The Demise of the United Kingdom

Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One The Demise of the United Kingdom Benjamin Franklin, one of United States of America’s founding fathers, loved Scotland and the company of it’s highly respected philosophers of the, “Great Scottish Enlightenment.” Had he lived in these times he would have encouraged Scotland […]

The NHS England Health Reform Act and the Involvement of USA Management Consultancy McKinsey & Company

The NHS England Health Reform Act and the Involvement of USA Management Consultancy McKinsey & Company In June 2011, the head of NHS regulator, “Monitor”, recently armed with a massively expanded remit, including regulating health service contracts potentially worth many billions, flew business class to New York, where he stayed at a five-star hotel and […]

The Blairs Are Everywhere

But There’s More Cherie Get’s in on the Action Cherie Blair is being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for a few months’ legal work by Kazakhstan, whose autocratic president employs her husband as an official adviser. Mrs Blair’s law firm Omnia Strategy agreed a deal with Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice earlier this year to […]

Tony Looks After Himself

By Richard Heller, (former adviser to Denis Healey and Gerald Kaufman): A Private View It could become a pub quiz question: who was the first British prime minister to sell himself to a foreign power? It would be too easy to guess the answer — Tony Blair, who recently signed a multimillion pound contract to […]

Money for Old Rope

Public Duty Cost Allowance (for ex-PM’s) The system was set up by John Major in 1991 to REWARD former Prime Ministers, (after they had left office) for completing duties directly related to their former post, including answering letters and attending public events. In the period 2006-2011, the three undernoted retired former number 10 incumbents charged […]

The Labour Party and Raytheon and the billion pound failed e-Borders scheme- and who pays? the taxpayer

        2003: Tony Blair assured UK Public illegal immigration controls would be put in place establishing effective control of the countries borders The e-Borders programme, launched by Labour in 2005 was a £1bn attempt to reform border controls. In 2007 Raytheon, (the US defence corporation) won a nine-year contract to develop and […]

Oil & Gas The Rip Off That is Westminster

Oil & Gas The Rip Off That is Westminster A 2014 UK government commissioned report stated there were around 24 billion barrels of oil yet to be recovered from the North Sea. The wholesale value of the reserves was put at $2.4 trillion. The figure quoted encompassed recoverable oil in the North Sea block only. […]

Misc Titbits

Kirsty-A Free Scotland free scotland kirsty Bigger Isn’t Always Better Bigger is not better Oil and Lots of It Scare Stories From Bitter Together NHS England and Privatisation nhs rip off nhs rip off black hole privatisation Rise and Rise of Foodbanks

Nepotism in the Labour Party

Nepotism in the Labour Party Labour MP’s and activists are furious that Paul Martin, son of Westminster MP and deputy speaker Michael Martin, is poised to be given the same constituency as his father, but in the Scottish parliament. They say Martin jnr, a middle-ranking Glasgow councillor for the past four years, has done little […]