Scottish Independence – Sterling and the Bank of Last Resort – Ignore the Reckless Ranting of Desperate Unionist Politicians – This is the Definitive Position

              When Northern Rock, RBS, HBOS  and other UK banking institutions failed, the UK Government belatedly stepped in with a financial bailout. But with Scotland independent, could Scotland expect English taxpayers to stand behind a failing Scottish institution? George Osborne and his “Better Together” lot repeatedly broadcast, in the […]

Gordon Brown Launches in Scotland

Gordon Brown Launches in Scotland His speech on pensions was meant to re-launch the Better Together campaign as a positive movement, but his contribution simply continued Better Together’s negativity and scaremongering, as well as being repetitive and lacking in credibility. The former Labour Prime Minister simply repeated claims made by former UK Government minister Michael […]

Gordon Brown and the Labour Party – Friends Of Scottish Pensioners – Not on Your Nellie!!!!

        Gordon Brown: Sentenced Scottish pensioners to ever decreasing pensions in refusing to restore the link between the State pension and earnings.   Gordon Brown : Removed £5 billion, (recurring annually) from pension funds.   Gordon Brown: Created the obnoxious, stealth tax decimating the value of retirement funds by £100 billion.   […]

Carousel Banking RBS Losses

Let’s get back to 2007. At the time RBS, HBOS and others were in danger of failing, the UK Treasury finally stepped in, (after much dithering on the part of Alistair Darling with some financial assistance. The main package of financial support, had been provided, to the Bank, (at least 3 weeks before) by […]

Student Loans Universities

They need an “overhaul” BBC propaganda says, Public Sector sells off like this to the City is great but bankrupt universities in England will be able to; 1. Buy a share of the loan book, not all of it. They could also be paid for their services in part in debt. 2. Even a strong […]


Fracking. It appears licenses have been awarded and drilling has begun in Scotland. All new to me. Very worrying. Find out if your home is likely to be affected check the excellent site which provides full details of fracking activity in the UK. Also check out the experiences of members of the public in […]

The final word – An Independent Scotland Can Retain Sterling as Its Currency If It Wishes To Do So – Official – Yet Another Westminster Scare Rebuffed

              Currency in an independent Scotland The Financial Times revealed the true extent of an independent Scotland’s riches and the Scot’s are not the, “subsidy junkies” the BBC and, “Bitter Together” campaigns would have you believe. In an independent Scotland prudent bankers will accept there are solid business reasons […]

Commonwealth Games

Woman removed by police from Tollcross swimming venue Word going round is that the woman was, “spotted” by the BBC camera’s. The police were reminded of the Games rules and asked to remove the lady from the venue so that the BBC would be able to, “pan” the crowd freely. Police Scotland explained their heavy-handed […]

NATO and the Nuclear Umbrella – A View

NATO and the Nuclear Umbrella – A View “One of the ironies in the whole debate about nuclear weapons in the UK is that Scotland, who have them, don’t want them, and England who don’t have them, want Scotland, who don’t want them, to keep them” George Robertson, other Unionist politicians and the, “Blether Together” […]