division”. A division registered, managed and staffed entirely in London. The, “bank of last resort” for the, “Casino Banking” losses of RBS is therefore the, “Bank of England. The RBS division of the bank the headquarters of which is based in […]